Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 72


Chapter 72 The Soul of Biological Weapons

Gao Gong squinted and touched the ‘apple’ given to him by the mechanical ape-man ‘.

He was certain that the danger in the ape population had something to do with the white fog.

If you eat this metal apple, the danger will not be completely eliminated, at least half of it will be dissipated.

However, the rewards of the third-ring quest chain may also be shrunk as a result.

“There is an ‘implantable biological weapon’ in the reward column of the task list, and I haven’t found it after digging a grave for a long time.”

“Several decades have passed. , if these biological weapons are ‘alive’, they must have special preservation conditions, for example, this white fog!”

Gao Gong twisted his neck, baleful aura flashed in his eyes, and started hunting the domain of the author.

Next moment, a three-meter-high, blood-colored metal monster rose from the ground.

It seems that because of the addition of a ‘leader template’, the imposing manner of the ‘Reaper Queen’ this time is particularly ferocious, and the six metal knives are pulled out directly from the back, like six Death God’s Scythe The metal hook claws also became larger, and the blood hook swelled and shrank with the breath.

[The Predator field expands]

[The food chain is connected]

[The food chain is marked successfully]

next moment, the fog is like a mist The Dragon Snake rolled over, and a huge shadow circled the Reaper Queen.

The eyes of Reaper’s queen fishyyellow slowly widened, the thick neck of the water tank shrank slightly, and the six ‘Death God’s Scythe’ gently beat the tip of the knife, like the brilliant Sabrewielder adjusting during a duel Normal rhythm.

This is the attitude it only has in the face of experts.

The fishy wind suddenly rises, and the mist all around is not cut open, but more like being inhaled by a wind tunnel.

Next moment, the ‘wind tunnel’ showed its true appearance, a huge blood vessels double the size of the water tank fell from the sky.

In the blood vessels, the granulation is connected layer by layer, like blood-colored chrysanthemums that are constantly blooming.

The Queen of Reaper only had time to turn her body to avoid the ‘digestive mouth’ of the blood vessels, and was entangled by the huge blood vessels.

This terrifying blood vessel is ten meters long, and the two-story Reaper Queen was forcibly lifted into the air by it.

Another ‘digestive mouth’ of blood vessels unexpectedly emerged from the mist and wrapped around Queen Reaper’s lower body.

The granulation has a very strange power, just swiping the skin lightly, the steel skin begins to crack, and then the entire lower body bursts with blood.

And the Reaper Queen didn’t want to be outdone. The six ‘Death God’s Scythe’ slashed out at a speed that was unmatched by naked eyes. Where the scarlet blade slashed, the cracks quickly dried up.

Meanwhile, Queen Reaper’s pair of bloodthirsty steel claws began to tear at the ‘giant blood vessels’, trying to tear it apart.

The battle culminated immediately.

The mist was dyed blood, and the roars of the two monsters sounded like thunder and lightning.

Seems to be stimulated by ‘giant blood vessels’, on Queen Reaper, blood light gradually emerged from the radiation field suppressed by the white fog.

One of Queen Reaper’s shriveled legs pierced blood vessels and plunged into the ground.

The other leg follows closely from behind.

The biological stem tube on the back of the knife suddenly doubled in size, and the six knife limbs were reversed and inserted into the ground, like a fallen angel descending into the world.

The fog blocks the radiation forces in the air.

But not on the ground.

β€œao ao ao ow——”

A large amount of radiation force poured in, and the naked eye of Queen Reaper’s abdomen bulged visibly.

Next moment, three pairs of ‘bloodthirsty hook claws’ emerged from the abdomen and inserted into the epidermis of ‘giant blood vessels’.

The Queen Reaper’s mouth opened wide, rows of sharp teeth roaring wildly, the gaps between the teeth cracked, and the digestive juices spewed out.

The huge blood vessels were violently torn in two in a whimper.

[You defeated the biological idea of ‘giant blood vessels’, EXP +520]

Gao Gong woke up in an instant, the yellow rays of light in his eyes gradually subsided, licked and cracked The corners of his mouth, he didn’t know when, his ten fingers completely turned into ‘bloodthirsty catching feet’, and the blood-red nails swayed unconsciously.

It also changes with Gao Gong’s ten toes.

The previous ‘biological variation’ could not achieve this level.

Different from the ‘bioification’ of the fingers, Gao Gong’s toes have become ‘capture feet’, but they are significantly shorter, the hooks are semi-metallic, and when the heel hits the ground, there is a noticeable metal knocking sound.

He glanced around and found a ‘rag sack’ three or four meters long not far away.

The only thing in common with the ‘giant blood vessels’ is that they have a lot of blood on their surfaces.

‘So, these biological weapons forage through the white fog and have survived until now. ‘

Gao Gong pulled the ‘rags and sacks’ over.

“I feel like I’m dying.”

Feeling the boiling Reaper cells in his body, he subconsciously scratched his shoulder blades. For some reason, he always felt a little itchy.

The other party is running out of fuel, but he is in good shape!

[The Predator Domain Expands]

[The Food Chain is Connecting]

The mist slowly parted, and an elegant mechanical giant wolf walked out of it. On the backbone of the giant wolf, there is a giant knife of ‘tiger head guillotine’ level, and when its electronic eyes stared at Gao Gong, a kind of anger from the depths of the bloodline came out.

‘Blade wolves, among the C+ grade mechanical biochemical beasts, there are a few that can stand against the Reaper, and these two mechanical beasts are mortal enemies, and they will be beaten when they meet. ‘

The old-school mechanic hunter didn’t have the Reaper bloodline implanted, but made bioweapons with the same level ‘dead enemy’.

There is a wonderful sense of destiny.

“I came just right, if I don’t kill you, how can I appear to be the student surpasses the master.”

The scarlet rays of light flashed in Gao Gong’s eyes, six blades, eight Only bloodthirsty claws asserts the senses.


“Director Du?”

While Du Zhaodi was watching the activities of ‘Modern Ape Man’ with great interest, a voice suddenly sounded.

Zhou Cong and Zhao She emerged from the fog.

Du Zhaodi’s heart tensed, but she said calmly on the surface: “You guys came just in time, Major Gao just went after the Knights.”

“Knights!?” Zhou Cong changed his face and blurted out: “Why are they here, is it a trap?”

Du Zhaodi shook the head, “I don’t know, we were also attacked suddenly by them, and then Major Gao sent me Placed here, and hurriedly chased after him.”

“So the silhouette and the attackers before are all from the Knights?”

“That’s possible. “

Zhao He always felt that something was wrong, just as he was about to say something, the remaining two skeleton warriors also came.

“Captain, weβ€”” A skeleton warrior just wanted to say hello, his face suddenly changed, and his electromagnetic rifle was raised high.

“Captain! They attacked us just now!”

Zhou Cong was stunned for a moment, looking towards the mechanical ape behind Du Zhaodi.

“Aren’t they from the Knights?”

Du Zhaodi also face changed, “Could this be the back of the Knights?”

Zhao Ji Suddenly sneered, he said: “Director Du, stop pretending, you are with them, Gao Gong must be collecting ‘technical information’ now.”

Zhou Cong is not a fool, he just Didn’t expect that the other party would lie to him with a face doesn’t change, the infrared probe swept across his eyes, and he quickly determined Gao Gong’s direction.

“Let’s go in!”

“That won’t work.”

Du Zhaodi turned around and blocked Zhou Cong.

Seeing this, the mechanical ape-men showed fierce expressions and surrounded everyone, with steel bars in their hands be eager to have a try.

“We are not the enemy, Director Du.”

“Then don’t hinder the work of the ‘Mechanical Committee’!” Du Zhaodi took a step forward, looking towards Zhou Cong with cold eyes.

“Do you want to go to a military court?!”

Zhou Cong’s breath stagnated, and he raised his head subconsciously, this woman’s aura was a bit powerful.

Upon seeing this, Zhao He quickly said: “Major Zhou, don’t forget the general’s instructions!”

Zhou Cong’s expression was struggling. To be honest, he didn’t want to stand on either side. He just wanted to get back to headquarters smoothly.

But all kinds of troubles of total unfathomable mystery find him.

A mournful wolf roar suddenly came from the dirt enclosure.

Zhou Cong let out a long sigh and made up his mind. First, he gave the other two skeleton warriors a look, and then said with a smile: “I’m worried that Major Gao is in danger, so it’s no problem to help. Let’s go.”

The outer skeleton of Zhou Cong’s back was opened, revealing two ‘beast hunting tubes’, once he started, the ‘electromagnetic net’ ejected from the hunting tubes would trap these monkeys.


“What’s the matter?” Zhou Cong said angrily.

“See for yourself!”

Zhou Cong turned his head and saw the rich red light squeezed out of the dirt, forcibly splitting the white mist.

The red light is bright, even a little dazzling.

“High-intensity radiation field! What the hell is he doing, is there really a radiant beast?”


The ‘Reaper Queen’ will be torn apart The blade wolf smashed to the ground, and a pair of eyeballs slowly squeezed apart under the fishy yellow’s eyes.

‘It’ spoke human’s words: “This time it’s not a one-on-one fight, but a fight?”

Three monsters surrounded the ‘Reaper Queen’.

The two-meter-high mechanical hunter was naked, with at least ten palms implanted on the surface of his body, each holding a blood-stained chainsaw.

A dwarf old man with a bowed body, on the caudal vertebrae, a large chain axe with a length of more than three meters slowly rose.

The motorcycle beast roared constantly, smoke billowed from the exhaust pipe, and the upper body of a large living man was inserted into the ‘seat area’.

‘He’ took his last gulp of gasoline.

Next moment, the two flame whips on the arms burned.

(End of this chapter)

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