Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 73


Chapter 73 the great war will approach

Wang Huiyao, Black Tortoise Charles, Flame Biker

These names appear quite frequently in those old bastards looking back.

Gao Gong narrowed his eyes. He felt a special sense of harmony from these people.

A Great Perfection of a mechanical system.

This feeling is generally only seen on B-Rank Radiant Beasts.

So, these people’s biological weapons are all ‘body parts’ of B-Rank Radiant Beasts.

A bit fierce!

Wang Huiyao with a severed limb looked towards ‘Queen Reaper’, grinned and made the first shot.

The dozen or so reinforced chainsaws on his body exploded wildly, colliding with the six blade limbs and eight metal hook feet. The slashing speed was so fast that the sparks were almost connected.

Black Tortoise Charles didn’t have the slightest self-awareness to single-handedly. The giant axe, the big bone, was like an unloaded cannonball, instantly spanning more than 20 meters.

The ‘Queen Reaper’ turned around abruptly, and the four scythes slashed horizontally and vertically. However, after a loud bang, the first to be smashed was the queen who weighed nearly a ton.

While still in the air, the gasoline rumbling sound rang out, and two flame whips rolled from below, wrapping around the ‘Queen’ waist at once.

The flame seemed to be a bit special, just touching the body lightly, it immediately ignited the queen’s steel fleshy body.

The flaming motorcycle guy laughed, and the motorcycle beast roared under him, pulling the flame whip to drag it away.

However, it can’t be dragged!

The ‘torch’ suspended in mid-air did not seem to be pulled down, but slowly stretched out six newly grown ‘wings’.

Under its six ‘knife limbs’, there are biological thorns full of suction holes. These ‘external organs’ are now rapidly spitting out blood and flesh, forming six-sided fleshy wings.

The flame scorched one layer, and then another layer grew, and the whole looked magnificent and dangerous.

There is no natural B-Rank boss, all high level radiators are evolved from low level.

The ‘Reaper Queen’ seems to have this tendency after absorbing the radiation field.

At this moment, the movement outside came over.

The ‘Queen Reaper’ glanced out and sighed slightly, “I wanted to play with you for a while, but now I don’t have the chance.”

Next moment, the radiation field begins Shrinking, the biological weapons shrouded in radiation quickly shriveled.

[Radio Beast Drive]

In your radiation field, all radiant beasts below you, you can choose: Blessing/Peeling

At the moment when the radiation field shrouded the biological weapons, the battle was actually already decided.

[mission completed, experience +2200, implantable biological weapon*5, biological weapon blueprint*7]

The task chain of the first stage is also brushed out.

[The fourth ring of the mission: Resurrection of the flames]

Difficulty: Difficult-

Mission briefing: Old Ji Fuzhi, ambition a thousand miles, martyr in his old age, strong heart, What are the old warriors looking forward to?

Quest Objective: Repair of Biological Rejection

Quest Reward: EXP+4100, Reputation+1000


Mechanical On the airship, Zhao He glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at the box under Gao Gong’s feet.

“Cyberworld” does not have an initial item column. If you want to carry a lot of equipment with you, you must light up the ‘anti-gravity technology’, if you want to fold the equipment, you must light up the ‘space technology’, and if you want to upgrade at any time Equipment, must have ‘space technology warehouse’.

The above has nothing to do with Level 1 civilization.

The blueprint data collected by Gao Gong, as well as those ‘junk things’, were all moved to the airship with the help of a few skeleton warriors.

This ‘human body modification technology’ is less than one meter away from Zhao Machinery.

Promotions and fortunes, fame and fortune are within reach.

However, he dared not make the slightest move.

Gao Gong didn’t seem to care about the previous conflict at all, and chatted with Zhou Cong with a smile.

The same is true for Du Zhaodi, who looked down at the bio-modification materials and chatted with Gao Gong from time to time.

It is her job to eventually turn these materials into products on the assembly line.

However, as the mechanical airship gradually approached the oasis, the expressions of the entire group also became serious.

The ground is like an ant colony moving house, and it is like some kind of big migration, there are boiler elephants several stories high, and there are metal ants with naked eyes that are hard to see.

The tall building-like ‘rotten meat’ was moving slowly, spewing a large amount of thick pulp from time to time.

There are also tree roots that look like giant fingers, crawling constantly.

Fortunately, there are not many radiation beasts that can fly, and the mechanical airship has successfully landed without any risk.

In the age of old civilization, there were three staff quarters outside the Auto City, close to fifty staff buildings, and there were various weapons in between the buildings.

Outside the town of gasoline, there are more than a dozen auto parts factories.

In the ruins of buildings and factories, armed fortresses rise from the ground.

Hundreds of helicopter gunships are ready to go.

Thousands of drones fly and circle in mid-air.

Cannons rose from the fort.

The mechanical front is never a line, to be precise, it is more like a grid, a decentralized command structure.

This is the experience gained by Legion in the frontline fighting against the beast tide for many years.

The sky, the ground, and even the underground can all be battlefields, and once there is a so-called central command, they are bound to be beheaded.

Gao Gong looked towards Du Zhaodi, who also stared at him.

“What are you looking at me for?”

“Let’s see if you’ll say some shit to make me retreat.”

Gao Gong shrugged,” My character is not enough to allow women to withdraw first.”

Du Zhaodi curled the corners of her mouth and rolled the eyes.

As soon as she got off the plane, Director Du became busy, not only her, but all the support staff.

The combat droids can replace parts, and the number of radiators is unlimited.

The war with the beast tide is actually a logistical war.

Gao Gong’s wartime factory is hidden in the Eighth Layer of a residential building.

And the ‘workers’ of this temporary factory are all members of the cable tribe.

The person in charge of this line of defense is also Gao Gong.

“This time Keiko must start killing!” Matsushima Keiko looked excited, and the ‘knife tool’ kept making noises in her hand.

Pang Xiang next to him was gulping down his lunch box. Grandma said that before work, you must have enough to eat.

On the other side, Daisyla kept checking firepower everywhere, this was the first battlefield practice of ‘New Tactics’, she somehow unsure.

Aunt Xiang and a bunch of apprentices are grinding handmade parts.

While working, Aunt Xiang said loudly: “Don’t look at how powerful those high-level things are, when the beast tide comes, those high-tech things will be finished!”

Gao Gong is also busy with his own business.

What he did was the second item of the prosthetic doctor’s job transfer task – ‘complete two modified parts that belong to his own ideas’.

He had an idea for these two ‘modified parts’.

One is a ‘three-dimensional maneuvering device’ upgraded from a single-molecule hook.

The ergonomic weight bearing can increase the stretch distance.

There is also an upgraded version of ‘High Speed Microcomputer Finger Tiger’, ‘Tear Micro Computer Finger Tiger’.

This version of the mechanical gloves focuses on strengthening the ‘tear’ effect, and with the ‘bloodthirsty hook’, it can strengthen the blood-sucking.

The technical content of these two equipments is in Gao Gong’s technical mastery.

The only problem is that these two pieces can only be used as ‘exclusive equipment’, and it is difficult for others to use them.


In a certain lounge in the ‘temporary factory’, the picture is out of tune with the battlefield atmosphere.

Playing cards, playing mahjong, drinking tea, and even reading Yellow Weekly with reading glasses.

The people in the hunting department are very healthy.

The little woman roared loudly.

“Is it time to rest!?”

“You, what are you drinking during the day!”

The little woman grabbed the beer bottle, stomping heavily on the table.

The old man explained dryly: “This is not alcohol, but beer-flavored gasoline.”

“You drink gasoline during the day!?”

The little woman’s artillery fire was aimed at another.

“You read Yellow Weekly in broad daylight, do you still have a public morality?”

The man wearing reading glasses was startled and his body shook violently.

assaults the senses.

Old money taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, “little girl, Old Cha has a bad bladder, you scared him out of shit.”

The little woman stared Got the boss.

At this moment, a tall and cold old man wearing sunglasses walked in front of her, raised his chin, and bumped her shoulder once and then again.

The little woman was furious again: “Why, do you want to pick something up!?”

“cough cough, little girl, you let it go, Old Hu is a blind.”


After Huang Yuanli left panting with rage, the scene was deserted for a while.

Old Qian took out a cigarette tremblingly, lit it, narrowed his eyes in the smoke, and smiled at himself.

In Sixth Layer, the same machinery factory is taking shape, the production line, machinery and equipment are exactly the same as Eighth Layer.

(End of this chapter)

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