Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Animal Tide

In the office of the sixth layer factory, three new management members meet.

A major in the logistics department, a lieutenant colonel in the equipment department, and a logistics supervisor Zhao Xi.

The lieutenant colonel looked towards Zhao Machinery with a smile: “Director Zhao, I have given you a chance, don’t let us down again.”

Zhao Machinery looked at the remodeled factory that was gradually taking shape. , took a deep breath.

He thought that if he didn’t get the information, he would be put into the cold palace, but didn’t expect another chance.

I will temporarily take over the position of director of Old Zhou, responsible for the production of biological prostheses.

The vigilance team’s experts have confirmed the feasibility of biomodification.

The major waved his hand, and a group of white coats rushed in. Behind these people, there were nutrition tanks, which contained huge biological organs, with large tentacles and skinned ones. Arms, there is also a large group of squirming blood lines.

“These are radiation organs from the front line, and a soldier from a company will come over to be remodeled later.” In the display screen, there are ‘human body modification materials’ that were secretly photographed.

“You and Director Du are from the same background, so we believe in you and give you a second chance, so you have to seize it!”

“The biological warrior plan is above. Have high expectations,” the major paused, “if you can’t do it, know what the consequences will be.”


After the major said goodbye to everyone, Going upstairs directly, there is one of the temporary command headquarters, he found Brigadier General Geville, and whispered.

“Well, this Zhao tool is still capable, otherwise Old Zhou will not transfer him to the security team, let him do it, and I will let our prosthetic doctor assist him.”

The major was hesitant to speak, but finally he couldn’t help but say: “General, since we have already obtained the technology, why should we take the risk of casting aside all considerations for face?”

Will said with a sneer: “What about cast aside all considerations for face, as long as we take the lead, our vigilantes can master this ultimate weapon by themselves, which is worth it.”

“The two are now in What are you doing, are you suffering from the lack of biological materials for transformation?”

The major was stunned for a moment and said, “Uh, they seem to be making other mechanical equipment.”

Gavill waved his hand Let the major go, silence, and click on an email in the vision sensor.

Get to know the practical prospects of this technology as soon as possible – flags

Knight regiments, steel Knights, flags!


The temporary factory on the 8-Layer floor, when Director Du took over, the production efficiency immediately increased by 30%.

‘Divine Item’, ‘Special Effects Production Machine’, and ‘Beast Control Circle’ are being continuously born from the production line.

Gao Gong grimaced as he climbed out of a machine, covered in oil.

“It really was a wise move to carry a bucket and run away back then, and I was exhausted.”

[Job transfer task 1, ‘the old with the new’ has been completed]

“During work, keep quiet!”

The girl with ponytail has entered the ‘Director Du mode’, her face is serious, and ghosts and ghosts are not disturbed.

Gao Gong wiped his hands, his face changed, he looked out the window, and the light above his head suddenly went out with the sound of ‘zi zi’.

“The beast tide is coming!”

Where the naked eye can see, first the red light begins to cover, and then a black line appears, the large and small radiation beasts are being led by the leader, methodically marching towards humanity.

“Is it the red radiation circle as soon as you come up,” Daisyela frowned at a point of fire, her expression a little dignified.

red represents the D-Rank Radiant Beast, that is to say, those who cannot withstand the aura of the D-Rank Radiant Beast cannot participate in the next battle at all.

“After the last failure, you seem to have lost your spirit,” Huang Wen’s electronic voice sounded from the drone.

Daisyra was taken aback.

“You were not so restless in the past.”

Daisyla didn’t refute, but took a deep breath, three electromagnetic long spear ‘zi zi’ in her hands.

“I’ll leave it to you here. From now on, you will be the commander-in-chief of our defense zone.”

“I will take back from the battlefield what is lost from the battlefield. !”


Almost at the moment when the beast tide appeared, countless helicopters rose into the sky, covering half of the sky like a flock of birds.

Missiles of various types also protruded from the armed fortress.

Next moment, hundreds of missiles are fired in unison, like a splendid meteor shower.

The mechanical biochemical beast in front was submerged in the explosion before it could react.

The leader of the horde is smart.

The ones that appear on the front line are all mechanical biochemical beasts, and if they are radiant beasts, it may cause a burst reaction.

The bombardment of the missiles hardly stopped, and neither did the advance of the mechanical beasts.

In the sky above the beast tide, a cloud of black clouds flew down from the radiation layer. It was a flock of mechanical birds, led by different types of mechanical bird bosses, and rushed to their own sky field.

And among the birds, there are hundreds of corrupt armed planes.

They are covered with a bright red carpet of flesh, and they are using the most standard tactical moves against their former teammates.

Sky wars were fought before ground wars.

“Call 430wyvern, call 430wyvern!”

A helicopter pilot couldn’t resist radioing his former comrade.

“Ma Yong, you idiot, what are you doing!” the weapon controller couldn’t help cursing.

“I just saw Feng Jian! He’s not dead!”

The other end of the radio was suddenly connected, and a tired voice came.

“I’m Feng Jian, is that Ma Yong?”

“Old Feng, you’re not dead! You’re making an emergency landing now, and I’ll have someone pick you up!”

“Crash landing?” Feng Jian’s voice became strange, “I’m afraid it’s too late.”

“It’s too late, how could youβ€””

Ma Yong’s pupils suddenly shrank, only to see two tracking missiles accurately positioning him, and then, a huge explosion appeared in the air.

In the wyvern, Feng Jianzheng was operating the plane calmly. In his reconstructed prosthetic eyes, his pupils were disappeared, and all that remained were the strange numbers generated when the wild virus was hacked.


On the ground, the confrontation also officially started. Two hundred large combat robots stood at the forefront. They were three stories high and their upper bodies covered with heavy armor. There are more than a dozen large melee weapons hanging.

They have four arms, and with the activation of the battle chip, the palms skillfully pull out electromagnetic serrated knives, melee energy cannons, six-barreled Vulcan cannons, and gravity guns.

It hit a mechanical dyke like a giant wave of metal.

‘bang! ‘

Even if they are far away, the glass in front of many people is cracked by this ‘explosive impact’.


In an armed fortress, hundreds of robotic arms are doing the final outer skeleton debugging.

‘Are you injecting a battlefield tranquilizer? ‘


‘Is it injected with muscle-strengthening drugs? ‘


‘Any nerve enhancer injection? ‘


Zhou Cong’s expression became cold and frenzied as one needle after another was inserted into the pinhole on the armor.

His physical performance is at least twice as strong as before.

As for repercussions, as long as they can survive the beast tide, what are these repercussions?

Standing in front of Zhou Cong are ‘manipulated outer skeletons’, their shapes are very similar to large robots, but they are not controlled by ‘artificial intelligence’, but are filled with connecting wires. , Professionals with various joysticks in front of them.

This is a combination of ‘neural manipulation’ + ‘artificial manipulation’.

They will replace the battle droid when more than 50% of its body is destroyed.

And fill in the other lines of defense once the bots are back on the battlefield.

Behind them, there are more than 200 skeleton warriors like Zhou Cong.

They have other tasks.

The task is very simple, when the beast tide enters the stalemate stage, decapitate the B-Rank Radiant Beast.

There is only one way to solve the beast tide – kill high-level radiation beasts as much as possible, and let the beast tide degenerate into a radiation circle again.


The large radiant beasts can’t enter the oasis for the time being, but the small mechanical beasts can get in through the gaps in the battle line.

Said to be small, but many are two stories high.

For mechanical biochemical beasts, this is already relatively ‘short’.

In the ‘field of vision’ composed of countless surveillance cameras, Huang Wen silently watched countless mechanical biochemical beasts enter.

As a ‘vegetative person’, he has not felt it for a long time.

The animal swarm gave him a long-lost excitement.

Next moment, twenty ‘Divine Items’ are opened.

The power of the electronic eyes of the mechanical biochemical beasts skyrocketed, and most of the mechanical beasts fell into madness and were then diverted.

The ‘Open Edition Virtual Projection’ on the way is also open one after another.

Simulated buildings, simulated roads, and even simulated defenders will make the herd move in a predetermined direction to the greatest extent possible.

According to Huang Wen’s statement, he wants to introduce the radiation beast into a maze full of machine guns.

Mines, grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers, prosthetic weapons, all at the same time.

The eyes, mouths, connecting pipes, and nerve circuits of the mechanical beasts are the key points. One after another, half-mechanized beings fell on the way to charge.

More mechanical beasts are in a frenzy, because their electronic eyes are full of enemies.




Forced to spread out The mechanical beast that came was defeated by the mechanical hunter who had already prepared it one after another.

Matsushima Keiko is holding a knife, and the performance of the battle chip is fully activated.

She is only one school uniform away from Japanese high school girls.

Fat Xiang loudly roared, transformed into a deformed giant, and the huge wolf fang club in his hand was swept away frantically.

Compared with the previous transformation, he became more violent after absorbing the Reaper cells, often charging hard against the bullets of the gun beast.

Third-handed Daisila blocked a C+-class leopard-shaped mechanical beast.

One person and one leopard looked at each other fiercely, and they actually had several points of similarity.

(End of this chapter)

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