Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 75


Chapter 75 Intermediate level workers of No.3 Factory

The front line is busy, and the rear is also busy.

As a prosthetic doctor, Gao Gong is even more popular in the market.

In less than ten minutes before the battle, two subordinates were sent in, one was a new-faced mechanical hunter, and the other was a tribe warrior.

The right hand prosthesis of the mechanical hunter was broken by something unknown, and blood, bones, and machinery were mixed together.

“Prosthesis replacement.”

On the operating table, the three operating arms ‘zi zi’ sounded. The other arm does suturing, and the last arm is responsible for adjusting other mechanical accessories.

The upper body of this mechanical hunter, up from the abdomen, was transformed into a mechanical body, which could move the whole body with a single pull.

[Successful operation, reward 120 experience points]

“Do you have a spare prosthesis?”

“Of course,” the new face will be ready in a hurry The prosthetic arm was handed over.

“Boss, can you give me some reinforcement by the way?”

“In which direction.”

“The grip of the palm and the rotation of the forearm, I Get ready to go the melee route.”

“Good to say.”

Gao Gong spent another ten minutes increasing his grip strength by 20kg and making the forearm system more suitable for melee weapons. .

“many thanks Boss, I’m going to the battlefield!”

The new face looked hilarious, and looked like he had earned it when he was hurt.

The system of the human body is very complex, and only a prosthetic doctor can adjust it. Most implantable prostheses implement the most conservative installation scheme, and often do not even use half of the power.

Another tribe warrior had a hole in his thigh. Although it wasn’t a big injury, it was a hundred days and it was difficult for him to fight again.

The tribal warrior looked enviously at the comrades who left alive.

“Advisor, I also want to put on a prosthesis.”

“You don’t want your thighs?” Gao Gong glanced at him.

“A leg is nothing as long as it can be exchanged for great strength!” The warrior looked firm, then laughed: “Besides, it’s not the middle leg, I don’t mind.”

“Don’t rush, just wait a minute, I’ll get you a better one,” Gao Gong said meaningfully.

In half an hour, three more guests were picked up.

One was shot three times by the Gunnery Beast, two on the prosthetic body and one in the chest, but luckily it got stuck in the cracks of the bones.

A ligament in a biochemical muscle was violently torn.

An electromechanical converter in the body is also broken, causing paralysis of the upper body and walking like an odd-shaped species.

For Gao Gong, this is not a big problem, the repair is completed smoothly, and even the performance is improved.

That’s the benefit of having a prosthetic doctor in the camp.

Most mechanical hunters don’t get this treatment.

And in the mouths of these people, Gao Gong gradually pieced together the appearance of the battlefield.

Obviously, Huang Wen’s tactics were very successful.

There is a ‘Divine Item’ to pull monsters, a ‘special effect machine’ to generate maps, plus more powerful firepower and more manpower.

He is three times as efficient at killing monsters as before.

Gao Gong is not surprised by this, as early as previous life, players proved it.

To make it easier to treat the injured, Gao Gong moved the operating room directly to the first floor, just one step away from the front line.

Sometimes looking out the window, I can even see pictures of various radiation beasts running around.

Although the experience of prosthetic surgery is not as fast as killing monsters, it is better than stability.

And the warriors on the front line are even more dead after they have no worries.

Injury can also strengthen, how can there be such a good thing in the past.

Gao Gong was doing surgery and looking around, and soon he found a large prey.

It was a large combat robot that was towed back by an aircraft.

This large robot has cracks all over its body. The most serious injury is a large hole in the chest, and a circuit with a thick arm can be vaguely seen inside.

One of the support staff calls loudly into the intercom, but the other end simply refuses.

“How about, let me take a look?”

Without waiting for the other party to refuse, Gao Gong jumped directly to the upper body of the robot, exerting force with one hand, tearing a piece of torn armor torn apart.

A variety of large circuit components are presented.

“It turns out that the battle module is broken, but I don’t know if the battle chip is broken. If it’s not, it’s easy to solve.” Gao Gong turned his head and looked towards the other party, “Is there a spare module?”

The man obviously recognized Gao Gong, swallowed and said, “The maintenance base is blocked by the beast swarm, and I can’t get in for a while.”

“But I can Let someone airdrop maintenance equipment.”

Soon, an aircraft appeared high in the sky, a metal box was airdropped to the ground, opened it, it was a maintenance tool for large robots, and there was a TV A large ‘battle processor’.

In the case of full equipment, repairing the robot is actually easier than doing prosthetic surgery.

Fortunately, the robot’s battle chip wasn’t broken. After Gao Gong took out the battle chip and inserted a new battle processor, the mechanical monster’s eyes soon lit up.

When the battle chip resumed operation, it stood up on its own and continued its mission with a ‘boom’ sound.

[Mechanical body maintenance*1]

“This is a robot model worker,” Gao Gong sighed, passing a cigarette over by the way, “what’s your name, brother?”


“Xu, Xu Tong.”

This logistician was very flattered. Although he didn’t understand why such super battle strengths like Gao Gong didn’t appear on the front line, he was still very impressed with Gao Gong’s Help is appreciated.

After all, not everyone can tear armor by hand.

In the mouth of the other party, Gao Gong also understood the current situation.

General Magic Mountain cut the entire Motor City into more than 90 ‘grids’, each grid is a War Zone, and the Chief-In-Charge is responsible for cleaning up the radiation beasts in this area.

And once the B-Rank Radiant Beast appears, it will be encircled and suppressed by the elites selected from the nine nearby ‘grids’.

Gao Gong, as a persistent and powerful mechanical hunter, was naturally assigned the task of being the Chief-In-Charge of this War Zone.

And when the second stage, when the counterattack begins, he will personally dispatch.

Now, he has only two tasks, one is to protect the headquarters hidden in this building, and the other is to create biological weapons.

But the second task seems to be done for him.

“I’ve been to many War Zones, but none of them are as safe as this one,” said the logistician with admiration.

Other War Zones are a mess, only here, all the Radiant Beasts are blocked in a battle location.

โ€œOf course, donโ€™t look at whose subordinates,โ€ Gao Gong modestly said.

The intercom rang again.

“Xu Tong, you built an armed robot over there? There are two large outer skeletons, can you fix it?”

“No problem, let them come over!” Gao Gong Answer for the other person.

Soon, two ‘operated outer skeletons’ were towed by the trailer, one outer skeleton’s right mechanical leg was bitten off, and the other outer skeleton’s cockpit was destroyed, with a pile of body parts inside.

Gao Gong doesn’t talk nonsense.

[You understand the large outer skeleton frame]

[You understand the mesh circuit diagram]

[You understand the mechanical rocker]

Every job transfer task is an opportunity, which is a hidden reward in addition to the task reward.

Many players just brush the quests without digging deeper.

[Mechanical body maintenance*2]

[Mechanical body maintenance*3]

In the process of being busy, the other party’s walkie-talkie rang again.

Xu Tong looked towards Gao Gong for help, and Gao Gong was not polite at all, as much as possible, almost half a day’s effort, there were a lot of large discarded parts around him.

[Mechanical body maintenance*10]

[Your job transfer task has been completed, successfully transferred to the intermediate level worker of No. 3 factory]

[primary level Mechanical maintenance has been upgraded to intermediate level ]

Intermediate level worker lv1 of No.3 Factory: You are an excellent mechanical body transformer, and can perform maintenance work on large, medium and small mechanical bodies

intermediate level Mechanical Repair (Occupational): Perform large-scale repairs to mechanical bodies by adjusting the internal structure.

[You comprehend the professional knowledge [Mechanical and Electronic Engineering]]

[You comprehend the professional knowledge [outer skeleton design]]

[Mechanical and Electronic Engineering]lv1: Possess the basic theory and basic knowledge of mechanics, electronics, control and other disciplines

[Outer skeleton design]lv1: Preliminary research on mastering the outer skeleton structure

Needless to say, almost at the same time as the upgrade , Gao Gong directly upgraded the two occupational knowledge to lv5.

ใ€Mechanical and Electronic Engineeringใ€‘lv5: Familiar with mechanical engineering, electronic technology, control theory, and able to make internal adjustments to general-purpose mechanical bodies

ใ€Outer skeleton designใ€‘lv5: Mastering , the implantation technology of small outer skeleton

As for the remaining experience, Gao Gong first raised the intermediate level worker of No. And [Mechanical Transformation] has risen to lv10max.

His next body modification requires these two full-level occupational knowledge.

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