Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 76


Chapter 76 Mechanical Module Imitation

In the game “Cyberworld”, the secondary Profession’s full level is Level 20, and occupational knowledge The full level is 10.

Among them, Level 5 is quantitative change, and Level 10 is qualitative change.

A ‘knowledge feature’ will light up whenever the occupational knowledge point reaches the full level.

The effect of this ‘knowledge feature’ is not only applicable to this occupational system, but can also be used in other occupations.

equivalent to an auxiliary skill.

Among them, [Industrial Materials Science] lit up ‘turning waste into treasure’, and [Mechanical Transformation] lit up ‘enhanced transformation’.

This is Gao Gong’s preparation for the ‘Mechanical Hunter Exclusive Module’.

The battle strength of the basic profession ‘Mechanical Hunter’ is actually very strong. After all, not every profession can fight with mechanical beasts with a chainsaw.

But its upper limit is actually not high, at most Level 20, and there is no fixed standard for ‘Mechanical Hunting and Transformation’, and the fault tolerance rate is very low. Once it fails, it cannot be fully leveled.

Most mechanical hunters do not reach this level.

In this line, the powerful mechanical hunters are all blessed by auxiliary occupations.

For example, Huang Wen was a mechanical engineer before, Miyamoto Sanzang was a killer, Daisyla had a family tradition of fighting, and Gray-eyed Adrian was a Turing believer.

They all use auxiliary professions to broaden the path of the mechanical hunter.

But this promotion is destined to be personal, not universal.

After all, not every mechanical hunter is a mechanic, killer, or fanatic.

What Gao Gong did was not to build a small road, but to build a bridge.

The combination of ‘turning waste into treasure’ and ‘enhancing transformation’ will produce a very difficult to deal with effect.

It’s called ‘mechanical module copying’.


After completing the job transfer, Gao Gong said goodbye to Xu Tong, the logistician, and once again entered the construction state of ‘modified parts’.

Under the blessing of two ‘features’, Gao Gong is full of inspiration, has the words at hand with various exquisite designs, and quickly completed the two ‘transformation parts’.

Three-dimensional motorized device

Tear handheld

Among them, the three-dimensional motorized device is like four scabbards hanging on the waist, the ‘scabbard’ two There are ejection ports at both ends, the telescopic device uses a ‘high hydraulic catapult’, the launch efficiency is twice that of a rocket launcher, and the hook uses a ‘high level mechanical claw’ with stronger grip, with ‘electric drill’ and ‘electrical drill’ Hammer’s two modes, the tension device has changed from a single-molecule wire to fifty single-molecule ropes in one, completely abandoning the concealment effect and replacing it with a stronger pulling force.

The most important thing is that this ‘three-dimensional mobile device’ has ergonomically reinforced tight clothes made of bulletproof underwear and the thick tendons of some kind of C-Rank radiant beast.

This effectively prevents a part of the body from tearing due to the enormous pulling force.

This also upgrades its effective range from the original 100 meters to 1,000 meters, with a maximum range of 3,000 meters.

Name: 3D Motorized Device

Type: Exclusive Equipment for Mechanical Hunters

Quality: Excellent+

Weight: 20kg

Operation Mode: Manual Operation

Auxiliary Module: Sky Hunting Mode

Note: This is a mechanical tentacle with a wider range and higher operational requirements

Have ‘elite’ level hooking skills, but within ten minutes, Gao Gong was fully used to it.

At this moment, in the temporary operating room, Gao Gong was suspended in mid-air, constantly ‘teleporting’, a huge explosion resembling the launch of a missile continued to sound, every loud noise, the shadow of the rope flashed in the air, Gao Gong Just changed a position out of thin air.

The walls on both sides appear out of thin air with many fist-sized holes.

Gao Gong suddenly appeared in front of a wall, and with a slight push of his palm, the wall covered by his palm felt like he had been hit with a palm force of ‘ten years of internal strength’, and he directly hit a three centimeter thick wall. palm print.

Name: Tear Microcomputer*2

Type: Mechanical Gloves

Quality: Excellent+

Weight: 3.7kg


Basic attribute: DPS:325 Attack power: 65 Attack speed: 5Attack/sec Attack range: 0.5m

Additional mode: Tear mode

Plugin bar: Cracked Tiger (+32% Rend Damage)

Note: A chainsaw glove made entirely for Rending Defense

Compared to the previous version, this version is more Dexterous, like a fingerless glove, with holes all over the back of his hand.

And when the palm is turned upside down, the palm is full of densely packed ultra-miniature blade gears.

The material of the gear is the ‘super alloy’ that the ponytail girl can only buy with her own authority.

This equipment is matched with ‘Bloodthirsty Hook Feet’, even if the opponent has several layers of armor, Gao Gong believes that he can get a ‘Black Tiger’s Heart’.

[Remodeled parts*2, task 2 has been completed]

Compared with the ‘intermediate level workers in No. 3 factory’, it is obviously more difficult to transfer a ‘senior prosthetic doctor’.

Fortunately, with the accumulation of professional knowledge, Gao Gong successfully completed two pieces.

The last one left is ‘to carry out a prosthetic experiment’. Gao Gong has already asked Professor Han to design a bionic solution.

The experimental material is exactly that ‘daughter’.

As Gao Gong prepares for his final mission, both the prosthetic eye and the VR effects machine light up.

Hacked again.

The scene in front of me suddenly changed. The room became bigger and turned into a headquarters. One by one, the electronic data turned into human figures and appeared around Gao Gong.

“Lone Wolf, fight with me!”

The ‘Black God’ growled loudly at Gao Gong as soon as he saw him.

Gao Gong looked him up and down, and found that the other party’s eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and his face, neck, and hands were all covered with metal spots, especially the piece of skin that was connected to the ‘component’, which was already utterly rotten.

Many mechanical components on the body seem to have spirituality and rotate spontaneously.

This is a standard ‘cyber psychosis’ symptom, the nervous system is disordered, the mechanical components become phantom limbs, and further, the mechanical body will be completely out of control.

Heavy Metal Poisoning + Cyber Psychosis

This guy is helpless.

Gao Gong saw another acquaintance, said with a smile: “Miyamoto old man, you are not dead?”

Miyamoto Sanzang glanced at Gao Gong, coldly snorted:

“You’ve fallen, lone wolf, beasts only walk alone, cattle and sheep are in groups.”

Gao Gong was a little confused.

In the end, there were more than 30 people online in this virtual headquarters, of which the lowest rank was a major, and there were only five mechanical hunters.

The only surviving, surviving veteran hunter Creepers.

There is another one, a geek who wears a set of pure white mecha and has no gaps all over his body.

‘The authentic mecha, not the outer skeleton, the Captain of the symbiotic square? ‘

The biggest difference between mecha and outer skeleton is that mecha can fly, but outer skeleton cannot.

Looking at the energy injectors on the opponent’s thighs, waist, and back, Gao Gong can be sure that the opponent’s backstage must be terrific.

Because of the combat mecha equipped with the flight system, it is standard Level 2 civilization equipment.

Not to mention the rural area of the desert, Machine City is not for sale. If you want to buy it, you have to go to the mother city.

Gao Gong is looking at the two, while the wiggler and the white mecha man are also looking at him silently.

No, now on the Hunting Ranking List, there are only three of them who can compete for the first place.

Among the three of them, Gao Gong’s painting style is the most bizarre.

I was a lone wolf at first and turned into an assassin.

When everyone thought this dude was a younger version of ‘Miyamoto Sanzo’, he transformed himself into Berserker.

When they thought that Gao Gong, as the top warrior, would definitely appear at the forefront of the battlefield, Gao Gong retreated again, his identity changed again, he became the leader of a new type of force, hid himself behind the scenes, and reorganized the team. Scored.

This guy has too many postures and too many postures, so he has to guard against it.

The last ‘online’ is Brigadier General Moshan, who is now wearing a heavy outer skeleton, with at least a dozen fully automatic weapons hanging on his body, and a three-meter tall figure, one taller than everyone else. Times, coupled with this yellow black outer armor, it looks like an armored tiger, how fierce and fierce.

‘This guy should have a level of 30. The Legion camp’s reconstructed body warrior, a pure violent profession, is still an elite template. His target should be the Great Knight of the Knight group. ‘

The reconstructed body warrior is the three-turn version of the body warrior, and the body warrior is a Legion profession, super capable of playing, at the same level, even the mechanical hunter is not an opponent.

The only disadvantage is that it relies heavily on Legion technology, and the body modification is strongly exclusive. That is to say, choosing this profession is basically equivalent to ‘faction binding’.

Mountain Tiger glanced around, and finally landed on Gao Gong, his expression softened, and said: “The 56th defense area played well, it seems that biological modification does have great potential.”


Gao Gong touched his nose and was about to say something when a lieutenant colonel immediately reported.

“Report to General, the first batch of biological warriors has entered the mass production stage, and it is expected to be put into the front line tomorrow for actual combat testing.”

Moshan was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Gao Gong, look at this lieutenant colonel again.

“What the hell is Gavill old man doing, aren’t you responsible for this?”

“Reporting back to General, thanks to Mister Gao for the biomodification materials, we have a total of Two biological factories, producing and transforming warriors at the same time.”

Moshan is strong but not stupid, he snorted a few times, and directly changed the subject.

“This time, I’m mainly doing pre-war preparations for the second stage.”

After Moshan finished speaking, there was a ‘grid map’ in front of everyone’s eyes.

Each cell is a zone and is clearly color-coded.

red indicates a danger zone, indicating that the line of defense will be overwhelmed by radiation beasts at any time.

Yellow is the burnt area, indicating that the two sides are still fighting. Most of the area of the ‘grid’ is covered by yellow. It seems that everyone likes this color.

There is also a green area with only two or three blocks, indicating that the beast tide has been effectively contained in this area.

Among them, the defense zone where Gao Gong is located is bright green, as if wearing a forgiveness hat.

Gao Gong played the ‘green hat’, next moment, a series of data brushed out.

The data changes so fast, just like the live broadcast room of the leading female anchor, Gao Gong only glanced at the number at the bottom left, 5.51 million.

If I remember correctly, the previous points seem to be 3 million.

My daily efficiency is 500,000.

These guys made 1.5 million in half a day.

In this way, it is three times my own.

No wonder this bald head will give him a high look, here’s why.

‘The people in the warhead played well. ‘

Although fifty people seem to be a lot, in other places, many are two or three hundred soldiers guarding a defense area.

It’s not as green as it is.

(End of this chapter)

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