Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Neural System Variation

In the game “Cyberworld”, developing a power is actually a very important thing. Not easy.

This point, whether it is previous life or this life, Gao Gong has a deep understanding.

Have others never thought of forming a team to give themselves points? Huang Wen thought about it, and then he became a vegetable.

First of all, you can keep your head down, which is especially important in the professional group of mechanical hunters.

Second, you have to have money

To recruit a cable tribe to solve the eat, drink, shit and piss of more than 200 people, and to build a combat team, you have to solve these Human weapon replacement, prosthesis replacement, guns and ammunition.

Thirdly, you have to have someone

There is no day and night training of Daisyla and her old team members, no behind-the-scenes manipulation by Huang Wen, no various Divine Items, no matter how many people there are Just a piece of loose sand.

Fourth, you have to know how to do it

If it wasn’t for the profession of a prosthetic doctor, who would be willing to hand over body modification to you

The most important thing is to have Giving hope is the hardest part.

time makes the man, without the time, Gao Gong can only endure the burden of humiliation and beg for food under the crotch of two rich women.

Although he didn’t get up now.

But in the eyes of outsiders, it is incredible that Gao Gong has created so many miracles in just two months.

“I’m quite satisfied with the current situation,” Moshan said at the end, nodded.

You are still satisfied that the battlefield is so yellow. What kind of redness did your previous mechanical warfare become.

Moshan didn’t know what Gao Gong was complaining about, and continued: “But I hope everyone will not be complacent. One of the reasons why we can stabilize our feet in the beast tide is because our opponents are very cunning. .”

“Cunning?” The one in the symbiotic square opened his mouth, the electronic voice could not distinguish between male and female, but he could vaguely hear dissatisfaction.

This one seems to be the first. Good students sometimes have a stubborn streak.

Moshan’s attitude towards this one is very patient, even better than Gao Gong.

“The reason is very simple. In addition to those large mechanical beasts blocked by large robots, have you seen other B-Rank wild beasts on the battlefield?”

“You must know that ‘Duke Fission’ and ‘Scarlet Queen’ are both born from Radiation Beasts. They have the most men, and they should be Radiation Beasts.”

“Exclude dissidents?”

A major couldn’t help laughing ‘pu chi’, how can the Captain of this symbiotic square be a bit dumb.

“The Radiant Beasts will not rule out dissidents. Their Beastmaster authority is enough to dominate everything,” Moshan explained with a blank expression: “I mean, their real main force has not been dispatched.”

“They want to wait for the level of the beast tide to rise, and then kill us in one fell swoop?”

“That’s right,” a commander colonel said: “Maybe some People will wonder why we don’t take the lead, after all, we have intercontinental missiles, space-based weapons, energy bombs, and various long-range weapons, which can completely achieve infinite bombing.”

“Under the bombardment of this scale, it is as strong as A-Rank Radiation Beast, and it is impossible to stop it.”

“It’s not that we haven’t tried it.” An Oasis Chief of Staff said. , in the absence of mechanical generals, they are the top military commanders of the oasis.

“The A-Rank Radiant Beast was killed on the spot, but the beast tide did not stop, but became more violent.”

“The most dangerous beast tide is not radiation. The beast tide with the most beasts is the ‘beastless tide’.”

“The reason is that after the death of the A-Rank Radiant Beast, its power did not dissipate, but completely integrated into the beast tide. , making the beast tide into a complete mutation energy tide.”

“So, every time the beast tide, we will put high level radiation beasts in, cut off their connection with the beast tide, and then kill them. .”

Speaking of this, the Oasis Chief of Staff gave Gao Gong a look.

“This time, we are also planning to do this. Obviously, the other party is not fooled.”

“Do we just wait like this? Wait until the intensity of the beast tide makes most people Can’t stand it, just admit defeat?” The Captain of the symbiotic square continued persistently.

Gao Gong also heard it, this guy is indeed a little stunned, and this is it.

“This is the mission of the second stage. In fact, not all B-Rank Radiant Beasts are not on the battlefield. Without the guidance of high level wild beasts, the beast tide will only flow downstream, not upstream. Go up.”

“It’s just that these B-Rank Radiant Beasts are all above.”

Moshan pointed to the sky, and five giant mechanical birds appeared in the virtual command room. .

Although these five mechanical birds are of different species, they have the same huge body size, each one as long as a bomber.

“Since the other party is unwilling to play the main force, then our goal is to cut his arm!”

“The specific hunting plan is as follows…”

As the cyber hacker disconnected, Gao Gong’s vision gradually returned to normal.

“Hey, without the electronic barrier, my prosthetic eyes are just like my underwear, and any rich woman can wear it.”

There is no reason for this, the police force’s ‘beast tide energy’ The cut-off devices’ are all heavy equipment, only he is a lightweight.

But Gao Gong also made a request.

That is Du Zhaodi’s ‘preparatory mechanical committee member’, and the word ‘preparation’ should be removed.

The other party agreed.

Gao Gong found Professor Han, and Professor Han seemed to know that Gao Gong was coming.

Take him directly to a room.

There is nothing else in the room, just a huge nutrient pool.

The same as the original cable tribe.

In the pool, a miniature ‘brain in a vat’ is slowly swimming, and its spiritual nodes are constantly lit up like twinkling stars.

This is a special prosthetic surgery.

The special thing is that this operation is not to implant the ‘daughter body’ into Gao Gong, but to implant Gao Gong into the ‘daughter body’.

That’s what Professor Han did at the beginning.

Of course, the plan didn’t work out due to someone’s sabotage.

“It has been debugged to the most suitable state.”

“The electric eels you brought will ensure that during the implantation process, even if there is interference from the radiation field, all The electronic equipment will still work normally.”

Gao Gong will nod, slowly take off his clothes, and soak into the pool.

Professor Han is the only one who knows his plan. ‘Daughter implantation’ is just the beginning. If all goes well, biological rejection will no longer be a problem.

At that point, the old-school mech hunters will be revived.

The profession of Mechanical Hunter will be divided into two, one is the current Mechanical Modification Sect, they will become bigger, heavier and stronger under the transformation of the ‘Mechanical Hunter Exclusive Module’ .

The other is the classical creature hunter, who will no longer be a flash in the pan, but become a foundational profession for sustainable development.

Gao Gong believes that the pie he drew is enough to wipe out 1% of the professor’s idea of revenge.

There is a word to say – Spicy Dance Andpeace

As Gao Gong’s entire body is soaked in the nutrient solution, he immediately feels, breathing The system is gradually failing.

Or rather, some kind of fluid had been poured into his body.

A warm feeling spread all over the body, like returning to the mother’s womb.

Consciousness gradually sinks.



On the sea level of memory, the mind rises and falls with the waves, but cannot catch a drop of seawater.

He needs a hand!

Under the sea level, a giant tentacle protruded out of the sea, and Gao Gong was swallowed by it.

In Professor Han’s eyes, on Gao Gong’s naked fleshy body, red silk threads drilled out from the skin, more and more, as if they were taking root and sprouting.

These threads are thinner than monomolecular threads, ‘dyeing’ the nutrient solution red.

They are called nerve bundles.

Cranial nerves in the brain

ophthalmic nerves in the eyes

cervical nerves in the neck

muscles and musculocutaneous nerves


The vertebrae have spinal nerves

For a time, Gao Gong seemed to be a flagellate in the cytosol, the flagella swaying slowly, as if searching for new cells to parasitize.

Professor Han’s expression was calm. When he swallowed the brain in the jar, his appearance was much more frightening than this.

Probably because Gao Gong just devoured a child.

It may also be because Gao Gong’s fleshy body strength far exceeds that of Professor Han.

Or Gao Gong has the potential to be a ‘brain toilet’.

Or just a simple rebirth.

All in all, the ‘surgery’ went well.

[The child body is successfully integrated, your perception +5]

[Your neural system modification rate (biological modification) +7%]

[You Your endocrine system transformation rate (biological modification) +1%]

[your circulatory system modification rate (biological modification) +2%]

[your breathing system modification rate ( Biomodification)+1%]

[Your digestive system modification rate (biomodification)+1%]

[Your urinary system modification rate (biomodification)+1% ]

[Your reproductive system modification rate (biological modification) +1%]

Just like the original owner implanted the ‘titanium alloy inner skeleton’, when one after another human body The substantial increase in the transformation rate of the system will inevitably lead to an increase in the transformation rate of other human systems.

This is called collaborative transformation.

The difference from mechanical transformation is that mechanical transformation enhances known abilities, while biological transformation enhances unknown abilities, or, in other words, mutant abilities.

A huge energy was bred on the surface of Gao Gong’s body, and on the countless nerve bundles, tiny bio-electric stabs stabbed out, gradually interweaving into one piece.

[Your neuron mutation ]

[Your bio-energy +80]

[Your neural system is mutated, gaining the ability: memory retrieval ]

[Your neural system is mutated, gaining the ability: information transmission]

[Your neural system is mutating, gaining the ability: living Divine Transformation bundle]

‘Professor. ‘


Professor Han looked up, only to find Gao Gong’s mouth still closed.

‘Open the door and tell Keiko Matsushima to bring Daisy to the operating room, and I’ll be right there. ‘

Professor Han was stunned for a moment.

“Did you gain this ability too?”

Telemessage, he could do it before.

Professor Han opened the door and saw Matsushima Keiko, who was covered in blood, carrying a stretcher, and rushed over anxiously.

“Daisila, Daisy, she is seriously injured and dying!”

“Go to the operating room, Consultant Gao will be here soon.”

Matsushima Keiko was stunned for a moment, then quickly thanked her and ran in the other direction.

On the other side, the ‘nerve bundles’ on Gao Gong’s body began to gradually shrink.

A ‘ding’ sounded as the last nerve bundle was drawn into the body.

[Your job transfer task has been completed, successfully transferred to a senior prosthetic doctor]

(end of this chapter)

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