Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Mechanical and Biological Modifications (Part 1)

Daisyra was much worse than the last time, the last time She only had three arms cut off, and her body is still relatively intact, but this time, her right half of her body was cracked from the foot to the foot, and the metal parts and mechanical circuits were squeezed out of the shell, looking like a cybernetic A psychotic eruption, the mechanical body devours the master.

As soon as Gao Gong appeared, the warriors who had just come off the battlefield were all relaxed, looked at each other, and voluntarily retreated.

But after they left, they were shocked to find that the other party hadn’t spoken yet. How could they be so ‘obedient’?

The only exception is Keiko Matsushima, this Japanese girl’s perception exceeded 15 points, so she blocked Gao Gong’s spiritual suggestion, but she didn’t seem to notice this, bit her lip, Eyes filled with tears.

“You’re lucky, if it’s an hour earlier, I personally recommend cremation.”

On the console, Gao Gong’s fingers are like a superb piano Teacher, elegant and rhythmic, with five surgical arms dispatched in unison.

This is the ‘Five Exercises’, a high-level surgical technique that Littlefinger has not mastered.

Gao Gong pressed the other palm on Daisyla’s forehead, and the ‘memory retrieval’ was activated. Soon, dynamic images appeared in front of his eyes.

The ‘button’ on Gao Gong’s collar automatically lights up, revealing a dynamic image of ‘Daisyla’ fighting two ‘Gravity Panthers’.

The ‘Tear’ damage from the Mechanical Leopard Claw, the ‘Engine Break’ from the Gravity skill, and the ‘Straf’ from the Leopard Gun.

All attacks, all injuries, the entire process of development, all displayed.

Knowing the source and type of injury can increase the success rate of surgery by at least 40%.

Gao Gong even has the time to concoct ‘potions’.

“Don’t worry, you can’t die.”

Looking at Keiko Matsushima, who had a baby face squeezed into a bun, Gao Gong said without thinking.

All he dared to promise was because after the job change, he gained two more professional knowledge.

One is [medicine preparation], the other is [prosthetic rehabilitation], the former is the preparation of medicine that acts on the body, and the latter is to correct the distortion of the prosthesis.

And these two, just to deal with the injury on Daisy La.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Keiko Matsushima widened her eyes.

“Not only is it okay, it is even a good thing. Not everyone can break through the battlefield.” .

Sure enough, with her extraordinary firearm fighting skills, Daisyla directly inflicted heavy damage on a Gravity Panther. However, another C+ Gravity Panther appeared later, and two giant mechanical panthers attacked at the same time. You can only switch from offense to defense, and in the end, with the body’s engine, wires, and prosthetic eyes all exploded, this is the complete loss of battle strength.

Gao Gong glanced at the system panel.

Name: Daisyla

bloodline: Asian Warriors

Overall Level: 28

Occupation: Senior Mechanical Hunter lv15, Mechanical Fighter lv9, Demi-Human Joint Staff lv4

HP: 42/317 (Mechanical Heavy Injury)

Stamina: 27/216

Mechanical Energy: 131

Skills: Assaulter lv9, Electromagnetic Gunnery lv5 (advanced), primary level Fighting Technique lv4 (advanced), Three Hands lv3 (advanced)

Body modification: Melee manipulator (damage rate 72%), Dragonfly III built-in engine (damage 85%), high-power internal circuit (damage lv31%), Kunwu fighting chip (damaged), semi-electronic brain (upgrade interrupted)

Gao Gong’s eyes paused on the ‘half-electronic brain’.

This guy’s injury, to put it simply, is that the software upgrade crashed the hardware, and playing 3A burned the graphics card, oh no, it’s a fighting chip.

Seeing that Daisyela’s indicators gradually returned to normal, Matsushima Keiko relaxed, hesitated, and bowed deeply.

“many thanks, Gao Jun saved Daisy La’s life again.”

“It’s a small matter, my subordinates, how could they not be saved,” Gao Gong waved his hand casually , looked up and down the cyborg body, said without thinking: “How about taking this opportunity, I’ll give her a breast augmentation?” Unsurprisingly, it looks really asymmetrical.

“Breast enhancement?” Keiko Matsushima’s eyes lit up, “Gao Jun’s move is really wise!”

“Instead of breast enhancement, it’s better to pretend to be a ‘Mr. I might still be able to use it this way.”

The voice of ‘Daisyra’ came from the speaker on the operating table, but it was a little vague.

β€œYou’re awake,” Gao Gong said with a predictable expression.

“Yes, boss, what do you think of this idea of mine?”

Gao Gong ignored it and said, “I’ll give you two choices, one is that I will take it now. Reinstall your body system, but the key parts of your body are professional products from Asia, and there is no substitute here.”

“How much will the strength drop?”


Daisyla fell silent. The previous prosthetic body was replaced, and her strength lost 20%. If she lost another 50%, she would completely leave the level of the first-line mechanical hunter. .

“Is there another one?”

“I will perform a deeper mechanical transformation on you, so that you can completely upgrade your electronic brain.”

Gao Gong found a chair and sat down, and said with great interest, “I just have a problem, the price is not cheap.”

“How much? Can I reimburse it?” Keiko Matsushima asked quickly.

Daisyla heard what Gao Gong meant, hesitated for a while, and said in disbelief, “You mean, you can break the upper limit of the mechanical hunter?”

“Theoretically, it is like this,” Gao Gong laughed: “Of course, transformation is risky, and I don’t dare to guarantee it.”

Daisyla was silent for a moment, then said: ” If you can really do this, I am willing to embed loyalty instructions in the underlying logic of the electronic brain and serve you all my life…”

“I don’t need a lifetime, I am not a corporate vampire, I have personal sovereignty over you. Not interested,” Gao Gong stretched out three fingers and said: “Three years, I only need your three years of mechanical body sovereignty, after three years, you can choose to leave, I will not stop it.”

Daisy was stunned for a moment, this condition was unexpectedly loose.

Three years of work, in exchange for a higher level, unprecedented mechanical body, this is not a disadvantage, of course, if she died in these three years, she could only consider herself unlucky.

“Okay, just, are you sure it only takes three years?”

“Three years is enough.”

Gao Gong shrugged, and after three years, Either the tide of cyberspace erupts, the Machine Star explodes, and you run away; or you can stop the tide of cyberspace successfully, complete the ultimate mission of this ‘cyber proving ground’, and go to the stars.

No matter which outcome, I have no reason to stay here.


The sixth layer biotransformation factory

In Zhao Xi’s expectant eyes, the test tanks slowly opened, and a strong air-conditioning It came out, and one strong biological transformation warrior came out of it.

The transformed creature warrior is nearly 2.5 meters tall, with well-developed muscles and eyes like a wild beast that chooses to devour people. In the bright red pupils, there is even a faint radiant beast coercion.

A certain part of the body of each biological modification warrior has been implanted biological modification, some forearms have become three-meter-long biological sickles, some palms are disappeared, and there are two more snakes The same thing, some simply turned into half-human, half-mechanical wolf, saliva spilled.

“The second batch of experimental subjects is more mature than the first batch.”

The prosthetic doctor of the Security Corps was nodded with satisfaction, “It’s not just about various bodily functions, the key is output , the mortality rate of the first batch was as high as 90%, and the second batch dropped to 50%.”

“I believe that with the adjustment of the transformation plan, the mortality rate can be reduced.”

“How’s your strength?” Zhao He stared at these monsters with fiery eyes, as if he was looking at some rare treasure.

“According to the feedback from the frontline battlefield, the winning rate of D-Rank Radiant Beast is as high as 87%, and the winning rate of C-Rank Radiant Beast is 54%. The durability may be worse, but in general, it is a medium-sized combat robot. The quality of the robot is not a problem.”

The prosthetic doctor sighed: “More importantly, compared to robots, they simply do not have the pressure of logistical supplies, and they can obtain materials on the spot, which is simply inexhaustible. , inexhaustible special arms!”

“Mass production, mass production now!” Zhao Wei excitedly turned around, “This is a great achievement, a great achievement at the strategic level!”

The prosthetic doctor thought of something, and suggested: “We are just a biological factory, and the number of arms that can be produced is limited, or should we cooperate with the one above?”

“Cooperation, open What the hell–” Zhao He blurted out, then forcibly swallowed the last word, took a deep breath, and said:

“This kind of battle strength, this kind of yield, their future can be imagined. I know, this ultimate weapon should be completely in the hands of our security team, not shared with others.”

“As for expanding production capacity, I will find a way.”

The prosthetic doctor saw that the other party wanted to take the results for himself, frowned, and reminded: “It’s not good to get rid of the other party completely. It’s not justified in terms of face.”

“Who said to get rid of the other party,” Zhao Machinery smiled oddly: “It’s not that I don’t let the other side cultivate these biomodifiers, I have prepared a lot of biological materials for them.”

“With the materials, the products can’t be produced, so it makes no sense. .”

Gao Gong sighed with emotion as he watched the ‘biomaterials’ that were constantly being shipped.

“It seems that we have all underestimated this former colleague. In just a few days, the other party has fully understood the information.”

The other party sent biological materials, but the problem is , most of these materials were severely damaged, and more importantly, the ‘biological prostheses’ suitable for the transformation of classical mechanical hunters were all removed.

“I’m going to report to the committee!”

Gao Gong held Du Zhaodi, who had a cold face, and said with a smile: “I want to report, but not now.”


“Let him go crazy first, and when the biological rejection breaks out, I’ll see how he solves it.”

“I never said that our ‘human modification technology’ is No defects.”

(End of this chapter)

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