Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Mechanical Transformation and Biological Transformation (Part 2)

Du Zhaodi thought about it, but was still a little unwilling: “The most At least, catch the traitor.”

“Traitor, there is no traitor, or, except me, everyone present may be a traitor.”

Du Zhaodi stared Gao Gong glanced at him.

β€œHahaha, don’t look at me like that, let’s put it this way, if a cyber-hacker hacks into one of your heads, who of you can stop it?”

In the eyes of Gao Gong , data leakage is inevitable. After all, this is not Machine City, and it is impossible to apply for technical patent rights, so the security team has 10,000 ways to obtain modified data.

In fact, even in the Machine City system with relatively complete patent rights, the espionage war between giant companies has never stopped. If you steal my research and development materials through hackers, I will send spies to modify yours. The memory chips of the core technicians of the family take your family’s ‘product development’ into the ditch.

You must know that many players realized that Damn, Lao Tzu was actually controlled by NPCs after ‘hanging up’.

It’s no wonder that I’m dying for an unprofitable, crappy mission.

I treat you as an npc, and you treat me as a worker! ?

Are we talking about each other?

“Let’s go, let’s go pick up the leaks and see if there is anything good in these biological organs.”

Du Zhaodi wrinkled her nose and walked closer to him. Cheeks looked towards the other side, Gao Gong immediately understood, fingers crossed and took her hand.

A large newly opened warehouse

Between two rows of huge and bizarre biological organs, Gao Gong and Du Zhaodi are like a couple in love, scattered in the ‘commercial street’ step.

“You will be on the battlefield in two days, so be careful.”


“If you can’t beat it, run away. It’s a mechanical commissioner, and I can protect you.”

“Of course.”

Gao Gong glanced out the window, and could vaguely hear the sound of a continuous explosion, which was a mechanical The birds are ‘laying eggs’, a mechanical bird egg the size of a basketball, its formidable power is no less than a 100kg napalm, and the explosion range is close to a football field.

The reason why it is so fierce is because the life in the egg will produce a low-level energy reaction during the gestation process, and a bird egg is equivalent to an energy bomb.

If you want to pull in those B-class mechanical birds, you must temporarily give up ‘air dominance’, which is also part of the plan.

As a result, most of the plant’s equipment has been relocated to abandoned underground garages, including this biological warehouse.

In the ‘Hunter’s Graveyard’, Gao Gong got seven blueprints, [Big Tree Scythe], [Bone Radiation Corpse Armor], [Devil’s Horns], [Gasoline Flame Whip], [Electronics] Bee Eye], [Biological Gun], [Jet Forceps].

The biological materials required for these biological blueprints, including their substitutes, were not found in the biological materials sent.

The corpses of the mechanical biochemical beasts accounted for the majority.

According to Professor Han, although the biological implantation of the old generation includes radiation beasts and mechanical biochemical beasts, due to the ‘mechanical components’ in the mechanical biochemical beasts, during the implantation process, it is very likely that the ‘Biological rejection’ and ‘Mechanical rejection’, the failure rate is too high.

So use more biological materials, or radiation wild beast.

Then the vigilantes sent a pile of mechanical beast corpses.

It seems that the biological transformation of Zhao He’s group is progressing well, otherwise it is impossible to be so shy, this is obviously pitting himself.

Gao Gong clicked his tongue twice and set his eyes on the three ‘spiders’ not far away.

“Hey, did the three mutant spiders come together?”

The three corpses in front of them are all mutant spiders, and they are different types of spiders, turbo spiders from the ‘engine family’ , the electronic node spider of ‘Power Grid Branch’, and the skinned female spider of ‘Variant Radiation Branch’.

These three spiders are all C-Rank wild beasts, and they are all two stories tall.

The turbo spider’s ‘turbo fan’ gives it the ability to fly in the air for a short period of time.

The ‘electronic spider eyes’ that are densely covered by the electronic node spider not only has 360 degrees without blind spots, but also can stimulate ‘electromagnetic pulses’ in a short time, paralyzing the nearby small mechanical prey.

The skinned female spider is a rare humanoid form, half-spider and half-human, with a front and a back, the spider silk on the head hanging down, and it looks very like a spider girl – the skinned version .

The bloody appearance has spread from the human body to the spider body, with bloody eyeballs, bright red upper and lower jaw muscles, and bloody reproductive organs.

Even the always calm ponytail girl almost vomited when she saw this, Gao Gong had to take her back to rest first.

Among all kinds of abnormal radiation beasts, the ‘mutant radiation family’ can be regarded as a terrifying type. The radiation content is so strong that it is a purely distorted lifeform.

Other radiant beasts have some shadow of protists, only this type of radiant beast is a complete mutation.

It is worth mentioning that the newly rising A-Rank monster ‘Fission Duke’ is a member of the Mutation Section.

Of course, with countless twisted growths, it has mutated to the point where it doesn’t even recognize its mother.

Because of the vigorous nuclear fission reaction in the body, ‘mutant radiation beast’ has another nickname, nuclear fission creature.

After sending Du Zhaodi away, Gao Gong strolled back alone again, staring at the three types of spiders, thoughtfully.

Mechanical biochemical beasts are not suitable for biological implantation.

The same goes for the Radiant Beasts of the ‘mutant family’.

Gao Gong didn’t plan to do that either.

He raised his arm, and in the next instant, countless ‘blood threads’ grew out of the pores of his arm, growing more and more, and finally spanned two meters and inserted into the turbo spider.

Next moment, the searchlight-like spider eyes actually lit up!

Live Divine Transformation bundle (biological transformation): The power of mutation of the brain in the tank is implanted through the nerve bundle to activate the neural system of other creatures, and then achieve the purpose of manipulation.

The head of the turbo spider began to turn, the searchlights flickered everywhere, and the two turbos on its back also began to spin wildly. With the strong sound of the fan, the huge mechanical spider slowly flew into the air.

It does fly.

Gao Gong’s face was expressionless, but his eyes turned blood red. Upon closer inspection, there were actually countless ‘bloods’ moving in his pupils.

The ophthalmic nerve is also part of the nervous system.

Time passed slowly, and one or two ‘biological data’ appeared from time to time on the system panel.

[You comprehend the radioactive biological eye structure]

[You comprehend the biological turbine structure]

[You comprehend the arthromotor system]

[You understand the design of the tentacles]

The reason why the mechanical hunter is a profession with shortcomings, except that the technology tree is not lit, biological/mechanical exclusion, There is another important point about the old-fashioned problem of too personalization of hunting and transformation-

This profession lacks a ‘solution integrator’.

Mobile phones can iterate, computers can iterate, and so can combat robots.

Theoretically speaking, ‘Mechanical Hunter’ can also iterate naturally. All the ‘Mechanical Hunting Transformation’ can be integrated into a Mechanical Hunter module. If there is a problem, solve the problem. If there is no problem, upgrade the system and hit a patch or something.

This is the basis for solving all of the above problems.

This kind of high-tech talents is not absent, but most of them are concentrated in large enterprises.

In addition, the resources and technologies required for the ‘mechanical body integration plan’ are astronomical.

Behind each new version of the battle robot, there must be dozens of ‘development failure versions’, as well as thousands of technical details adjustments.

This is not something that the mechanic hunters can solve.

But they can’t, but Gao Gong can. To be precise, ‘nature’ can do it.

These mechanical, biochemical beasts and radiation beasts are all ‘excellent integration solutions’ that have gone through countless times of ‘survival of the fittest’.

The only difference is that these programs are not for humans.

Then the problem is simple, since it is not for human beings, it is better not to be a ‘human’.

Gao Gong has always been open to ‘mechanical metamorphosis’, oh no, ‘mechanical metamorphosis’.

‘Turning waste into treasure’ can replace some special biological materials with industrial materials.

‘Enhanced Transformation’ can transform ‘Mechanical Body’.

Plus the integration solution provided by the mechanical biochemical beast.

The three-in-one is the ‘Mechanical Hunter Exclusive Module’.

Three spiders gave Gao Gong a total of more than 30 ‘local transformation plans’. The only turbulence in the process was that when the nerve bundle was inserted into the skinned female spider, Gao Gong fully pierced himself. Three ‘enhanced radiation needles’ were used.

The ‘hot’ terrifying in the opponent’s body.

After the data was integrated, Gao Gong found Professor Han and worked with him to develop the first version of the ‘Spider Hunter Module’.

In the interval of development, Gao Gong took a look at several ‘old biological weapons’ in the ‘nutrient tank’.

The ‘huge blood vessels’ have grown to eight meters in length.

‘Blade Wolf Guillotine’ has regained its lustre on the giant creature knives.

The palm of the ‘arm’s amputated limb’ is turning flexibly.

The ‘Motor Beast’ ‘buzzed’ in the water.

These Old Guys are getting back to their old ways.

“Yesterday, the old money came to me and asked me if I had any work to do.”

“These Old Guys are also ashamed?”

Professor Han Looking at Gao Gong silently, Gao Gong coughed dryly and said, “What’s the hurry, Lao Han, have you heard of Biaoying?”

“They are already very old.”

“Then boil the eagle.”

Gao Gong saw that Professor Han wanted to say more, and without teasing him, he directly handed over a ‘technical solution’.

“Did you know, Lao Han? Biological rejection actually has a benefit.”

“What benefit?”

“That means the rejection has reached the threshold, The impossible is even higher,” Gao Gong paused: “This way they didn’t explode, indicating that their bodies have been ‘fixed and semi-distorted’.”

“What’s the use of this-“

Professor Han glanced at the ‘technical solution’, the corners of his eyes jumped fiercely.

‘Nuclear Fission Humanoid Transformation Scheme’

(end of this chapter)

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