Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 8


Chapter 8 Red Unicorn

a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on A compulsory subject for hunters.

In addition to having his own residence in Gasoline Town, Gao Gong also has his own secret base.

It was a metal scrap recycling station on the outskirts of the city, and now few people know about this place.

In a shed made of steel bars on the edge of the recycling bin, Gao Gong is manipulating his ‘borrowed’ operating table.

Compared to the operating table of general surgery, the operating table of the prosthetic doctor is rougher. The four mechanical operating arms are full of saws, pliers, electric drills, and angle grinders, which are stained with blood.

The surgery of the prosthetic doctor is mostly related to the transformation of the prosthesis, so it can also be used as a high-precision lathe.


Amidst the sparks, Gao Gong wears goggles and uses the operating table to operate four robotic arms to perform brainwashing operations; Welding something in the back of the artificial soldier’s head with a welding gun.

‘Deleting memory database data, 56%…79%…100%’

‘Brainwashing completed’

‘The template of the quadruped robot is being injected’

‘Please select the appropriate template among the following three four-legged creatures, Tibetan Mastiff, Teddy, Husky’

“Thai, no, Husky.”

After the driving templates for the neck, hands and feet were adjusted, Gao Gong attached electrodes for connection to his temples, with a fingertip-sized control chip embedded in the center of the electrodes.

“Shake his head.”

The artificial soldier’s head slowly turned, left, then right, and faster and faster under the action of the servo motor, colliding with it. medicine-like.

It is indeed a husky template.

“Stop, stop, adjust yourself first.”

The metal head seemed to understand this sentence, and began to adjust the angle and posture by himself, and the quadruped simulation became more and more realistic , looks like a real dog.

[The quadruped robot is completed for the first time, experience +200]

Name: Human Head Dog

Type: Quadruped Robot

Quality : Whiteboard+

Weight: 18kg

Speed: 23km/h

Control system: Low-level military chip (soldier version)

Energy : Energy Mine Digester (Black Market)

Attack Module: None

Additional Module: Biological Mode

Note: Except for the head, this thing has no technology Content

Gao Gong didn’t care, patted ‘dog head’, this artificial dog head was really obedient, jumped off the operating table by himself, and cheered like a dog.

Looking at the bottle gourd, four ‘huskies’ swayed and jumped up and down in the recycle bin, looking like they were demolishing their home.

It’s just that the human head matches the dog’s body, which has a natural uncanny valley effect.

The electronic brain is the CPU, the operating table provides brainwashing and program implantation, the battery is the miner’s version from the flea market, and the rest of the components are metal scraps from the recycling station.

But even so, a robot that can understand human speech, rather than a machine mentally retarded, is rare.

Only the factory’s direct troops are eligible for mechanical hounds.

Soon, the robot ant was also built. Compared with the ant, it was more like the four-wheel drive he played when he was a child.

[The robot ant is completed for the first time, experience +50]

Name: Robot ant

Type: Sensing robot

Quality: Whiteboard

weapon system: low-level stepping device

Remarks: a multi-degree-of-freedom robot driven by a set of servos, imitating the shape and movement of ants

After all It’s just a Level 1 mechanical blueprint. If it weren’t for the artificial soldiers’ brains adding a certain amount of intelligence, it would be the level of artificial mental retardation.

The electronic chips, photodiodes, and ultra-small motors used in the robot ants are all bought from the flea market.

These materials are all ‘urban waste’, collected by some indigenous people, and they are very cheap. Gao Gong has made 30 mechanical ants.

“It’s almost ready,” Gao Gong said to himself, “there’s one last thing left.”

The flea market is located on the north side of the Motor City, belonging to the periphery, and in the In the easternmost corner of the flea market, there is an old friend gun store.

Different from ordinary gun shops, this shop not only sells homemade firearms, but also sells melee weapons, hammers, shovels, swords, and electromagnetic steel claws.

Pushing open the shabby door curtain, a hoarse voice sounded.

“Beautiful young man, what you want this time is not fun.”

Behind the counter, a hunchbacked old lady turned around and smiled like a chrysanthemum: “Fortunately, Aunt Xiang, I have some means, otherwise I really can’t do it.”

Gao Gong sat on the chair rudely, “Aunt Xiang, where are the things?”

“It’s good to say. , Well, idiot! Don’t bring your things!”

Soon, the back door opened, and a giant man at least two meters tall walked out with a box in his hands.

“Idiot, be careful!” Aunt Xiang kicked the other person’s ass, the brawny man just smiled honestly, scratched his head, and said, “Ama, do you have anything to eat?”

“Eat, eat, eat every day, you know how to eat, our store is about to be eaten by you!”

Gao Gong laughed and threw a nutritional ointment, “Fang Xiang , it’s a pity not to be a mechanic hunter with your figure.”

Pang Xiang’s eyes lit up, he hurriedly picked it up, not even letting go of the skin, he directly stuffed it into his mouth, and said vaguely, “Ama No, I will listen to my grandma.”

Pang Xiang is the son of Aunt Xiang, and the mother and son depend on each other for life, while Pang Xiang was originally an abandoned baby from the desert. It is said that he was extremely fat when he was born, almost It was boiled and eaten, but fortunately, Aunt Xiang, who was passing by, bought him.

In addition to being huge and having a strange power, this person is also slightly mentally retarded. When the original owner came to buy things, he often bewitched him to be cannon fodder for himself.

“Come, come, guest, try your custom-made knife.”

Aunt Xiang interrupted the conversation between the two, kicking and kicking Pang Xiang into the back door , Gao Gong didn’t care, opened the knife box, and a long knife of Crimson appeared in the box.

The overall shape of the knife looks very thick and heavy. The handle is longer than ordinary Japanese knives, and it is more like a seedling knife. The end of the handle is turned into a thread shape, which is easy to hold. It opened into a jagged shape and looked like a full-blown murder weapon.

“According to your request, the blade is made of tungsten iron that can cut alloy steel, and the blade and handle are also reinforced. The old woman also gave you a layer of wax for free. How’s it going?”

Gao Gong laughed, measured it with his hands, he was over ten pounds, as if he was carrying a chainsaw.

With a single wave, a small corner of the weapon table was cut off, as easily as cutting a cucumber with a kitchen knife.

Aunt Xiang squinted, in her impression, only the oldest group of mechanical hunters would choose cold weapons. Today’s mechanical hunters are getting stronger and more powerful and more advanced in equipment, but The harvest is getting less and less, and she has not heard the news of wild beasts above B-Rank being hunted for a long time.

A group of cowards!

“What’s this knife called?”

“Red Unicorn!”

Name: Red Unicorn

Category : Metal Knife

Quality: Excellent – (custom template)

Weight: 13.4kg

Basic attribute: DPS: 70.5, Attack Power: 47, Attack Speed : 1.5 attack/sec, attack range: 1.8 meters

Additional attributes: Slash Armor (+10.9% armor piercing damage), Break Front (+8.7% crit damage)

Plugin bar: none

Remarks: This is indeed a murder weapon, but are you sure you want to use it to deal with mechanical biochemical beasts?

“Thanks to your patronage, there are 831 mechanical coins in total, cash is still credit card.”

Gao Gong was taken aback: “Aunt Xiang, an assault rifle is less than 80 points, a cold one. You want me 800 for weapons, and you are also a regular customer!?”

Aunt Xiang rolled the eyes and said: “There are cheap ones, lances made of steel bars, specially used for scavengers, 10 coins Do you want it?”

“You’re too expensive.”

“Nonsense, if it weren’t for the 200 deposit, my mother wouldn’t even be able to work, these days Who still refrigerates weapons with their hands, there were a few of those second fools who had good results back then.”

“Or, 300?”

“Bullshit! I’ll ask again. You, the entire Motor City, who still has the craftsmanship of forging knives now, that is, Aunt Xiang, I have not yet born, and in a few years, I will not be able to do it if you want.”

“But Aunt Xiang, think about it, if I kill the high-risk radiation wild beast with this knife, wouldn’t it mean to promote it to you in disguise? Maybe it will also lead to a hunting craze with cold weapons.”

“Heh, hehe, let’s talk about it when you survive.”

The two of them fought with each other and fought hard. In the end, Gao Gong cut the price down to 600, and he couldn’t cut it any longer. According to Aunt Xiang, the time spent on this knife is less than 600, so it is better to use it to kill chickens.

“shua card!”

Gao Gong reluctantly took out a card. The card looked like a canteen’s meal card, and it was indeed a factory’s meal card. In Iron Sand Desert, the economic system of the factory has already sunk to every aspect.

This time, even the original owner’s savings have been used up. If there is no harvest, he really can only eat dirt.

Unless you sell your body to a rich woman for cheap living expenses.

Aunt Xiang snatched it over and skillfully pulled out an old POS machine, and the chrysanthemums bloomed again on her smiling face.

“Shua card is good, those old-fashioned turtles don’t have this treasure, and your little lover gave it to you.”

Gao Gong raised his eyebrows and said nothing. What, Aunt Xiang didn’t care, and continued: “Those idiots, they are all very treacherous, and the mother who hurts has to be careful and careful every time she calculates money. Now people are not as good as before, and people’s hearts have become bad.”

Gao Gong came to this Iron Sand Desert at the age of fifteen to pan for gold. He was also an old acquaintance. He put the red unicorn in the knife box, thought about it, and spoke again.

“Aunt Xiang, you plan to let Xiang Zai inherit your store, but with his brain, are you sure he can keep it after you die?”

Aunt Xiang narrowed her triangular eyes and suddenly scolded: “Why do you want to be a bastard, my mother, fuck your mother, and want my son to be cannon fodder! You’ve rotted your dog’s heart and lungs! Fuck, fuck my mother. !”

Gao Gong shrugged, carried the knife box, walked to the door, turned his head, and said meaningfully: “Aunt Xiang, the times will not stand still.”

“Fuck off,” Aunt Xiang grabbed something and threw it over, “You trash, take my trash with you, don’t hurry up.”

Gao Gong grabbed the black shadow and looked down. , is a bottle of knife oil.

After Gao Gong left, Aunt Xiang was gasping for breath and didn’t know what to think.

“Grandma, I think what Brother Gao said makes sense. After you leave, I will definitely be deceived.” A wronged voice came from behind the door.

“Shut up!!” Aunt Xiang called out fiercely, and she looked like a tigress protecting the boy.

(End of this chapter)

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