Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 80


Chapter 80 Bright Future

generally speaking, the attack time of the beast tide is in months. In the blue desert, The longest beast swarm lasted for nine months.

In that animal swarm, there were as many as 900 large combat robots that were destroyed.

In the end, the orbital satellites were used for offshore bombing, and then the monsters from the sea were beaten back.

Although the desert in the middle is not as close as the coast, but according to the deduction of the headquarters, the scale of the beast tide at this time will last for at least three months.

This is not an oasis in the Motor City fighting against the beast tide. Of course, it is the main force against the beast tide, but in addition to it, there are three nearby oases, all of which are resisting the beast tide.

On the front lines, bioengineering warriors are making a splash.

A blood-soaked creature warrior, holding a huge sickle, slashes horizontally and vertically. Wherever it passes, even the strongest mechanical beast armor is cut in half by it.

And the biological sickle in his hand, after absorbing enough life, actually grew again, from three meters to five meters, and a thorn pierced from the surface of the sickle, even In the middle of the handle, two sharp spikes were folded at 90 degrees, which seemed to be two ‘new biological sickles’ in a ‘rudimentary state’.

On the other side, a total of more than 20 ‘bone zombies’ are advancing against the beast tide. Affected by the zombie radiation field, his eyes became blood red, his flesh was rotting, his bones were raised, and he was frantically biting at the same kind.

And this ‘Bone Corpse General’ is nearly three meters tall, with white eyes in the dark eye sockets, but upon closer inspection, among the jagged bones, there is actually a large living person.

The bone radiation corpse is a variant of the radiation corpse. The radiation power comes from the skeleton of the whole body, and these ‘corpses’ are actually sewing a large living person inside the skeleton, which is equivalent to artificially wearing one. Bone Radiant Armor.

When some radiant beast leaders saw this, they immediately called a group of beast elites to besiege.

However, the next moment, one after another sniper bullets came with electricity. In the chaotic and anxious battlefield, these bullets seemed to have eyes, and almost every one of them could hit the key.

What’s more terrifying is that these bullets are not ordinary metal materials, but a kind of ‘biological warhead’. If they are hit by these bullets, even if they are not killed on the spot, they will secrete a Biological toxins greatly reduce the strength, speed, and perception of these elite radiation beasts, resulting in a mentally disturbed physiological state.

At the moment, at the sniper point, snipers are holding the ‘biological barrel’ with one hand. Their sniper rifles grow directly from their arms, and there are blood vessels on the surface. Need training, directly to the level of ‘Human and Spear Unity’.

The sniper’s prosthetic eye has also been replaced by a kind of ‘electronic bee eye’. These two eyeballs occupy a small half of a person’s face. There are thousands of small eyes inside the bee eye, and its field of vision is limited. And the precision is one hundred times that of ordinary prosthetic eyes.

And they have their own ‘electronic vision’, which can directly see the key points of mechanical biochemical beasts.

At this time, on a stealth military aircraft, Brigadier General Magic Mountain looked down on the battlefield, and his purpose of going to the front line was actually to witness the role of these ‘biological warriors’.

In fact, if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, it would be hard for him to believe those exaggerated battle reports.

A low-level soldier who has undergone ‘biological transformation’ for less than three days, the battle strength that erupts is no less than that of his elite robot corps, which is incredible!

Now that he has seen it with his own eyes, he has to admit that this is indeed the case.

“Go back and inform the logistics department that I need ten standard battalion biological warriors, and also, issue the Legion Medal to the leader of the biological factory.”

“General, can’t go any further. It’s over, the flying species of the beast tide have been rampant recently.”

A dozen black dots appeared where the naked eye could see, which was the enemy’s ‘bombing bird formation’.

“Let’s go back.”

Magic Mountain’s thick palm flipped the projection map flexibly, judging the strength of the two sides.

‘Maybe a part of the robot army can be drawn. ‘

The optimistic situation on the front lines gave Magic Mountain an idea.

However, the next moment, the electronic siren suddenly ‘buzzed’ and the red warning light inside the cabin came on.

“General, the radiation intensity has suddenly exceeded the standard!”

Magic Mountain’s expression was indifferent, and the four guards around him slowly stood up. These guards were not tall, even a little short. , However, with the flow of the black liquid on their body, in just three seconds, they became a colony warrior with a height of two meters.

The swollen muscles of the colony warrior began to be torn apart by a force. The thighs and forearms quickly opened four energy jets. They completed the acceleration in almost 0.1 seconds and rushed out of the aircraft. .

The sky was covered with a kaleidoscope of ‘rich colors’, and a ten-meter-high ‘Color Knight’ gradually took shape.

The radiation value breaks through 100,000 all the way, and continues to rise, reaching an astonishing 320,000.

Even among B-Rank Radiant Beasts, the radiation value of this intensity is not weak.

More importantly, the other party has no entity at all and is a pure ‘radiation life’.

In the beast tide, this energy lifeform is often born.

They appear randomly, so you can’t guard against it.

The color Knight raised the long spear against the four colony warriors that appeared in mid-air.

The stealth aircraft turned around and flew to another underground command post.

However, the next moment, the sky suddenly brightened, this time is no longer multi-colored, but four golden suns slowly rising from below the plane.

The radiation value instantly soared to 680,000.

Radiation Ecologyβ€”β€”Golden Big Sun

The driver’s eyes exploded, foaming at the mouth, trembling all over, and dry and cracked skin.

The Magic Mountain Tiger-shaped helmet clasped its head violently, and the armor of the powerful beast burst out. Nearly fifty high-temperature vents suddenly opened, spewing out ionic airflow, and the speed broke through a sonic boom, reaching an astonishing Mach 3.

Next moment, the stealth plane explodes into a huge fireball in mid-air.


The news of the battlefield commander’s injury will not spread, but the award ceremony was held smoothly.

During the war, it was natural not to make a big deal, not even a crowd of onlookers, just in a small room in the garage.

But Zhao Machinery is still very excited. The ‘Level 2 Legion Medal’ is not only useful in security Legions, it is a symbol of status among all mechanical Legions, and it is also the first standard for promotion .

“General Magic Mountain is very satisfied with your work. I hope you will continue to perform well in the beast tide.”

The colonel in charge of awarding said with a slight smile.

“Yes, I will expand the production capacity as soon as possible to realize ten biosynthesis camps!”

Zhao Ji was fond of checking the mechanical medal. It is a huge architectural shadow, which seems to symbolize that the mechanical Legion will always be the sword of the three mother cities.

However, when Zhao Ji glanced at a person, most of the enthusiasm in his heart immediately dissipated, and it was replaced by a nameless anger.

I was awarded the medal for my 24-hour busy work without sleep, and made great contributions to the front line.

And the person in front of him, eating and drinking, even got a Level 2 medal.

Well, although these technical materials are nominally owned by the other party, and Impossible really abandoned the other party to award the prize, but Zhao She felt as if he was doing white labor for others.

Gao Gong noticed the other’s gaze and clapped with a smile.

“You’re doing a good job, kid.”

[You turn on the faction prestige mode, friends (+300) [Mechanical Legion]]

In the official faction , the prestige of the mechanical Legion is relatively difficult to brush, it is not calculated by how many enemies you kill, after all, no matter how greedy you are, the efficiency is not comparable to the battle robot with the limit of charging Supreme.

It counts your contribution to a campaign.

The reputation of [Mechanical Legion] is also very useful. The most direct one, if Gao Gong wants to buy a titanium alloy inner skeleton, he doesn’t need to hug the thigh of a rich woman in a factory.

Young man, work hard, if you work hard for a while, you will be able to buy a BMW.

Looking like he could see what the other party was thinking, Zhao Xie’s face darkened. Just as he was about to say a few words to the other party, he was pulled by the colonel and whispered:

“Oasis Chief of Staff. Dong Li.”

At this moment, in front of Gao Gong, stood a middle age person with a pot belly, chatting and laughing with him.

He is Dong Li.

Zhao He was stunned for a moment. The chief of staff of the Oasis is the chief executive of the second only brigadier general, and each is responsible for the operation of an Oasis.

It’s just that the Legion of Security has no ‘administrative unit’, so it can only hang up the rank of ‘Chief of Staff’.

This is definitely a big guy.

“Why is he here?”

“It seems to be here to buy equipment.”

“Buy equipment?”

Zhao He seems to be listening to a cold joke. The Chief of Staff of the Oasis can directly call the supplies of the logistics department. Will he buy a local turtle’s weapon?

“You haven’t read the battle report in the past few days?”

The colonel gave him a strange look.

Zhao He shook his head, he was so busy in the past few days that he had no time to gossip.

“Let’s take a look.”

Zhao He turned on the military recorder, his eyes were darkened, and he saw that it was the ‘New Cable Tribe’ who was hunting Ranked First on the Ranking List.

Up to 10 million points.

“Zone 56 played so well, all the War Zones, only they are still green, and they didn’t hide their secrets. They shared with all War Zones their way of fighting the beast tide. If you want to To copy their style of play, those special equipment is essential.”

“How much?”

“One million mechanical coins,” Colonel paused: “The first batch of equipment Value.”

“If the effect is good, there will definitely be a second and third batch of transactions.”

Zhao Machinery’s eyes were darkened.

After a long while, he gnashing one’s teeth said: “Where does he get the production capacity.”

As soon as the words came out, Zhao Machinery was stunned.

He secretly sabotaged the opponent’s underground factory and made it impossible to carry out biological transformation, so the opponent could only produce equipment.

So, the source is actually yourself? !

Chief of Staff Dong is very enthusiastic about Gao Gong. No matter how powerful the biological modification warrior is, it can only be supplied to the front line.

‘Divine Item’ + ‘Special Effect Machine’ is the eternal god!

After Chief of Staff Dong left, Gao Gong happily walked up to Zhao Xi and patted his shoulder admiringly.

“You work hard, I make good money, and we all have a bright future.”

(End of this chapter)

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