Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 81


Chapter 81 The Descendants of Gods

Incarnate as a Leziren, after teasing Zhao Ji, Gao Gong returned slowly own basement office.

Soon, Professor Han brought good news.

That is the final debugging of the ‘spider module’ is completed.

Gao Gong was refreshed and looked at the finished product. In general, it looked like a large spider outer skeleton. The six huge metal limbs were made of super alloy, which could be folded twice. For the first time Folded is the foot katana, the second fold is the arm module, and fully unfolded, it is the modified ‘Magnetic Storm Shock Gun’.

Some of the ‘electronic spider eyes’ of the spider’s shell have been removed and replaced with concealed monomolecular hooks and firearms – these can be used twice, three times, or even more according to the user’s habit. n transformations.

Inside the ‘Spider Module’, there are strings of ‘Poison Sacs’ and ‘Spider Sacs’. When you transform in the Second Rank segment, these ‘biological sacs’ will quickly expand and hold up. body type.

After undergoing ‘tooth modification’, ‘arthropod modification’, and ‘palm modification’, the spit silk will make you can’t guard against it.

And the source of these ‘toxic substances’ is the ‘armored buttocks’ of the ‘spider module’.

In addition to being a digestive processor, this ‘big ass’ is also a ‘radiant energy storage’. When it transforms in the third stage, it will allow the ‘bio-radiant energy’ to spread throughout the body to achieve a temporary explosion .

Of course, considering that the first form is ‘humanoid’, the ‘spider processor’ is detachable, and the connection port is on the caudal vertebrae.

Simply put, this ‘Spider Hunter Module’ retains the ‘biological engine’ of the turbo spider, the ‘EMP’ of the electronic node spider, and the ‘radiant organ’ of the skinned spider.

The three abilities maintain a balance, use the ‘bio-energy engine’ to control the ‘mutation radiation’, so that the mutated power will not explode, turn Daisyla into a skin monster, and use the ‘EMP’ limit’ The biological engine’, which can shut down all spider organs at any time, this restriction is to avoid ‘phantom limbs’.

Because after the transformation, Daisyla is not just a ‘three-handed’, but an ‘eight-handed’, which is not a tentacle that can be temporarily added or removed.

There are also some personalized ‘mechanical hunting modifications’, which Gao Gong plans to leave to Daisyela to choose.

For example, replace the large biological armor to install a ‘turbo fan’ to achieve short-distance ‘flying hunting’; or, install other high-level computing chips, add a hacker module, and incarnate’ Electronic Invasion Spider’.

These form modifications that match your style of play are the most powerful places for mechanical hunters.

“High-quality bionic masterpiece!”

Even as calm as Professor Han, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“What a beautiful armor!”

The little woman who came here rarely has stars in her eyes. This dark golden creature armor of about two meters is very coquettish, with all kinds of strange patterns on it. , and the ‘battle clothes’ that combines three spider modules has a unique ‘mother-eater aura’, which is very shocking to others.

“Give me one too!” The little woman tugged at the corner of Gao Gong’s clothes and acted coquettishly.

β€œYou are too short to have a loli-sized mechanical beast,” Gao Gong indifferently refused.

“Does it have any side effects?” Aunt Xiang couldn’t help asking.

“Well, it’s hard to say, although I have adjusted it as much as possible, the interference of spider habits on the nervous system is inevitable.”

“For example, using spiders Binding small prey with silk to satisfy a special hobby, nothing to eat with a partner or something.”

Gao Gong looked calm, “But that’s just a trivial matter, doesn’t Cao want to kill people in his dreams? It’s all personal interests, you have to respect other people’s hobby.”

The little woman’s face gradually changed from liking to horror, she seemed to imagine that her petite body was tied into eighteen patterns by spider silk, Subconsciously swallowed.

As the so-called Lolita Fear Rumor Day, when Sister Yu was humble, she was more afraid of this.

“Well, I’m back on the battlefield, I’m going to defend the tribe, I’m very brave!”

“It won’t be so exaggerated,” Aunt Xiang said with a strange expression.

“Who knows, no one has ever done this before,” Gao Gong shrugged, with a look of irresponsibility.

“I think it’s ok, the ‘Spider Hunter Module’ has three forms, the first form of human spider, the second form of mad spider, and the third form of radiant spider; as long as you spend most of the time Keeping the first form, human physiological habits will suppress spider habits, which has been proved by experiments.”

Professor Han thought for a while, and then made an image metaphor.

β€œIt’s like quitting smoking, just get past the first few times.”

β€œI never smoke,” Daisyela said confidently, β€œCome on, I’m both Can’t wait!”

Gao Gong and Professor Han exchanged glances.

“Then let the irrelevant personnel withdraw first, and we are going to start working.”

“Don’t worry, I am a senior doctor now, and my surgical skills are much better than that of Littlefinger. I’m done.”

Gao Gong is not lying, since he changed his job as a ‘Senior Prosthetic Doctor’, his ‘Human Body Modification Surgery’ has also been upgraded to a ‘Level 2 Body Modification Surgery’.

Level 2 Human Body Reconstruction Surgery (Occupation): Use professional equipment and professional knowledge to achieve deep transformation of the human body

In Level 1 surgery, he can only change a prosthesis, an organ, etc. , the transformation of the personal system will be scared witless.

Level 2 is different. What is a deep transformation? Simply put, it is a metamorphosis, oh no, it is a transformation-level transformation.

The perversion-level surgery has to wait until the next job change, and Gao Gong is ready to keep the first perversion for himself.

The operation was very intensive and lasted for a full twenty-four hours.

This is also thanks to the beast tide. If nothing else, the three mutant spiders are all hunter-type C+-level wild beasts, and even if Gao Gong personally shot them, they may not be able to catch them.

Not to mention, there are so many high-quality mechanical biological parts.

In this way, could it be said that Zhao He is not actually a dog licker, but a warm man?

The biggest difference between licking a dog and a warm man is that a dog licks only one, while a warm man does not distinguish between men and women.

The people who do it are quite excited.


24 hours without rest, high-intensity work, even Gao Gong, a ‘psychopath’, can’t help but feel a little bit after finishing the final transformation dizzy and blurred eyes.

In the sterile room, there is an exciting bloody smell. There is an exciting factor in the spider’s blood, which is why it has nothing to eat husband.

Gao Gong exhaled, and countless bloodshots were withdrawn from his arms.

The ‘nerve bundle’ is used to confirm whether the other’s neural system is functioning properly.

So far, it’s working fine.

But if you want to really wake up, you have to wait twelve hours.

Gao Gong returned to his office with dizzy and blurred eyes. Just as he was about to take a nap, a big orange made a pitiful ‘meow’ on the desk.

“Hey, why are you?” Gao Gong was stunned for a moment, then said.

It’s not that he forgot about the sales employee who turned into a cat, but, how did this guy get so fat?

If the previous big orange still maintains the slender and elegant ‘cat beauty’, the kind that can grab her husband with a stinky woman, it is now a ‘Chinchilla’ who is twice as fat.


The big orange pig made a rapid advance and slammed into Gao Gong’s arms.

Gao Gong felt a tightness in his chest, and quickly activated his brain flower’s ‘information transmission’, turning cat language into human language.

“Boss, help!!!”

“What’s the matter with you, the kpi has not been completed?”

Daju’s pitiful nodded, Because she didn’t meet the standard, she was punitively injected with fat additives, and because she didn’t meet the standard, her language converter was also removed.

Simply put, let her fend for itself.

“Then how did you find this place, oh, you found a little woman.”

Gao Gong knows, in the Motor City, only little women can understand’ Cat language’, understand ‘cat film’.

And then it was logical to send her over.

Gao Gong touched the chin and stared at her, suddenly laughed: “There are too many faults with the weapons, they must have been discovered.”

Da Tachibana’s pitiful nodded, according to her It is said that the KPI of this quarter can actually fool the past, after all, ‘Mas Edge’ is also a well-known brand in the desert.

However, didn’t expect the beast tide broke out suddenly, and a large number of weapons have been tested in actual combat. After this test, everyone found that behind this beautiful performance parameter, there are a bunch of strange problems.

The return rate is infinitely close to 100%.

Then it was taken down.

Gao Gong stroked the other’s cat’s back, and I have to say that although he’s fat, he feels better in his hand.

“By the way, did the biometric data I sent you last time pass the inspection?”

“Meow~ It looks like it’s cleared, meow.”

“This can pass the test,” Gao Gong smacked his tongue, this is really far from the big spectrum, the biological data provided by the dog actually passed the test.

‘Mas Edge’ has started to be a man at this time.

“Boss, give me an order, Boss~” Daju clasped his fat claws tightly and stared at him with wide eyes.

She didn’t believe in this turtle before, but now she has nowhere to go, giving medicine to a dead horse.

Gao Gong rubbed the other’s fat face, thought for a while, and said, “Is there a list of weapons?”


Daju jumped down quickly, and held a dirty leather bag in his mouth. This designer bag was now her only possession.

It took the fat cat a long time to open the wallet and pull out the list of weapons.

He was holding a pen in his mouth.

Gao Gong took the pen and nodded as he ticked off on the list.

“Don’t need this.”

“Don’t need this.”

“Don’t need this either.”

Da Tachibana became more and more desperate.

“Apart from these three, give me a thousand pieces of the rest.”

Big Orange’s eyes lit up, staring at Gao Gong incredulously.

In her eyes, Gao Gong exudes golden light all over her body, which is the favorite local tyrant style of her sales staff.

“Why, you think I can’t afford it?” Gao Gong’s face sank.

“No no no,” Daju shuddered and said hesitantly, “Boss, I can give you a discount.”

Gao Gong stood up slowly , looked at each other seriously.

“Discount? What a joke! I never buy discounted goods!”

Against the background of the bombardment above, the silhouette of Gao Gong became more and more stalwart, as if ‘taken advantage’ God’ came to earth.

Da Orange was trembling all over, with a pious face, prostrate oneself in admiration.

(End of this chapter)

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