Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Fighting at an altitude of 5,000 meters (on)


With the sky There was a thunderstorm, and a torrential rain poured down.

Rainwater absorbs radioactive elements in the atmosphere to form a new type of neutron acid rain, also known as nucleic acid rain.

Bean-sized raindrops fell on various buildings, forming a thick rain curtain, and there were occasional explosions. It was the mechanical thunderbird in the sky that was driving the weather weapon.

Miyamoto Sanzang stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, watching this scene silently.

Today’s Motor City has become a military no-fly zone.

No matter what type of aircraft, whether it is stealth or enhanced defense, as long as they dare to go to the sky, they will be greeted by the thunder storm that hides the sky and covers the earth.

The first part of the ‘Broken Arm Project’ was successful, or rather, too successful.

Now it will be time to see if the second part of the plan can be successfully implemented.

The door opened, and a licker appeared at the door. It had sturdy limbs, five rows of teeth, no eyes, ears, nose, and a mouth under the head. Salivation flowed between the teeth, on the shoulders and thighs. Between the thick muscle fibers, one after another’s fist-sized eyes rolled around, and finally they all focused on Miyamoto Sanzo.

This shriveled, upright old man stood in front of the rainstorm, his large old-fashioned sackcloth robes rattled in the wind, further accentuating the other’s scrawny.

He’s more of an old swordsman than an old assassin.

Miyamoto Sanzo seemed to know nothing about the arrival of the licker, and still turned his back to it, the strong wind and rain seemed to cut off his sensitive perception.

The licker looked at each other quietly for three seconds, the bright red muscles suddenly began to contract, the skull became smaller, the facial features were squeezed out of the face, and finally turned into a man of the same age as Miyamoto Sanzang. The old man, copying his hands, walked to his side.

“You’re here,” Miyamoto Sanzo’s hoarse voice sounded.

“Come on, this ghost weather, I don’t know how many people will be able to arrive on time besides us, maybe they will all die on the road.”

Creeping The speaker said in a mean tone.

Miyamoto Sanzang was silent.

“I heard that this time, the secret troops under General Moshan will also be dispatched?”

“Just two old men can’t deal with five B-Rank Radiant Beasts. “

The wriggling twisted his neck and said disdainfully, “If that’s the case, why do we need to come here?”

Miyamoto Sanzang calmly looked at the man who fell on the window. rainwater.

Soon, the third person arrived, and there were dense footsteps in the corridor at the same time.

The doctor’s anxious voice sounded faintly.

“Mr. Hei, your metal press preparation hasn’t been injected yet.”

“I’m not sick, I’m doing well!”

The door is directly It was crushed by the hammer, and among the scattered sawdust, a mechanical palm the size of a dustpan grabbed the threshold, and the Black God lowered his head and drilled in.

Seeing the two of them, the Black God grinned: “It turned out to be the two of you old fogeys. Why, are the young mechanical hunters in the Motor City all dead? Need to let the Old Guys go up?”

The two ignored him, a dying man, there was no need to ignore him.

“Hey, old fogey, do you think I’m the strongest among the younger generation of mechanical hunters?”

The wriggler glanced at each other, the corner of his mouth He turned up, revealing a hideous smile: “Wait until you kill that lone wolf.”

“I will definitely kill him,” Hei Shen sat on the ground with his buttocks, and the whole floor slammed violently. With a shock, he took out a bottle of alcohol-smelling gasoline and poured it down.

The wriggler glanced at each other’s neck, densely packed full of pinholes, exuding an unpleasant smell of potion.

Some medicines don’t even taste like ‘suppressants’ but ‘stimulants’.

Someone wants to let this idiot die on the battlefield.

“Is it just the few of us that are impossible?”

Black God has a temperament that can’t stand loneliness, but after a while, he started talking again.

“Everyone, I’m Colonel Cap of the Special Forces, in charge of the special military operations at this time.”

A short stature man in uniform suddenly appeared at the door, walking across Paused when passing the door, and then stepped in with military boots.

With him, there are a full twenty soldiers, there is no sound between these people’s actions, and their lowest rank is also a major.

These people were men and women, old and young. When they appeared, the gravity in the air seemed to increase tenfold. Three centimeters of sharp claws popped out of the wriggler’s pocket.

Only the Black God didn’t notice it, and was still frantically filling with gasoline.

‘It’s all expert! ‘

‘An imposing manner that is stronger than that of a first-line mechanical hunter. ‘

The Creeper and Miyamoto Sanzo looked at each other, and a lot of things flashed in their eyes.

As hunters on the front line, they are very sensitive to such mysterious and mysterious things as imposing manner, Qi, murderous intention.

Anyone here, placed in the previous oasis, will be an undisputed battle strength Number One Person.

And now, there are actually 20 monsters who have reached the upper limit of desert battle strength!

“Yo, they’re all here.”

A lazily voice sounded.

Gao Gong walked in lazily with a ‘scabbard’ in his left hand, followed by two men in military uniforms behind him.

The two entered the door without saying a word and automatically returned to the team.

Gao Gong glanced behind the broken gate, and suddenly said with a smile: “Miyamoto old man, why are you hiding your AIdisciple, are you going to assassinate us?”

The wriggler was stunned for a moment, and the Black God was even more stunned.

Behind the door, a vague silhouette slowly walked out, and when he walked behind Miyamoto, he had turned into an ordinary youngster.

This is a higher level concealment method than the ‘special effect machine’.

β€œNano Invisibility Cloak, or Light Refraction Technology?” Gao Gong asked with great interest.

“Qi-mechanical induction, or high-level detection equipment?” Miyamoto Sanzo asked calmly.

The two looked at each other and closed their mouths.

The Creeper’s expression was very ugly. He saw everyone’s expressions just now. Except for him, only the Black God expressed surprise.

Everyone felt it, except for him and the Black God.

Isn’t that the same level as that stupid big fellow? !

This is a silent insult to the creep who has always looked down on others.

And they all came to the gathering place at the risk of being bombed. Only Gao Gong was taken over.

Does this mean that the other party is far more important than oneself.

Silent insult*2

“Looks like there’s one more to go,” Gao Gong looked towards Special Colonel Cap, who knew more than anyone else.

For example, there are five stages in the second part of the ‘Broken Arm Project’. Other hunters can only participate in the third stage, and he is about to shoot in the second stage, which can even be said to be the second stage. Core.

Cape held down the tactical headset, and his expression soon turned ugly.

He didn’t explain and said directly: “Let’s go!”

“Lone wolf, prosperity and decline never last, when you refused to be Lao Tzu’s teammate, what happened now? Not obediently assisting Lao Tzu!”

“Yes, yes, you are the best.”

Miyamoto Sanzang came to the end, behind him, the other two disciplines also came from the corner Going out, the figure changes from the invisible to the tangible in the process of action.

The corner of his mouth twitched upwards slightly, and his eyes fell on the back of Gao Gong’s head.

Unexpectedly, Gao Gong didn’t turn his head back, his arms were up, and three fingers were directly stretched out.

Miyamoto Sanzang’s face turned black.

The sky is overcast terrifying, with little light except the occasional thunder that illuminates Heaven and Earth.

Gao Gong put on the high-tech pure white raincoat presented by Legion. The effect of this raincoat is similar to ‘desert skin’, as long as it is put on, the body’s thermal energy, electronic signals, and biological signals will be blocked.

The rain hit the hat of the raincoat, making a ‘pat-ta’, ‘pat-ta’ sound, Gao Gong switched his vision at night, and he could immediately see the white shadow of the military aircraft in the dark clouds and lightning. ‘In a flash.

Everyone is an expert, even a ‘corporate loan-type expert’ like the Black God will not let the dark environment become an obstacle for him.

The wriggler extends the hand to catch the falling rain. From the wrist, his skin gradually turns purple from an angle that is invisible to outsiders.

purple is the color of the aura of C-Rank Radiant Beast in No Man’s Land.

This means that the energy level of the beast tide has reached C-Rank, and any soldiers who cannot fight under the oppression of C-rank radiation beasts will be forced to withdraw from the battlefield.

This kind of high-level creature’s perception is its own unique and unmatched ability!

The wriggler retracted his palm and pretended that nothing happened.

Behind the scenes, Gao Gong’s voice rang out.

“The beast tide reached C-Rank tonight, this is not a good sign, will the action plan be affected?” There is the above arrangement.”

“Is this special military operation covered up with a sudden increase in the energy field; or, in this sudden increase in the radiation field, the B-Rank Radiant Beast will also Mental retardation, paralysis and carelessness?”

Cape glanced at Gao Gong in surprise, and he couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

“Good vision, worthy of being a talent that the general pays special attention to.”

Gao Gong shrugged, suddenly noticed that the old man who was a wriggling not far away was showing a sad and angry look look at him.

Wordless insult*3

He said in surprise: “Why, No way, you don’t know yet? It’s easy to see.”

For some reason, Miyamoto Sanzo’s mood suddenly improved a lot.

Explosions sounded one after another in the darkness, and occasionally a huge Fireball exploded in the dark clouds.

No one can really see the full picture of the battle except the campaign commanders at the headquarters.

The rain ‘crash-bang’ fell, and after waiting for ten minutes, a nuclear-powered helicopter fell from the sky.

Gao Gong and other members of the special forces were on board.

“Hey, why can he leave first!” Black God said dissatisfiedly: “I want to take a plane too!”

“Because he wants to participate in this first stage of military operations, “Kepe glanced at him calmly and said.

“I’m not convinced, why is he the only one who can participate? I’ll also participate!”

“Unless you can fly, then get out of my way!” The helicopter pilot was impatient the way.

Gao Gong happily stuck his head out of the cabin and added:

“If you have the ability to shoot down the plane, you can participate, I believe you can. ”

The hatch closed and the nuclear powered aircraft took off in the rainy night without a sound.

Sitting on the chair, Gao Gong’s expression gradually became serious.

Among all the mechanical hunters, he was the only one who knew everything about the operation.

In the first stage, the B-Rank Radiant Beasts are raided by three aircraft formations, entangling them over the Motor City.

In the second stage, ‘Tiger Hunter platoon’ cooperates with Gao Gong’s radiation field to ensure that these five B-Rank radiation beasts are shot down. The lowest action target is to limit them to a low altitude below 1500 meters. .

In the third stage, the ‘Beast Hunting Troop’ and ‘Mechanical Hunter Elite’ take action, guaranteeing to trap them temporarily.

In the fourth stage, fifty large combat robots were transferred from the front line to carry out the interception mission.

Fifth Rank segment, 96 War Zones, each War Zone will dispatch an elite squad, half of which is used to block the beast tide reinforcements, and half to help the robot Legion besieged.

The overall goal is to kill these five B-Rank Radiant Beasts, and all the flying species under their command, to regain air supremacy in this battle.

It can be said that Gao Gong’s ‘ultimate weapon’ has been hidden for so long, just for this battle.

(End of this chapter)

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