Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Fighting at an altitude of 5,000 meters (middle)

Thunder and thunder in the sky, heavy rain, nuclear power Inside the aircraft, it was so quiet that even the sound of needles falling could be heard clearly.

Gao Gong closed his eyes, his surface was calm, but his perception was maximized.

The world in front of me seems to have changed, the seats are disappeared, the aircraft is disappeared, and only the rich black tide is left, one wave after another.

This time’s special action, Gao Gong’s pressure is the greatest, because he has to cut off the radiation field of five B-Rank mechanical beasts by the strength of oneself.

That’s the price of ascending to the skies with a single leap.

The prompt for the system task also sounds at this time.

[Mission: Beast Tide Ground Zero]

Difficulty: Difficult

Mission Briefing: The terrifying mechanical wings cover the sky of the battlefield and tear the iron curtain apart , maybe this will be the turning point of this beast tide

Quest goal: Defeat B-Rank Radiant Bird*5

Quest Reward: EXP+15000, Mechanical Legion Favor+1000, Colonel Kaipu’s favor +400, Xiao Huang’s favor +300, incomplete mechanical puzzle*1, biological weapon blueprint *1

The black tide begins to thicken, like a flowing black liquid, the liquid is ignited, and the black flame covers the world .

Amid the blazing flames, a huge black creature appeared in Gao Gong’s ‘vision’.

It’s breathing is a turbulent stream of radiation particles, its wings are flapping, and the huge positive and negative charges begin to aggregate and decompose.

This is the origin of dark clouds and heavy rain.

Meteorological weapons, that is, man-made earthquakes, tsunamis, rainstorms, flash floods, and thunder, are strategic weapons mastered by Level 2 civilization, and their danger is no less than that of nuclear bombs.

And the B-Rank mechanical beast, according to the level, is a 40-level boss template, which itself is equivalent to a small weather weapon of a country, although it does not say that it can destroy the continent frame, but in the beast tide With the blessing of , destroying a small city is not a problem.

What Gao Gong did was temporarily cut off their ‘power’ and put them in a short circuit.

The Special Colonel looked at Gao Gong, a strong sense of danger gradually seeping out from this man.

Starting from its fingers, the rich scarlet goes all the way up and spreads all the way to the shoulders, on the shoulder blades, and the red coat like Queen Reaper gradually takes shape.

Many colonists turned their heads and looked towards him. They were advanced warriors of Legion, the colony of the mother city. They were only transferred to this country place because of their former boss, Moshan. Hunter, although he didn’t say it, he looked down on it in his heart.

However, the biological aura emanating from the opponent’s body caused the strong breeding armor in their body to automatically react, and the black muscles bulged.

Force Armor is other high-level biological armor with biological warning function. According to the equipment level, it belongs to the first grade of Level 1 civilization black technology.


A short-haired woman with a scar on her face stood up, but within three seconds, she transformed into a two-meter-high powerhouse By.

The muscles in the legs slowly tear open, revealing two energy vents.

In addition to her, all four of her teammates are like this.

The colonizer is a rank 3 occupation, plus these home city warriors are all elite templates, five level 30 elites, with the black technology level colonizer armor, in theory, suppressing one B-Rank wild beast is no problem.

Unless this wild beast can fly, has mechanical armor, and is blessed by beast tides.

Cap stared at Gao Gong, and the scarlet on Gao Gong’s arm began to appear on his thigh.

Naked eye visible radiation rays of light are beginning to appear in nuclear powered aircraft.

And not far from the naked eye, a ‘giant bomber’ was engaged in air combat with a dozen fighter jets of the vigilante regiment.

Although it was one to ten, what was suppressed below was the fighter formation of the security regiment.

But a moment later, three more fighter jets were caught by the ‘giant bomber’ at close range.

Gao Gong’s ‘vision’ gradually became clearer, he could already see the true face of the ‘bomber’, it was a ‘giant bomber bird’, he had seen it once in the metropolitan area, but that one was C+ rank, and this one is the leader of B-Rank.

The ‘Giant Bomber Bird’ is twice the size of an ordinary bomber, with a length of 100 meters and a wingspan of nearly 120 meters. In addition to the mechanical bird wings that can be folded twice, there is also a huge bird that looks like a searchlight. Its belly is also twice as round as that of a bomber, and I don’t know how many ‘energy bombs’ are produced in it.

It doesn’t have a missile system and a machine gun system, instead it has steel claws and a formation of ‘drones’, which are its cubs, and are flying gun beasts, carrying machine gun, sheltering its sides.

And when these ‘drones’ gradually grow up, their ‘weapon system’ will be gradually abandoned, and replaced by the breeding of ‘energy warehouse’.

The ‘Giant Bomber Bird’ climbed and descended deftly, and once again caught a fighter, a trace of disdain flashed in the bird’s eyes.

However, next moment, an inexplicable sense of danger appeared in its heart.

In the black tide of the radiation site, a huge monster with a height of hundreds of meters slowly walked out. The back grows and merges.

[The Predator Domain Expands]

[Food Chain Linking]

[Food Chain Marking Failed]

Almost an instant, ‘Giant Thick flames erupted from the mechanical wings of the bomber bird, like some sort of booster, and the 100-meter-long monster slammed towards the ‘giant Reaper’.

However, the ‘Giant Reaper’ took the lead, and the six knives turned into a series of knife chains, slashing through the darkness.

The silhouette of the ‘giant bomber bird’ shook violently, and in the two pairs of giant bird eyes, the rays of light ‘zi zi’ made a sound, and instantly dimmed.

Next moment, five colonizers appeared in mid-air, the energy vents on the colonizer armor opened, and at the same time grabbed the claws, back and other parts of this giant bird.

The black muscles on the armor swelled wildly, and the arms and thighs instantly rose to the thickness of the water tank.

The maximum strength of a colony armor is three tons. Five colonizers will make full shots, and the power of 15 tons will instantly control the ‘giant bomber’. Among howling wind and torrential rain, this A huge mechanical bird fell from the sky.

“Done!” the driver exclaimed in surprise.

[B-Rank Radiant Bird*1]

“Are you alright?” Colonel Cape asked worriedly, looking at Gao Gong, whose eyes, ears, mouth and nose were bleeding.

Gao Gong waved his hand and used his radiation field to collide with the B-Rank radiation field. Backlash is inevitable. If anyone can touch Gao Gong’s skin, they will find that his body is hot at the moment. ‘s hot.

“How about, pack a small one first?”

“No, pick a big one first!”

Gao Gong’s idea is correct, The larger the mechanical biochemical beast, the greater the influence of the radiation field and the greater the power consumption. As long as it is cut in time, the success rate of the other party’s ‘downtime’ will be higher.

Drawing a scoop according to the bottle gourd, soon, two other giant cyborg flying species of the same size were knocked down.

Gao Gong’s eyes have turned bright red, a sign of the boiling of Reaper cells.

Without these three B-Rank Radiant Beasts, the radiation intensity in the sky began to decrease significantly, and even the darkness began to decrease.

A thunder suddenly cut through the darkness and slammed into the nuclear-powered aircraft.


Although the pilot has undergone neuro-enhancing transformation, he has no response. Fortunately, the nuclear-powered aircraft does not have a propeller, and the surface anti-energy coating blocks it again. Most lightning damage.

There was an electric spark in the cockpit, although various indicators on the instrument panel rose for a while, but finally stopped.

In the dark clouds, the dazzling white light formed a piece, and the pilot turned the joystick violently, next moment, one after another lightning turned into one after another Thunderclap Spear, chasing after the aircraft and slicing fall.

Cape’s face sank sharply, his armor was deformed, and the black eyes on the armor covered most of his face, passing through the radiation layer, the ionosphere, and reaching the atmosphere, only to see a huge bird-shaped The energy body is frantically stirring the atmosphere and creating dark clouds.

B-Rank Radiant Life – Ionizing Radiation Bird!

“We block it, you finish the cut as soon as possible!”

Next moment, the remaining seven colonists deformed at the same time and burst out of the cabin.

Compared with the high level mecha, the firepower, endurance and control system of the colony armor are far less than the former. Other mechas at the high level can even directly connect to satellites for orbital bombing.

But the colony armor also has its advantages, melee burst, biological adjustment, energy defense, all above the same level mecha.

The seven 30-level home city elites instantly suppressed the ionizing radiation bird, at least extending the time it could use weather weapons.

The pilot was relaxed, just after he said something, the cabin shook violently, next moment, a hatch was torn open.

The violent storm immediately asserts the senses.

“Lying, lying, who is it!? The electronic induction, thermal radiation induction, and high level detectors don’t respond at all.”

Gao Gong squinted and looked In the violent wind and waves, the ‘prosthetic eye’ can’t see it, but in the radiation field, there is a bird-shaped radiation lifeform. The strength of this lifeform is definitely more than 100,000, and it is a B-Rank life.

‘So, is the last B-Rank an invisible bird? No wonder there is no type of it in the data. ‘

The ‘Invisible Bird’ made a big circle, and seemed to be planning to continue the sneak attack from the other direction.

“Xiao Huang, ask yourself for more happiness, remember to bring a parachute.”

“Parachute, what do you mean, hello, how do you know my name is Xiao Huang?”


Before the pilot Xiao Huang finished speaking, the other side of the cockpit was violently grabbed open. At the same time, the two ‘scabbard’ from Gao Gong’s waist burst out, with a sound similar to a ‘rocket launcher’. After the explosion, Gao Gong’s silhouette disappeared.

Why do you want to strengthen the ‘Single Molecule Claw’?

In fact, the enhanced ‘three-dimensional mobile device’ was prepared for hunting large radiation beasts.

(End of this chapter)

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