Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 84


Chapter 84 Fighting at an altitude of five thousand meters (below)

In the darkness, an invisible B -Rank The mechanical bird is flying fast.

Name: Seven-tailed Pterosaur

Radiation Level: B

HP: 56440/56440

Stamina: 2131/2121

Mechanical energy: 11253

Biological attribute: Strength 84 Agility 54 Stamina 61 Intelligence 34 Perception 43

Skills: lv5 tearing steel claw (elite), mechanical gun mouth lv4 (elite) , Wing Feather lv8 (Elite), Energy Conversion lv4 (Expert), Seven-tailed Energy Cannon lv5 (Expert), ? ? ,? ?

Boss template: Archaeopteryx, half-energy life

Archaetron (mechanical module):

Effect 1: Bloodline from ancient pterosaurs It has absolute suppression of all low-level flying species

Effect 2: The wing membrane structure enables it to glide silently

Half-energy life (energy module):

Effect 1: Half-energy life transformation

Effect 2: High level radiation field

Although this seven-tailed pterosaur is not as large as the ‘giant bomber bird’, its size is only half of the latter, But its pair of mechanical flying wings spread out, but it has a wingspan no less than that of the other.

And this seven-tailed pterosaur has both the elegance of ancient bird species mysterious and semi-energy creatures. The surface of the body is full of mysterious energy lines. Whenever its wings flap, the energy lines begin to light up. Since then, its seven ‘peacock-shaped’ tails also resonate in turn.

The seven tails have seven stealth abilities, ‘magnetic stealth’, ‘heat shield’, ‘light refraction’, ‘energy absorption’, ‘invisible radiation field’, ‘signal stealth’, ‘ Biomimicry’.

Whenever the detection equipment of the aircraft is running, the seven giant ‘mechanical peacock tails’ will respond accordingly, making it always invisible.

But this time, it’s slightly miscalculated.

On its claws, a steel claw just caught the gap between the mechanical armor, and with the ‘huge cannon’ of the three-dimensional mobile device, Gao Gong rushed in like a cannonball with its huge wings. opponent’s back.

Howling wind and torrential rain, Gao Gong’s murderous intention was revealed on his face, his palms and soles turned into bloodthirsty catching feet at the same time, and at the same time, the ‘super alloy blade’ in his palm began to turn frantically, just gently Grab it and press it into the inside of the fluid armor.

For better stealth, the seven-tailed pterosaur abandoned the heavy outer armor and replaced it with a streamlined soft armor.

The energy shielding, light material storage, and mechanical structure of the new material outer armor have reached a perfect balance. The only problem is that its defense is not high.

Gao Gong’s shot was like twenty steel needles, fiercely inserted into the skin, and 20 ‘blood lines’ were drawn.

[You deal 65 damage to Pterosaur]

[You deal 73 damage to Pterosaur]

[You deal 73 damage to Pterosaur 122 points of damage, resulting in the effect of cutting off the energy pipeline]

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy, stacking 5% attack power (one layer)]

[You apply bleeding to the enemy Effect, stacking 10% attack power (second layer)]

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy, stacking 10% attack power (three layers)]



It’s just the First Stage attack, and the ‘Blood Drink’ will be fully stacked and take away 1400 HP from the opponent.

Each bloodthirsty catch foot is equivalent to a bloody dagger, so every attack is equivalent to 20 combos.

The seven-tailed pterosaur let out a shrill scream, and the huge silhouette began to be faintly discernible, while its body high-speed rotation.

On Gao Gong’s fingers and toes, a large number of barbs were born, hooking into the opponent’s muscles, the whole figure was like a huge gecko, lying on the opponent’s body, while the handheld was torn. The mode is turned on, but within three seconds, the small half of the arm has been submerged in the opponent’s body.

Blood water sputters from its skin, like a tiny electric drill digging into a person’s skin.

The seven-tailed pterosaur screamed again, the energy pipeline on the surface of the body, high temperature, and even its fleshy body began to rapidly increase the temperature.

As a mechanical biochemical beast, it is not only a rare flying species, but also a flying energy species among the flying species.

In other words, it is a half-mechanical half-energy life.

The violent energy pulses covered the whole body, and the violent energy pulses swept through one after another. Each energy pulse could take away more than 200 HP. An energy pulse can easily take him away.

However, with continuous upgrades and transformations, Gao Gong’s HP is now as high as 792 points, which is almost the same as some C-Rank Radiant Beasts with weak HP.

And on the ten ‘Bloodthirsty Catching Feet’, countless needle-sized creature suction holes opened, sucking blood frantically.

Each Bloodthirsty Capture Foot is 5 HP/sec, and 20 is 100 HP/sec.

In other words, in just two seconds, Gao Gong’s previous injury will be fully recovered.

This is the perversion of biomodification, especially high-quality biomodification.

‘Doll war beast’ is not just nothing serious.

The energy wave swept across, and Gao Gong’s skin turned into charcoal. In just two seconds, the new skin replaced the old one, and the charcoal was removed.

In just over ten seconds, Gao Gong lost his fourth layer of skin, and the newly grown skin was smoking because of the high temperature, and the strange blood-colored lines had already spread all over his body.

Especially the scapula, that kind of scarlet creature armor unique to Queen Reaper has been completely wrapped.

Hot! piping hot! combustion!

At an altitude of 5,000 meters, Gao Gong’s eyes were bright red, the ‘Metal Food’ was activated, the digestive system began to speed up, his strength instantly increased by 15%, his arms exerted force, forcibly the root was submerged in the opponent’s body.

The dragon’s mouth widens again, revealing serrations near the edge of the mouth and a long metal tongue.

Next moment, a ten-meter-long mechanical tail fiercely slapped over.

Another huge ‘cannon sound’, Gao Gong was disappeared on the spot, next moment, at an altitude of 5500 meters, the hydraulic jet of the three-dimensional mobile device slammed out a strong airflow, Gao Gong’s Silhouette slammed forward ten meters in the rain, avoiding the whip of another mechanical tail.

At the same time, two single-molecule ropes were ejected from the two ‘three-dimensional power ports’ below, one left and one right hooked on the neck and buttocks of the seven-tailed pterosaur. The single-molecule rope is taut from left to right, and Gao Gong in the center is like a steel ball in the center of a slingshot.

As the two ends of the single-molecule rope were pulled to the limit, the rain on Gao Gong’s face instantly exploded into mist, next moment, Gao Gong crossed his hands and slammed into each other, and the ‘dagger’ fiercely inserted into the pterosaur Gold fire splashed everywhere, and ten bloodstains 20 meters long covered most of his neck.

This time, he took away more than 3,000 blood from the opponent, not to mention the ‘bleeding’, ‘tear’, ‘broken tendon’, and ‘armor piercing’. .

As everyone knows, the neck is the vital organ of most creatures, and there are various veins and arteries on it, and the seven-tailed pterosaur is no exception. .

Gao Gong is in the blood.

Thick blood tendons squeezed out of the fingers, jumping and jumping with the breath.

Reaper cells have never been so ‘happy’, not even in the Reaper Queen.

This is a feast of low-level creatures backlashing high-level creatures. The instability of cells overwhelms stability. In the long history of biological evolution, they call it genetic mutation.

As soon as the blood and water dissipated, Gao Gong opened his arms and fell from the sky, and the acceleration of gravity could make him smashed into flesh the moment he landed.

Behind the abyss.

However, in the next moment, eight single-molecule ropes rose into the sky in the sound of the explosion, like an open giant umbrella, with the ribs extended, as if to cover the pouring rainstorm.

At least three of the eight high-level mechanical claws caught the opponent’s body again.

Gao Gong’s eyes quickly judged the Slaughter Path, and the direction was re-directed in just one second, the ‘high hydraulic catapult’ turned frantically, the two ropes were quickly recovered, and Gao Gong’s silhouette went in one direction The burst shot away, which allowed him to avoid the slap of the three tail wings.

It was the lower jaw of the seven-tailed pterosaur, but giant beast bowed his head fiercely, and a long metal tongue swept over.

Gao Gong was expressionless, twisted his waist, the three-dimensional motor device on his waist exploded again, the silhouette panned three meters, and at the same time another single-molecule rope nail was like a straight white sword, nailed to the opponent. the abdomen.

Next moment, Gao Gong rose to the sky, ten fingers fiercely dig into the opponent’s abdomen, and sunk in at the elbow, punching two blood holes like nails.

It seems that enough B-Rank ‘nutrients’ have been absorbed, and the bloodthirsty hooks under the feet suddenly pop out metal hooks like eagle claws. The hooks are extremely sharp, and they live into the opponent’s shallow armor. .

Gao Gong ran upside down on the opponent.

The violent energy field and radiation field cover almost ten miles. If these group attack skills are placed on the battlefield, they can clear the enemy 100*100 meters away, which is an absolute battlefield ultimate weapon.

However, the energy field can’t beat Gao Gong. Although Gao Gong’s radiation field can’t compare to the other party’s, it is more than enough to protect himself.

The three-dimensional mobile device began to launch a short distance, and almost every half a second, Gao Gong would change a position, almost no different from teleportation.

The most buggy part of ‘Rainy Night with Knife Killing Mode’ is that as long as I can break the defense, as long as I can make even moves, even if you are the S-Rank Beastmaster, I can even kill you!

In just a short while, another 20,000 blood was scraped off by Gao Gong forcibly.

The colorful pterosaur finally realized that it would be impossible to solve the other party without paying something.

The seven tail wings were raised from seven directions, and the sharp outer armor, like a door panel, was opened, and it began to gradually become invisible under the blessing of the stealth system.

Gao Gong didn’t stop moving. At this moment, his vitals were covered with blood armor, and there was even a blood-colored crystal between his eyebrows.

Five fingers close together to form a knife, but two knives alone may not be able to stop so many attacks.

Almost at the same time, a strong desire for evolution came from him.

The pterosaur skin and flesh under his feet shriveled quickly, as if it fell into a big pit, and a severe pain came from Gao Gong’s shoulder blades, and cracks appeared on the blood armor one after another.


Almost as thousands of invisible coats burst into flames at the same time, two cracks opened on the shoulder blades, and two were stained with creatures. The limb of the liquid pierced out.

A familiar feeling came suddenly, like fingering.

‘Information transmission’ starts, connecting inside and outside.

Including two ‘arm knives’, next moment, four knives dancing wildly!

Dance of Swords: In unarmed mode, any sword (sword) skill you are proficient in will be temporarily transferred to the arm, Blade Technique specialization +1, when using katana, regular sword or mantis sword, Block damage reduction +25%

A knife net is formed, and all outer armor attacks are bounced off.

A series of system hints are immediately brushed out.

[Absorb enough gene fragments, your ‘Bloodthirsty Catching Foot’ is strengthened, Agility +4]

[You grow biological blood armor]

[You grow Reaper blade*2]

[You light up the bloodline innate talent ‘biological predation evolution’]

[Your skill ‘rebound knife’ gets Battlefield breakthrough ]

[Upgrade the anti-grid knife to advanced]

(end of this chapter)

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