Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Blood-sucking

Bounce Knife (Advanced) lv1: A high level blocking technique, When the opponent’s attack is blocked by one’s own weapon, there is a 25% chance of being frozen, a 20% chance of receiving shock damage, and a 5% chance of losing the weapon

The rebound after the upgrade is significantly smoother and more natural , Even if the four knives flow, they will not interfere with each other, and even when the ‘limbs’ dance, there is a feeling of ‘flowing like water’.

The four limbs are transformed into four swords, and the highest good is like flowing water.

It’s nothing but two knives. This is the hardest part of Reaper. The ‘human version’ has a certain degree of variation, like foldable metal wings.

A pair of blood armor armguards act as ‘knife arms’ for a short time.

Biological blood armor (biological variation): a special kind of body armor made of solid blood, armor +250

You know, even if it is the highest sniper rifle Bullets, as long as they don’t hit the key points, the damage will not exceed 200.

In other words, Gao Gong doesn’t have to worry about being slapped by others in the future.

The damage of the ‘invisible flying armor’ is also very exaggerated. Even under the dual blessing of blood armor and rebound, even if it is blocked, it will still lose dozens of blood.

This ‘flying armor’ seems to be mixed with a special energy attack.

Even with the blood-sucking supplement of the bloodthirsty hook foot, Gao Gong’s blood volume dropped to one third again.

However, the seven-tailed pterosaur is not easy to handle. This large-scale AOE skill is obviously not used for itself. The back is densely packed, and a large amount of blood spurts from all over the body, like a blood fountain.

This wave continues, and the opponent’s blood volume also drops below the warning line.

One person and one bird couldn’t hold it at the same time, Gao Gong’s knife on his back snapped, and the explosion sound of the three-dimensional mobile device sounded one after another.

With the help of the single-molecule rope mechanical claw, Gao Gong began to ‘ripple’ around each other.

And the seven-tailed pterosaur was spinning frantically, shuttling at high speed in the dark clouds and lightning, intending to threw the cockroach away.

Gao Gong’s eardrums ‘buzz’, the other party’s speed is getting faster and faster, and it is infinitely close to the speed of sound.

At this speed, he no longer dared to use large-scale movements.

Gao Gong has transformed from ‘Octopus Academician’ to ‘lizardmen’, with a large number of tiny hooks growing out on his hands and feet, and he looks very Cthulhu.

Bloodline innate talent: The bloodline of the predator allows you to make targeted enhancements during the hunting process, which is a skill only available to high-level predators.

Gao Gong is also a little anxious, No way, No way, he is all involved in a B-Rank Radiant Beast, there are seven people on the opposite side, and he is still a level 30 home city elite, even a support There is none, so it can’t be so incompetent.

He now has two options, either take the risk and forcefully kill the B-Rank bird, and then fall to his death from a height of 10,000 meters.

Either in the opponent’s various irritating flying movements, they are accidentally thrown off, and they also fall to their death.

And as the other party climbed like crazy, the surrounding temperature dropped wildly, minus zero is certain, -30 or -40 is hard to say.

His skin began to suffer from frostbite on a large area, and his blood activity also began to decline. A lot of frost was produced on his hair and eyebrows. If this continues, his probability of being frozen to death is even greater.

‘Give it a try and see if you can control the opponent with a living Divine Transformation beam, or you will really have to wait to die. ‘

Just when Gao Gong decided to fight for his life, a black shadow appeared like lightning, his hands clenched the bird’s beak violently, and the energy vents the size of a basketball suddenly lit up behind him. The 50-ton giant was forcibly blocked!

“Fuck, if you don’t come again, I’m going to die!”

Inside the strong colony armor, Kaipu showed a difficult smile, and countless strong colony harnesses were inserted into his In the body, absorbing his blood, he could even vaguely see a skeleton.

“You’ve run so far, it’s really hard to find you.”

“Hold it off for a minute!”

“Okay! !!”

Cape loudly roared, showing his trump card’s ability ‘colonial invasion’, next moment, the three-meter-high colony giant suddenly melted and turned into a pool of black The liquid with countless pipelines suddenly penetrated into the skin of this colorful pterosaur. Next moment, countless energy pipelines light up one after another, but they are all dyed with a layer of black.

Gao Gong backhand hammered on the spout of the ‘three-dimensional motorized device’ and smashed the ice cubes above it, next moment, two three-dimensional motorized vents exploded at the same time, but only one spout spewed out the mechanical claw.

The single-molecule rope swayed, and Gao Gong fell to the neck of the colorful pterosaur, which was one of the few defenseless parts of the opponent.

“Big blood sucking!”

Gao Gong took a deep breath, next moment, fingers, palms, arms, the densely packed creature sucked into the hole, and squeezed it out at once A hundred little-finger-thick creatures suck blood vessels and insert each other’s body at the same time.

The rapid ups and downs of digestion sounded like a hundred stomachs were digesting at the same time.

Enhanced Bloodthirsty Foot*6 (mutated organ): A mutant weapon that is unique to Reaper, inserts the capture foot into the fresh life, rots the enemy’s organs, absorbs everything from the opponent, and increases every second 7 points of HP

Additional status: sword dance, big blood-sucking

big blood-sucking: when it is safe enough, adjust the digestion system to have a gluttonous feast of food, recover every second 50 HP, remove all negative states on the body, duration: 30 seconds

After 30 seconds, the digestion system is full of blood, in the ‘full state’, all recovery skills cannot be used, cooldown time: 24h

The frost on Gao Gong’s face melted away, the frostbite on his body disappeared, the bloodstains recovered, and even some energy damage and radiation damage, all recovered completely with the violent inhalation.

During this process, the seven-tailed pterosaur’s throat occasionally roared, and then it was covered with black light.

In 30 seconds, Gao Gong was revived with full blood, and his arm sank into the opponent’s wound once again.

【Memory Retrieval】,【Information Transmission】,【Live Divine Transformation Bundle】

Three kinds of biological transformation abilities are activated at the same time.

The roar of the seven-tailed pterosaur immediately doubled, and the black rays of light and the colorful rays of light began to compete with each other, but as the ‘bloodshot’ on Gao Gong’s arm became more and more As time goes on, this competition will become less and less.

As the nerve coverage reached its limit, Gao Gong opened his eyes again, his eyes were exactly similar to the ruthlessness of a pterosaur.

Drops of black liquid were drilled from the capillary blood vessels of the pterosaur, glued to the human form.

It can be seen that it is not easy for Kaipu to control the colorful pterosaur.

“You have it under control!?”

“Accurately speaking, it is the neural system that connects it, temporarily taking over control of its body.”

Gao Gong’s thought, blue’s energy shock wave swept the surrounding ten miles, the rainwater was directly evaporated, and even the dark clouds above were forcibly pushed out a big hole.

“As expected of a B-Rank mechanical beast, it is a natural weather weapon!” Gao Gong ‘tsk tsk’ sighed, and with a thought, next moment, the colorful pterosaur unfolded its huge bat wings, while silhouette little by little disappears.

“How are you guys?”

Cape’s face sank, “I asked four teammates to temporarily restrain the electric bird, and the remaining three team members split up to find it. You.”

Gao Gong, the mission order, no more questions, four colonists contain a B-Rank radiation life, even with the help of the armed aircraft of the regiment, it is a very dangerous process. There will likely be sacrifices.

The Pterosaur’s speed is doubled.

Cape’s face improved a lot when he saw this, and he rarely complained: “The action would not have been so stretched.”

Gao Gong knows what the other party means, symbiosis There are five members in the squad. If each member has a high level mecha, it is equivalent to five colonizers, and it is a colonizer with stronger firepower and better long-range combat.

In fact, the altitude of more than 2,000 meters is not the main battlefield of the colonizers. They need more energy consumption to maintain the flight state, and the real ability can’t play 70%.

For Level 1 and Level 2 civilizations, mecha is the main individual weapon for sky warfare.

It’s just that Level 1 civilizations can only develop small mechas, equivalent to the skeletons of individual soldiers that can fly.

And at Level 2 civilization, ‘medium and large mecha technology’ can be lit. They are often the first choice for exoplanet landings and multi-planetary creatures. In low-Earth orbit, they can even tear frigates by hand. and interstellar pirates.

“So, what about them?”

“Before the mission started, I acted privately and hunted a B-Rank mechanical bird, but the hunt failed, and I don’t know whether to live or die.”



Gao Gong is rarely speechless. Although he usually likes show manipulations, ‘show manipulations’ is a technical job.

Isn’t this a standard act of being a fool?

“Fantastic!” Gao Gong raised his head and suddenly said, “I take the liberty to ask, are there some people above the clouds behind those symbiotic people?”

Cap hesitated, and out of the comradeship just released, he decided to ignore the confidentiality rules.

“The principal of the Waltz consortium, Charles Waltz.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

Gao Gong did not know the identity of the other party, After all, in previous life, even if the main storyline ended in the early stage, few players had access to high-end groups such as cloud nobles.

However, he has vaguely heard the name Waltz consortium. The business oligarchs who came from the old civilization era, the chaebols of the new mechanical age, oh, by the way, the Waltz consortium seems to be the organizer of the ‘Bliss Club’.

As for Elysium, it’s a group of pure sensory hedonists who indulge in virtual reality, linger on the sensual limits of the ocean of data, and host all kinds of exciting competitions.

The Eighteen Forbidden Missions of Bliss Club were once very popular with players.

Without a word, the two quickly arrived near the sea of electric currents that the ionizing radiation bird turned into.

There are only two colonists left.

The two looked at each other, and they had the same mind.


[Task completed, EXP+15000, Mechanical Legion favor+1000, Colonel Kaipu favor+400, Xiao Huang favor+300, mechanical puzzle incomplete*1, creature Weapon blueprint *1]

(End of this chapter)

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