Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Giants on the Main Battlefield Come

War does not only happen at an altitude of 5,000 meters, in fact, with One after another, the B-Rank mechanical flying species were captured, and the war on the ground had already started.

A single-molecule rope is taut on the back of a ‘reloaded quadruped mechanical body’, and at the end of the rope is a huge mechanical bird that keeps pulling its wings and trying to get out of here. .

Since a mechanical hunter surnamed Gao brought the ‘monolecular wire’ on fire, the monomolecular wire on the counter of the military warehouse was swept away, and the security Legion had to incorporate it into the military management item.

then used them here.

I have to say that this kind of ‘building material’ is really easy to use. If it was replaced with ropes of other materials, a dozen of them would have been torn off at this time.

Those ‘mechanical cheetahs’ keep pulling the wings of the three flying giant beasts, preventing them from flying again.

And all around them, is the remains of a battle robot, with the violent radiation field impact, the energy plates on them are directly blasted.

This also added a lot of twists and turns to the third stage, trapping three giant mechanical birds.

On the nearby buildings, the elite mechanical hunters are attacking frantically.

There are not many such people, even if you add the mechanical hunters from the three oasis next door, there are only a dozen or so.

In front of B-Rank radiation beasts, the number of people has no effect. The pressure of the terrifying radiation field alone is enough to make most people lose their desire to fight, even robots. Interference and system downtime.

Among them, the ‘giant bomber bird’ has been surrounded by more than ten large combat robots and is killing them with full efficiency.

The other B-Rank mechanical bird didn’t struggle too much. On its electronic bird’s eye, a series of green garbled data was madly swiped.

This shows that Legion’s cyber-hackers are remotely hacking them.

Only a radiant bird leader with more than a dozen heads is struggling frantically. Its head keeps lifting, and the energy flows into the energy jets between its teeth, and then a thigh. Thick energy cannon.

In the field, most of the mechanical hunters are dealing with this one, some relying on the stealth ability to melee output, some are pouring firepower from a distance, and more are bizarre ‘mechanical hunters’ Retrofit’.

For example, making metal ants into mobile bombs, digging tunnels into each other’s abdomens, or wearing mechanical gliders in mid-air ‘horse poles’, or riding plasma horses around machinery The bird blasts plasma, the cables on the horse’s mane ‘plug’ into the mechanical hunter’s dreadlocks, and it’s a mess of flexibility.

“Die, die, monsters!”

Standing on an open-air terrace, the black god laughed heartily while pouring fire frantically. Half of the pile of mechanical components have completely extinguished, and the other half will explode at any time due to the overheating of the barrel.

One of his arms was broken, one third was missing from his head, and he was also covered with various lacerations.

And a flying radiation beast transformed by the Creeper is being hunted down by more than a dozen flying species. Obviously, his proud ‘transformation’ ability has been seen through.

Radiant beasts are not fools either. In fact, most of the radiation beasts’ brains are more powerful than human brains.

After all, no matter how you transform, your target of attack will not change.

On the body of the ‘Nine-Headed Bird’, bloodstains several meters long would explode from time to time.

One of the bird’s heads was cut by the same move.

Miyamoto Sanzo, and his only remaining AIdisciple, are stealthily assassinating near the bird’s body.

The burst damage is all over a thousand.

The killing skills of these inherited suicide groups have been transformed into the hunting skills of large creatures in the course of so many years of hunting.

The two colonists are also participating in the siege. On land, the colony armor can burst out all the formidable power, even a simple punch and a kick can cause a ‘ton’ level unit. Fist.

A ‘Rotten Tank’ just entered the battlefield and was punched out by a colonizer.

And in the sky, the five symbiotes of ‘life and death’ are now driving mecha strikes birds, laser cutting, missile launching nests, melee energy saws, and sonic weapons, fully demonstrating what a ‘money’ is. Ability ‘warrior.

Symbiosis Squad and Colonizer are the main output of the battlefield. The former fights against the mechanical bird flock brought over by the leader Summon, while the latter controls the B-Rank Radiant Bird.

The sky was cloudy, and all of these three B-Rank boss’s subordinates were desperately carrying out the ‘refueling tactics’.

In fact, B-Rank Radiant Beasts are not easy to fight. With that six-digit terrifying HP, you won’t be killed for a while if you just stand still.

even more how the opponent’s almost uninterrupted ‘AOE’ skills swept away a large area. In addition to the elite-level mechanical hunters, there were also some super mercenaries of the security regiment, and almost no one could resist them.

And for some unknown reason, only 20 of the 50 large combat robots that should have appeared in the Fifth Rank section and performed the slaughter mission actually came.

These ‘Iron Wall Three’ with a mechanical energy of up to 5,000 should be the protagonists of the fourth stage.

This amount can only kill two large radiation beasts.

If it is divided into three, the ‘kill rate’ will be greatly reduced.

This is unbearable for the ‘commanders’ who are watching from a distance.


At this moment, in an underground command post, Brigadier General Moshan looked gloomy, and several campaign commanders were somewhat restless.

Without it, in the outermost periphery, there are more and more red light spots, while less and less blue light spots are responsible for guarding.

This shows that the two A-Rank monsters are also aware of their purpose, and are constantly setting off a wave of beasts to save people.

The opening of the no-fly zone is the basis for the next series of military operations.

The only way is to eliminate the B-Rank flying species.

β€œWhy did the biological warrior suddenly lose control in a large area?”

β€œYeah, the ten biosynthesis camps in the back don’t know what to do.”

“If the battle fails, is it necessary to implement the ‘scorched earth tactics’?”

The commanders are talking to each other. They are only responsible for the tactical arrangements in the early stage. Once the battle really starts, they can only help .

The ultimate executor of the war is always the one on the battlefield.

Mountain Tiger’s eyes were half-closed. He was judging whether to increase his troops. There were indeed several elites under him, and their strength was no less than the ‘power colonizer’ squad sent out.

But these elites are used to deal with those two A-Rank monsters.

Once they do, the two A-Rank Radiant Beasts do too.

This means that the decisive battle will be brought forward.

Neither side was ready for a decisive battle.

But there is an advantage to the decisive battle now, the beast tide has not yet entered the next stage – the stage that is completely suitable for the A-Rank radiation beast battle.

The idea of the magic mountain has proved that he is not optimistic about the future war situation.

The best way to fight is to split the two A-Rank Radiant Beasts into battle.

But the showdown isn’t bad now.

At least no need to perform ‘scorched earth tactics’.

He is still waiting, the three largest B-Rank mechanical birds have been knocked down, and two of them can be killed without incident.

He plans to wait for the other two.

If you can beat the last two, you can consider a decisive battle. After all, once the air supremacy is regained, then the various long-range weapons of the vigilante group will be completely unlimited.

Neither the Fission Duke nor the Scarlet Queen can fly, which is a huge plus.

Three B-Rank Radiant Beasts, to be honest, the basic quest has been completed.

But what if there are surprises?


Above the sky, thunderclouds rolled, and I don’t know when, the huge dark clouds began to descend, and in the dark clouds, the dense thunder sounded together.

Everyone couldn’t help looking up, the terrifying pressure of the two B-Rank Radiant Beasts was like a pot lid, and even the main players on the battlefield couldn’t help but tremble.

Some excited, some excited, some surprised, some worried.

However, Celestial Phenomenon is not moved by human will, storms, dark clouds, thunder, in a ‘boom’ and ‘boom’, the sky is brightened into day.

Although the ionizing radiation bird is very beautiful, the smooth bird body, the dazzling rays of light like the god of thunder, and the dark clouds rolling around.

But that can’t hide the fact that it was pressed down by another giant bird by the neck.

‘How come! ? ‘

The thought popped into everyone’s mind.

The two giant beasts, which together weighed almost 100 tons, were smashed from the sky, causing a huge shock wave no less than a Level 8 earthquake.

During the huge earthquake, the dust covered everything, and even caused several old buildings of the civilized era to collapse.

Amidst the dust, four colonists flew out and landed heavily on the ground, most of the energy vents on their bodies went out.

Unlike mecha, mecha becomes a metal cage once its energy is used up.

The colony armor itself is a powerful melee weapon.

Amid the smoke, the seven-tailed pterosaur stretched its wings covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and its two mechanical front claws had been torn apart by the violent electric shock.

This makes it even more ferocious.

Then, the seven-tailed pterosaur turned around and ran towards the periphery.

“Where are you going?” Kaip said in amazement. Now, shouldn’t it be the two most threatening B-Rank Radiant Beasts?

“It’s better to cut off one finger if you hurt ten fingers!” Gao Gong said righteously, but what he thought in his heart was-

‘No one can stop Lao Tzu from grabbing a head! ‘

Severely injured B-Rank Radiant Beast, how many days does it take for me to get this big gift bag out of my liver.

When the seven-tailed pterosaur turned around, everyone saw the hunter Knight on the pterosaur’s neck.


In the underground command room, the magic mountain’s mouth opened slightly, and after a while, he said excitedly: “Let the second team of crack tigers, the slayer, and the shadow troops do well. Intercept and prepare!”

Behind the city wall of the scavenger city, a huge silhouette with high radiation held down the city wall with both hands, and the fiery-red lava overflowed from the palm.

On its shoulders, the scarlet queen held a blood clotting long spear, looking expressionlessly towards the distance.

(End of this chapter)

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