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Chapter 87 Kun

Among the five giant beasts present, the seven-colored pterosaur was in the top three in terms of injury.

Not to mention the cracks all over its body, just the thick arc of the arm, constantly sputtering on its body, punching its huge bat wings into blood holes the size of a fist.

However, it is hard to be afraid of the horizontal, and the horizontal is afraid of death. The colorful pterosaur is a typical death.

As its seven giant tails stand up one after another, the giant silhouette disappears bit by bit.

The giant bomber raised its head with difficulty, and a series of energy bombs spit out, blasting high-temperature flames across the street, drowning the surrounding large combat robots.

Although it is somewhat unclear about the situation, it subconsciously thinks that the colorful pterosaur is here to save it. After all, among the five giant beasts, it has the best relationship with each other.

However, in the next moment, a ten-meter-long mechanical beak was inserted into its energy warehouse, directly taking away its more than 30,000 HP.

At the same time, countless invisible flying armors, like a rain of swords transformed into a Flying Sword, slammed into its body crazily, taking away its last blood.

The giant bomber screamed, and its huge figure fell to the ground.

[You have killed the giant bomber, experience +43000, area reputation +1000, specialization point +1]

The colorful pterosaur shows its shape again.

All the big battle robots have red light in their eyes.

“Stop it, it’s your own!!”

With the explosion of Kep, the red light in the battle robot’s eyes immediately turned into green light, and the huge body turned its direction at the same time. , kill the remaining three giant beasts.

The death of the giant bomber sent all the flying species into a state of madness, and all of them rushed towards everyone present.

But things got better all of a sudden.

Energy light flashing, machine gun sweeping, missile bombing continuously, even blind, in this dense battlefield environment, will be very rewarding.

However, so many flying species fill the battlefield, which also makes the stealth of the colorful pterosaurs useless.

Gao Gong’s thought, the black radiation field visible to the naked eye unfolded, like a vast ocean, stunned the surrounding low-level flying species, and at the same time the body underwent semi-energy transformation, except for the mechanical skeleton, All the body parts of the pterosaur turned into tides of energy.

Then all the tides flooded in one direction, on another B-Rank giant beast that was hacked by cyber-hackers.

‘Unfortunately, this is not Machine City, the cybernet is not developed, otherwise it is not just remote hacking, but mechanical control. ‘

Different types of occupations have different styles of battle methods. It doesn’t mean that your level is higher than mine, and you will definitely be able to beat me.

To deal with cyber hackers, there is no electronic defense wall, no anti-tracking chip, even if you reach the full level of 30, the other party can consume you alive.

Of course, this situation is limited to Machine City, in the radiation zone, that is, the typical smart woman can’t cook without rice.

And the energy tide is the ultimate move of the colorful pterosaur, and it is a ruthless move that exchanges blood for blood, injuring the enemy one thousand and self-destructing eight hundred.

Thanks to this move, I can’t use this move at high speed, otherwise Gao Gong himself will die.

On the system panel, rows of damage were brushed out, and several pages were brushed in a row, and the lowest damage was over a thousand.

Although in the same level flying species, the blood volume of the colorful pterosaur is a shortcoming, but it can’t stand its high attack.

It took almost a minute to take away the 80,000 HP of this radiant beast.

As the rays of light became brighter and brighter, this giant beast finally broke free from the ‘virtual maze’ laid by cyber-hackers, but it was too late.

With a mournful scream, this flying giant beast basketball-sized electronic eye exploded, and at the same time, all the parts on it exploded.

[You have killed the mechanical giant eagle, experience +32000, regional prestige +1000, get a lottery chance]

It is the so-called energy gram machine, machine gram carbon-based, carbon-based In the Level 1 civilization, the energy tide has unstoppable formidable power, and the animal tide is the best example.

However, the colorful pterosaur is not easy, its wing membranes have been disappeared, the energy channels all over the body have been ruptured, and the blood volume is only 30,000.

However, Gao Gong is still very calm, anyway, he is also impossible to control each other forever, just like a free prostitute, if you don’t have a good time within a limited time, what else can you think.

He set his sight on the ‘Ghidorah’ with more than a dozen heads. By the strength of oneself, Ghidorah was fighting against nearly twenty large combat robots. There are more than a dozen first-line mechanical hunters, which can be said to be quite capable.

Generally speaking, at the same level, radiation beasts can’t do mechanical biochemical beasts, but when the body size reaches a certain level, the situation will be reversed.

When the radiation energy reaches a certain level, it will produce qualitative changes from quantitative changes. The ‘Fission Duke’ is the best example.

Although ‘Radiation Ghidorah’ is not as powerful as the nuclear explosion level of ‘Fission Duke’, the energy beams almost never stopped on those dozen heads.

This kind of ‘energy cannon’ is equivalent to a ‘land-based’ energy weapon that can only be built by a Level 2 civilization. It is an outer skeleton warrior, a mecha warrior, and a colonizer. Basically, whoever touches it will die.

The head of ‘Radiated Ghidorah’ looked towards the colorful pterosaur, or Gao Gong on the neck of the pterosaur, the eyes immediately turned bright red, it sensed, it was this guy who took it Pulled down alive.

How can I be so embarrassed if I fight in the sky.

And Gao Gong, who was stared at by it, had one’s hair stand on end all over his body.

Its mouth lit up, and a huge radiant energy began to grow.

Gao Gong’s thoughts moved, and the seven tails of the colorful pterosaur also stood up. Under the special energy fluctuation support, the expert-level seven-tailed energy cannon began to gather force at the same time.

The air began to vibrate violently, the temperature rose rapidly, and the surrounding radiation energy rose rapidly, and everyone felt uneasy.

Next moment, two thick ‘energy beams’ collide with each other.

The aftermath of the terrifying energy burns almost everything around it.

Gao Gong could feel that the seven-tailed pterosaur under his feet began to tremble, especially on the seven relatively intact tail wings, the energy lines began to burst one after another, and the slurry splashed. The caudal pterosaur was obviously more serious.

In the process of facing the waves, the energy beams of one’s own side are continuously shortened.

“How about another sneak attack?” Cape suggested.

Gao Gong didn’t have time to speak, he was brow beaded with sweat, staring at each other.

However, at the next moment, his expression changed immediately, almost without thinking, he canceled the ‘seven-tailed energy cannon’, and all the tails covered his neck.

Two energy beams one after the other, one rushed towards the neck and the other swept towards the chest.

After burning the four tail wings, the energy beam that rushed to the neck was finally blocked most of the formidable power.

The one that swept to the chest was not so lucky, the small half body of the seven-tailed pterosaur was ‘cut’ off.

The huge silhouette slammed to the ground, Gao Gong and Kaipu also fell in embarrassment, Kaipu is in a better state, after all, he does not need the neural connection giant beast.

However, the next moment, the scream of ‘Radiation Ghidorah’ also suddenly sounded.

Cape looked around and saw that the head of the sneak attack was directly cut off, and the blood was like a fountain.

It looks like it was Miyamoto Sanzo, that old assassin?

Until now, the elite of the home city, Kaipu, had a basic respect for the professional group of mechanical hunters.

Maybe they are underpowered and poorly equipped, but their courage to draw swords on these giant beasts is far superior to the vigilantes in Machine City.

“Fuck, Lao Tzu’s head!”

Gao Gong just came back to his senses from the severe pain of the nerve disconnection, just looked up, the colorful pterosaur was dead Can’t die anymore.

He looked at him sharply, only to see the back of the ‘Radiation Ghidorah’ suddenly burst out thousands of energy rays, slicing through dozens of robots around him, and then headed to the battlefield. Run to the edge.

“He wants to run!” Cape struggled to get up, but just got up, but fell to the ground again.

At this point in the battle, except for the robots without fatigue, everyone is almost close to the limit.

The rain had already stopped falling, and the bright radiant atmosphere had already protruded from the clouds. It turned out that unconsciously, my group had been fighting all night.

Gao Gong stood up, although the energy shock just now lost one third’s blood, but after the ‘big blood-sucking’, his physical condition can actually be revived.

However, he had no plans to take action either. Then he was surrounded by a meal of fighting robots and slashed wildly.

As for the ionizing radiation bird, because it is a pure radiation energy life, it is being trapped by more than a dozen ‘radiation field isolators’, each of which can create a 300*300 energy vacuum , in this vacuum environment, the energy life is like an insert that is difficult to migrate, and it is difficult to escape.

“The overall situation has been decided!”

In the underground headquarters, many commanders jumped up excitedly, and even the always reserved Magic Mountain showed a smile.

“Not necessarily.”

Gao Gong suddenly raised his head and looked towards the blue desert. As a ‘humanoid radiator’, he sensed more things than others. .

Soon, a strong white light appeared above the sky, and then a giant whale at least ten times bigger than the B-Rank radiant bird suddenly appeared.

“Fuck, Kun!”

This giant object covers the sky and the shadow covers the earth, and its appearance is very similar to the ‘swallowing’ of some page game advertisements. Giant Kun’.

This giant seemed to be swimming in the sky. Under all the attacks, it successfully swam to the side of the ionizing radiation bird, and then swallowed it.

Drawing a scoop according to the bottle gourd, it swam to the side of ‘Ghidorah’ again, opened its mouth again, and swallowed a mouthful.

All attacks, including howitzers and energy rays, hit it with no more than double-digit damage.

However, the giant kun head flew towards the sea without looking back.

As if it were just an outrageous coincidence.

But Gao Gong knows it’s no coincidence!

‘The beast god general of the ocean species! ‘Gao Gong turned his head abruptly, looking towards the direction of the ‘biomodification factory’, he had a very bad premonition.

According to the style of the Knight group, it will never just shoot in one place when it wants to shoot.

(End of this chapter)

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