Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Spider Girl

In the biological factory transformed by the underground garage, flames, explosions, and gunshots are linked together. one slice.

Zhao Wei sluggishly watched these man-made soldiers descend from the sky, and then slaughtered them.

Bombs were stuffed into bioengineering chambers and exploded.

His power, wealth, and ambition seemed to be engulfed by the flames in front of him.

His eyes were dazed and his body was trembling. Surrounded by bodyguards, he fled to the safe house.

And he was able to escape because the main targets of these soldiers were technicians, biological experts, not management posts like him.

“Director, we’ll go to the ground to join the Corps!” cried Captain, a bodyguard.

With years of battlefield smell, he can feel that these people are very military literate, and there is no slack in their actions.

“No, no!” Zhao mechanical came back to his senses, in addition to this biological factory on the surface, he also has five underground factories under construction.

Those underground factories scattered all over the past subway system, storing a large amount of precious biological materials and semifinished product soldiers, once let these raiders follow their own path, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

As he was leaving, Zhao Xie suddenly thought that since the opponent’s goal was so clear, was the biological factory where Du Zhaodi was also attacking? within range?

Do you want to find her first?

But a second later, that thought was overshadowed by a stronger desireβ€”the quest for power.


“Little Miss Du, everyone else has retreated, so let’s hurry up as well.”

The little woman was very nervous. At the moment the artificial soldiers raided, she sensed the danger and immediately arranged for the evacuation.

There are only two of them in the factory today.

“You go first, there are still some materials, I need to pack up and take away.”

Du Zhaodi bit her lip and looked very unwilling. Gao Gong’s joint venture.

For her, who has no home since she was a child, this is her other home, and it is a home built by herself.

She is very unwilling to let her leave here now.

The screen on one of the instruments lit up, revealing Huang Wen’s face, he said with a serious expression: “The raiders have broken through the first line of defense, hurry up and retreat!”

Du Zhaodi gritted her teeth, slammed the data box shut, and glanced at her office one last time.


Huang Yuanli suddenly relaxed, although she is older than the other party, but compared to the other party’s elite female elite, she is a waste.

So she called the other party’s little sister Du, and she came over to learn management experience.

The two quickly became intimate.

Among the emergency passages, Huang Yuanli cautiously explored the way forward, and her telepathy was opened to the maximum. She wanted to join the guards of the security team first.

This proposal was categorically rejected by Du Zhaodi.

“You have an internal response, you can’t take risks.”

“Take advantage of the frontline battle and the defense is empty, make a decisive move, accurately pull out the monitoring points one by one, and break through the rear defense line in one fell swoop, there is no precision This is impossible.”

β€œIf I guess correctly, once we are killed, the other party will definitely destroy the corpse and evidence, and then create the illusion of being attacked by a mechanical beast. .”

“Director Du is right, there have been sporadic mechanical beasts that have come in and are eating people in the warehouse,” Huang Wen’s voice came from the two women’s headphones.

“Turn left, there is no one there.”

Huang Yuanli wiped her sweat, she can’t help ridiculing.

“Voyeur text, you still have some use. I use drones to peek at beautiful women every day, and the technology is really developed.”

“In terms of voyeurism, I, Huang Yuanli, are willing to Calling you the strongest!”

Huang Wen’s helpless voice came from the earphones.

“Please respect my job, my body is already in a vegetative state, what else can I have in mind?”

Huang Yuanli just wanted to say something, Huang Wen’s voice Suddenly there was more anxiety.

“Leave here quickly, there is a silhouette approaching you fast, my camera can’t keep up with him.”

Du Zhaodi immediately dropped the document, picked up the little woman and ran away , suddenly thought of something, face changed.

“Hurry up and turn off your abilities!”

The two had just rushed out of the escape route and reached the underground tunnel, when a half-human, half-mechanical body stood not far from the two of them.

“It’s very smart,” the man said with a calm expression: “There is indeed a special anti-sensing mode in our transformation technology.”

The second daughter immediately complexion pale.

The coming figure is like a burning humanoid mechanical beast, the flames in the chest extend outward along the arms, and soon form a wall of fire behind the two women.

“New Mechanical Commissioner Du Zhaodi, your identity is very important to our career, join us.”

“Your career?” sign, “I can join you, but you have to keep both of us alive.”

“Alive? That’s not going to work, after all, all I need is your head.”

“We The Knight regiment doesn’t add living people.”

“No wonder you didn’t have any idea of recruiting me at first.”

The two women suddenly felt a tightness around their waists, and then their eyes shifted. The formation eye was dazzling. When he came back to his senses, he didn’t know when he was hanging on the crawling frame of the tunnel, and what seemed to be spider silk was hanging from the waist of the two?

“Climb out, the other party’s flame is a bit special and can’t be touched.”

A charming mechanical girl stood in front of the two without looking back.

“Daisyla!” Huang Yuanli looked surprised: “When did you come!”

“I’ve always been by your side, the boss asked me to protect you secretly, “Daisyla paused, “Besides, my current appearance is not very suitable for showing up.”

Today’s Daisyla, except for her head, is completely different from her previous appearance, with a huge hip hanging from her hips. The spider digestive organs, densely packed electronic spider eyes on the skin, and the nearly two-meter-long alloy arthropods all made the two girls feel extremely unfamiliar.

“It’s you, Daisy the Third!” The flame Knight Hoss clearly recognized the other party: “You didn’t get burned.”

“Thanks to you. , I’ve become stronger,” Daisila looked at her dark golden body fascinated.

“Also, I don’t call me Daisy the Third Hand anymore, I have a better name for myself.”

“Spider Girl.”

“It’s boring,” Hoss coldly snorted, next moment, a dozen or so spouts squeezed out of his flesh, and violent flames shot out instantly.

“Those who don’t know how to appreciate are boring!”

Eight alloy limbs popped out a lot, one after another up, nailed to the walls on both sides, making her look like a spider It rose into the air, avoiding the oncoming flames. At the same time, the electromagnetic rays of light on the spider’s digester lit up, and then spread throughout the body. Next moment, the entire tunnel was brightly lit.


“emp’s position,” Du Zhaodi didn’t turn her head, “continue to climb!”

The flame weapon was punched by emp, Immediately rushed down, the flame Knight’s mechanical body was also affected, and the neural response was also sluggish. When the response came, the other party had been disappeared.

Only a giant spider shadow covered it.

Top of the head!

The flame Knight Hoth jumped back quickly, next moment, the two spiders long spear were pinned in place, and the stone burst.

Then the spider legs, Daisyla silhouette slammed forward, the six spider long spears folded in mid-air, turned into leg katana and slashed head-on, the blade light flickered, the knife web connected into one piece.

It’s totally different from before!

Flame Knight is also an expert in melee combat, but Daisila in front of him has given him a lot of pressure, long spear, katana, spider sickle, one spider foot can have three changes, and this type of spider foot , Daisyela has a full eight.

And she changed moves so fast that she could only see afterimages in her retinas.

Almost as soon as they fought, the flame Knight was beheaded with blood all over his body, blood stains all over his body.

“You know, since the last failure, all I’ve been thinking about is seeing you again.”

It seems that because of the transformation, Daisyila’s voice is not as bright as before. , but sticky and tempting.

“Break the fire!”

Flame Knight collided with his fists, eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and flames spewed from the pores all over his body. A Fireball with a diameter of ten meters directly blocked the entire tunnel.

However, Daisyla seemed to have the ability to predict. The spiders on her thighs and waist shot out spider silk instantly, sticking to the walls on both sides, and the silhouette bounced back, just to avoid it. Fireball attack turned on.

“Flame Fist!”

Next moment, a series of fist-sized high-temperature Fireballs sprayed out, the arm of the flame Knight seems to have undergone some kind of ‘piling machine’ type transformation, the forearm Constantly retracting into the big arm, and then popping out quickly, the flames on the fist were ‘hit’ like this, and the initial speed was very fast, no less than bullets.

However, Daisyla has already suffered the loss of this move, so how can she do it again.

I don’t know when, there are spider webs all around, and with the power of spider silk, Daisy crawls, bounces, deforms, stretches, and makes various unconventional body movements.

There is a very strong sense of sight, the spider girl version of the ‘rainy night with a knife to kill mode’.

The other is like a nimble spider, rippling around in a small environment.

On her back, legs, and shoulders, the barrels of the guns popped out one by one, and they continued to shoot at the flame Knight in the process of climbing.

“Big fire!”

Upon seeing this, Flame Knight transformed one hand into a flame thrower, burning cobwebs everywhere, extruding more than a dozen flame jets on his flesh, using the help of The momentum of the flame rushed into the air to fight.

When Daisyla saw this, the spider digestive organ on her buttocks became larger and her body became more slender. Her two arms and two thighs also transformed into spider legs, her head almost sticking to her body. On the body, it has completely become the shape of a female spider.

Sixteen spider feet crawl wildly on the wall, doubling the flexibility directly.

It’s not just agility, but her strength is doubled when the monomolecular claws shoot from behind, pulling the flame Knight forcibly to the ground.

After 10 minutes, the injuries on Flame Knight did not decrease, but increased.

Although the healing ability of Meat Equipment Technology is also very powerful, it is no less than some radiation beasts, but the key point is that the opponent is not only strange and unpredictable in melee combat, but she will also release poison!

Spider venom has the negative effect of stopping wounds from healing and even enhancing radiation.

This is the ability of the Skinny Spider.

The flame Knight knew that if he didn’t spare no effort, he would probably be dragged to death here by the opponent.

All of the opponent’s moves seem to be designed to restrain their own existence.

In the state of ‘Meat and Armor’, the temperature of the flame Knight’s body rose rapidly. At the same time, the five fingers merged into a gun shape, the two mechanical arms were deformed and elongated, and a large section of the shoulder blades also sprang out, completely changing. Form two high-speed steel guns!

“You’ll change, when I won’t?”

Daisyla sneered, the radiating organ in the spider’s digestive organ began to light up.

Her ‘big butt’ shrank rapidly and turned into an existence similar to skirt armor. At the same time, under the stimulation of the radiation force, the biological capsules under the skin began to bulge, and countless energy lines grew.

In just a short time, she transformed from a charming girl into a two-meter-high ‘female fitness freak’, and the ‘spider module’ transformed into an outer skeleton armor, which was put on her ‘muscles’.

Transform directly into the spider Martial Goddess.

Behind the mighty power, Daisyla felt that her whole body was burning, as if it would explode at any time.

The state of this ‘radiant spider’ is impossible and persistent, so she must do it quickly.

(End of this chapter)

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