Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 89


Chapter 89 Military interrogation between the two sides

In an alley in Gasoline Town, a manhole cover was slowly opened, and the heads of the two women quietly probed out.

The benefit is the dangerous living environment in the radiation zone. The residents of the oasis are very ‘in danger’. The sewer system, subway system, and even some air-raid shelters in the civilized era have all been opened up.

In the event of an irresistible danger, the residents of Gasoline Town can be removed from the ground.

and vice versa.

“Sister Du, it’s not very good, there are a lot of radiant beasts outside.”

Huang Yuanli, who knew that she almost got into a big disaster, no longer dared to use telepathy, but now the army is in chaos Yes, they dare not run around.

Du Zhaodi pondered for a while, and said, “I remember he has a hidden base, right, let’s go there.”

The little woman was stunned for a moment, and quickly said: “No way, Miss Du, the perverted consultant said that there are too many metal scraps in the recycling station. Once a war begins, it will soon be occupied by mechanical beasts and used as a home.”

“But have you ever thought about it, These man-made soldiers can enter by airborne, where did those mechanical beasts come from? The front-line protection is much tighter than here, and with this strength alone, they are impossible to open an opening and let the radiation beasts in.”

“You meanβ€””

Du Zhaodi’s eyes flashed rays of light of wisdom, “They must have sourced materials from nearby and drove the nearby radiation beasts over, so the most dangerous place turned out to be the safest. The place.”

“I didn’t dare to confirm, but you can take a bet!”

After the two women agreed, they immediately began to flee, deliberately choosing the intricate trails , focus on avoiding those metal buildings.

Mechanical biochemical beasts do not eat humans. Although radiation beasts eat meat, they prefer meat with various energies.

In this regard, they are more ‘elements’ than normal wild beasts.

“You’ll be fine.” The headset was connected again, Huang Wen was obviously sighed in relief, “I’ll give you a coordinate now, there are our people there.”

“Voyeur, you are an afterthought, we almost died!” Huang Yuanli complained.

‘Huang Wen’ paused, as if thinking about how to answer, but another ‘Huang Wen’ voice suddenly sounded and raised an octave.

“Don’t believe her, she’s an electronic Knight of the Knights and is hacking my hardware!”

“Pretending to be me?” The first ‘Huang Wen’ quickly calmed down , “Sure enough, I knew it wasn’t that simple.”

“Leave the petrol town quickly, there is no simulacrum signal outside, and when you get outside, you will be safe.” The second ‘Huang Wen’ called road.

“Go to the place I just mentioned, Professor Han and Aunt Xiang are both there.”

“Throw away the earphones immediately. My drone has been hacked and it’s chasing you!”

“Don’t trust her, I can’t help you avoid enemies without headphones, that’s what she’s for!”


Huang Yuanli looked at Du Zhaodi at a loss.

“Who do we believe?”

Du Zhaodi gritted her teeth, grabbed the earphone, and threw it into the sewer.

“Don’t believe both of us, we only believe in ourselves.”


At this moment, in a large computer room

Professor Han and Aunt Xiang stared at the drone surveillance screen with serious expressions.

In the picture, there are hundreds of artificial soldiers, ten people in a square, and they are frantically searching for the two women.

“How are you, have you found them?” Professor Han asked.

“Just found it, but they dropped the positioning device.”

“Why?” Aunt Xiang asked in surprise.

“Giggle, because they don’t believe you stinky men can protect them.”

A charming voice sounded.

“Electronic Knight Selena, it’s really you again.”

“Little brother, this time you are very smart, distributing the brain processor into six large computer rooms, Are you deliberately delaying the time of my hacking?”

“Yes, I reviewed your methods and found that your hacking ability is still far from that of a real cyber hacker, and you cannot directly control it. The human body system detonates the prosthesis, but the virus contaminates the program, causing the hardware to be overloaded.”

β€œYou shouldn’t be called an electronic Knight, you should be called a virus Knight.”

β€œ gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“, little brother, how do you know this, can’t you still protect your people?”

“Software is a paradise for viruses, but the desert is a world for hardware.”

“What do you mean?”

“You invade me along the data flow, and I can naturally capture your body in my own way. It’s fair, isn’t it.”

The red light on the screen turns green again.

“She is gone, or in other words, she is conducting a self-examination in the system to ensure that the transmission route of the virus has not been tracked. Director Du and the others will be safe in a short time.”

Aunt Xiang Suddenly relaxed, but Huang Wen’s voice sounded immediately.

“But once she is sure that she has not been anti-tracked, she will be completely unscrupulous.”

“Old Qian, are they sure they will find the body?”

Aunt Xiang is also not sure: “They do have some local methods to deal with the electronic biological virus in the urban area, but whether it will be effective for living people, it is hard to say-”

Professor Han pondered for a moment and said : “Send the hidden troop out.”

“I object,” Huang Wen’s electronic voice barely paused, “In the boss’s plan, the hidden troop is the last trump card, not as a last resort , cannot be used.”

“You should know that once the hidden troops are exposed, what it means, we will turn from allies of the vigilantes to the targets of jealousy.”

“This The hidden troop should officially show up after we have opened up an oasis and established a hunter base.”

“I’m not being emotional,” Professor Han said calmly, “Director Huang, you should also know that a mechanical The value of the Commissioner, she is an integral part of our future plans.”

If Iron Sand Desert were a country, then the Mechanical Committee was equivalent to the Senate, and the Mechanical Commissioner was equivalent to Member of the Senate.

Although this identity is mostly just a marionette of all influence.

But without this ‘puppet’ as eyeliner, it is absolutely impossible.

New technology proposals from giant corporations, infrastructure projects in oasis, product bidding for military contractors, immigration programs in Machine City.

The simplest example, after the beast tide, Gao Gong opened up a new oasis, without such a committee member to defend his rights, bargain with the mastermind of enterprises, factories, and Machine City to balance interests, he will be tricked by others fly out.

The reason why Du Zhaodi can become this member of parliament is not only that she is from a factory, her background is clean, her rank is not low, and she can represent the interests of her equipment research institute. The two brigadiers also made great efforts. .

The supreme commander of the Legion is only a lieutenant general, and the major general is already the leader of the oversee a area. The brigadier general is only a line away from the major general, and he belongs to the standard strength faction. Soso, collecting enough ‘votes’ is also a big reason.

No way, behind the central desert is the ‘factory’, and behind the ‘factory’ is the Machine City. Once an oasis in the central desert is breached, it will be a major event.

Compared to losing the head, cutting the flesh is tolerable all at once.

This is a special case of a middle-level elite with sufficient qualifications who was pushed to the front desk at some critical juncture, and does not have any generality.

Capturing Du Zhaodi and transforming her into an insider of Knight’s regiment is the second only to destroy the ‘biological factory’.

After all, not everyone would risk their lives to see an old lover.

Especially when most of the upper floors of the factory are purely mechanical.

It can only be said that although his character continues to decline, Gao Gong’s charm as a little wolfdog is still enough.

Huang Wen finally agreed.

“At present, only a part of the mechanical beast troops can be dispatched, and there are too few operators.”

“I am already deploying and transforming the medicine as soon as possible,” Professor Han sighed, “If I can get it It will be much more convenient for the Knight regiment to transform the soldiers’ technology.”

Aunt Xiang is one of the few people who knows about it. In the name of free teaching, people are frequently sent to fight in other War Zones, and their purpose is not so good.

In the beast tide, what is the most? Naturally, there are the most kinds of mechanical beasts.

And now Gao Gong hides the mechanical beast troops everywhere, but it is definitely not a small number.

But Aunt Xiang is not Professor Han and Huang Wen after all, her way of thinking is not so ‘purely rational’.

She gritted her teeth, “My mother called to scold those old bastards. After so many years of abandonment, is the craft really useless? Back then, tracking B-Rank wild beast was not so slow.”


In a hidden base of the Knight regiment

The Iron Knight flag is being questioned by the ‘Round Table of Vengeance’.

On the tall electronic round table, a dozen tall silhouettes with blurred faces were staring at him coldly.

“Qi, why did you mobilize the beast god general who just successfully tested it without applying for it? Do you know how rare a man-made planet monster is? This is our biggest challenge against the mechanical octopus in the mother city. Rely on!”

“Once the news is exposed, will you bear the consequences?”

“Or do you put your tasks above the overall situation?”

Strictly speaking, Great Knight still belongs to the Knight class, but because the strength has broken through the upper limit of Knight (level 30).

The existence above the Knight class is actually a flag officer.

In the entire planet, the number of flag officers is no more than twenty, and all of them are presiding over a revenge mission in a certain ‘planet region’.

The Iron Knight flag, you can only become a flag bearer after completing the ‘subversion mission’ in Iron Sand Desert.

According to normal history, he clearly succeeded.

“The beast tide can’t fail,” Steel Knight said expressionlessly, “Only when the situation is completely out of control will the cloud nobles be forced to cooperate with us, and our penetration of the factory will be successful.”

“But you dispatched the beast gods, only to rescue two useless wild beasts!” A flag official said irritably, its entire mechanical body burst out with terrifying energy fluctuations, like a vast ocean, And its background seems to be on an asteroid outside the planet.

“It’s not two useless wild beasts, but an ancient seed on a radiant beast, a radiant beast energy seed, and with them, we can control the tide of sky beasts, the newly born A-Rank Radiators don’t have the ability to fly, which is their only shortcoming.”

“You need to go to the ‘Data Heights’ to explain to Knight long, I can’t guarantee that your personality template will not be modified. “

An old flag-bearer opened his mouth.

“I’ll convince Knight to grow,” Steel Knight said confidently.


On the other side, the Magic Mountain was also under military questioning, but it was the high-ranking members of the Legion who questioned him.

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