Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 9


Chapter 9 Gives You a Dog’s Life

Wild metal rock sounds from the SUV.

If you have a map of Iron Sand Desert, you can find that the ‘Oasis’ Star Sifting Cover is the boundary outside the Fifth Ring Road of the old city, commonly known as the suburbs.

The name of the oasis is also closely related to the suburban industries. For example, the oasis of the automobile city where Gao Gong is located, its predecessor was an automobile industrial park.

And the city closest to the Auto City is called the scavenger city.

‘bang! ‘

An off-road vehicle galloped wildly on the cracked asphalt road, passing through abandoned toll gas stations.

“Fallout wild beast riot?”

Gao Gong was distracted, grabbing the steering wheel with one hand and scanning the ‘Hunter Daily’ with the other.

‘Hunter Daily’ is one of the industries of a former factory manager, now desert tycoon Wang Tian.

Today’s headline is ‘City riots, many oasis are attacked by animal waves’.

Of course, news, it’s natural to exaggerate, but it’s true that it’s been a few years since the humans and the radiation wild beast switched places, and the oasis hasn’t been attacked.

But that clear picture of wild beast cannibalism – at least this wild beast attack isn’t fake news.

“There are two possibilities,” Gao Gong tapped lightly on the steering wheel with his fingers, “first, in a certain city, a new Beastmaster is born. Once the Beastmaster is born, it must expand its genetic territory. To maintain its life system.”

As a veteran mechanical hunter, Gao Gong certainly understands that the S-Rank Beastmaster is not only a radiation rare beast, but also a radiation ecology. This kind of ecological crisis, the S-Rank Beastmaster cannot be killed.

“There is another possibility, this is the harbinger of the Hydra battle.”

According to the memory of previous life, in the expansion pack [Outpost War: Hydra Destruction War], a total of After more than a dozen beastmasters, these beastmasters seemed to appear suddenly, and then destroyed the factory ecology and fell to the city that never sleeps with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. The bombing caused heavy casualties, and finally disappeared into the darkness.

But it also became the trigger for the next series of plot events.

“In today’s Iron Sand Desert, all wild beastmasters are heavily attacked by the factory, and even if they do, they won’t show up. The latter’s probability is greater.”

Iron without war Sand Desert, in Gao Gong’s opinion, is the best leveling treasure. He was impossible to give up here. The Knight group, who frequently engages in trouble, is the enemy standing in his way.

“It is possible to cooperate with the factory, but how to cooperate has to find an opportunity. After all, there is no proof.”

“The main occupation must be at least Level 20, reaching the Knight group. Only with the level of a high level combatant can you have the power to protect yourself.”

“On the route you take, as long as you can successfully reach Level 20, you can at least have the battle strength of the full First Rank, even if you are on the right track. The core of the Knight regiment, the Knight, is not without the power to fight.”

Gao Gong’s eyes moved slightly, and he turned the steering wheel sharply to the right, only to see a lot of old wooden boards on the road ahead. The roadblocks are blocked in front of the toll booth, and the silhouette behind them is long.

“Radiation Corpse, old acquaintance.”

Ten years ago, the scavenger city was not called the scavenger city, but the city of Hope. A large number of refugees lived here. In the city, countless mechanical hunters defend the city.

Then, the beast tide begins, and the refugees are transformed into radiant creatures called ‘radiant corpses’, which are scattered around the city.

These radiation corpses have certain intelligence, and they are small radiation sources themselves. The more the number of people, the greater the radiation power. When a certain number of people are reached, the radiation is connected together, not only the strength and speed of ordinary radiation corpses. It will be enhanced, and even special varieties such as Fire Radiant Corpse, Weapon Radiant Corpse, Tracker, and Wild Dancer will be born.

As expected, when the off-road vehicle just got off the road and entered the muddy area, a pile of radiation corpses blocked it.

These radiation corpses are no different from living people except for their red complexion and bloodshot eyes. The power of radiation allows them to retain their special physical vitality.

Instead of going biochemical mode.

Gao Gong stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, and hit it without the slightest hesitation. The front bumper of the car with the thick steel plate was installed, like bowling, four or five hits at a time, four or five at a time. indivual.

The modified body after lv3 [mechanical transformation] has a wilder performance and is more suitable for desert survival.

Some of the radiated corpses tried to grab the tires, but as soon as they grabbed them, they were churned into minced meat by the wheels with pure steel tracks.

[You have killed the radiation zombie, experience +1]

[You have killed the radiation zombie, experience +1]

[You have killed Radiation zombie, experience +1]

The system panel is swiped by a series of +1s.

Gao Gong’s expression is calm, in the memory of the original owner, this is only pediatrics, and in the memory of previous life, it is not worth mentioning.

As soon as he entered the fifth ring road of the scavenger city, Gao Gong immediately found a place to hide his car.

To swagger in like a drone squad is equivalent to courting death.

Gao Gong parked his car in a safe place outside the Fifth Ring Road, not because he was afraid that the smell of blood would attract wild beast, but it was the off-road vehicle itself that attracted wild beast.

Radiation wild beasts are divided into two categories, radiation beasts and mechanical biochemical beasts. The former feeds on energy, while the latter feeds on metal and electronic components.

After more than ten years of hunting, wild beasts that can now occupy a corner of the urban circle are undoubtedly hard bones.

To deal with such hard bones, the current practice of mechanical hunters is to call the factory bombers to bombard the area again, and then deploy artillery, tanks, heavy machine guns, and contain them layer by layer, step by step.

It’s safe to be safe, but ‘hunting’ is out of the question.

The classical mechanical hunters more than ten years ago only used cold weapons, and they didn’t even have fleshy body implants.

There is no electronic signal sent, so naturally there is no need to worry about being discovered by these mechanical monsters, shadows lurking, one strike certain kill.

This approach is good for everything, there is only one problem, the mortality rate is too high, so the mechanical hunters of the classical style gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

What Gao Gong is doing now is a variation of the classical hunting style.

He put down the big bag behind him, and without his manipulation, the four heads poked out of it, looked left and right, and then shouted ‘wang wang wang~’.


Gao Gong glanced at them with warning eyes, and these human-headed dogs suddenly made an ‘ao wu’ and looked aggrieved.

“Remember what I told you before.”

“ao wu ao wu !”

Gao Gong shook the package again and took those robot ants away Also shaking.

These ants are set to ‘tracking mode’ in advance, their sensor modules are interconnected with the human-headed dog, and they follow wherever the human-headed dog goes.

“Let’s go then.”

Gao Gong gave an order, and the four-headed human-headed dogs plunged into the concrete forest like huskies who were having fun.

Gao Gong took out another tablet from the old civilization era, opened it, and on the map, four yellow dots were moving erratically in four directions.

‘Enable biological mode. ‘

‘Bio-mode is on’

A nonchalant electronic sound rang out.

At the tails of the four human-headed dogs, an awl-shaped thing slowly turned. Affected by it, the sensing elements, nerve shunt elements, and chemical catalysts hung on the awls entered one after another. Connection Status.

And turning on the bio-implant in the concrete forest is like coming to a special place where there are feasts, a group of special people say to you ‘big brother come to play’, or ‘Mr. Click the number’.

In general, this can have rather irritating consequences.

Gao Gong hit the Enter key again, and the ‘radiation detector’ on the four human-headed dogs lit up.

A series of numbers change rapidly around the yellow dot that the human-head dog turned into.

Radiation wild beast generally uses the radiation level to determine its danger level, which is divided into Level 7, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, it is said that there are higher levels above S. The Beastmaster, but never appeared.

Among them, the baseline of F-rank is 10 points of radiation value, E-rank is 100 points, D-rank is 1000 points, and so on.

Before he crashed into a radiant corpse of flesh and blood, it was the lowest F-rank.

According to the division of players, F-rank is a soldier, E-rank is an elite monster, D-rank is a small boss, and C-rank is a wasteland boss…

The original owner killed The highest-level monster is a C-Rank Reaper, which looks like a two-person heavy armored blade warrior. Its pair of scythes can easily cut through the shell of the heavy tank, and the speed of swinging the knife is close to one. mach.

After the original owner killed it, he lay on the bed for a full month.

This is also the highest level mechanical biochemical beast that the original owner has been a mechanical hunter for more than ten years.

Gao Gong’s trip is just for leveling up, not against the C-Rank wild beast.

If you really encounter a boss at this level, what else can you doβ€”β€”

Of course, it will be a dog’s life.

Soon, one of the human-headed dogs began to turn around and rushed back frantically.

And the number behind it is fixed at 141 points.

This is an E-rank wild beast, the species is unknown, but the level is just right.

Just use it to sacrificial knives.

Gao Gong turned off the computer and slowly pulled out the red unicorn from the knife box.

A red knife does not see blood, but it is really red when it sees blood.

(End of this chapter)

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