Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 90


Chapter 90 Scorched Earth Project

Although Gao Gong often complains that the security regiment belongs to the ‘Japanese army, the national army’s equipment, Puppet army’s battle strength’, but in Iron Sand Desert it’s unquestionably a region’s Overlord.

Iron Sand Desert has six regions, Central Desert, Eastern Desert, Blue Desert, Barren Desert, Southern Desert, and Honshu Island.

Among them, the blue desert is near the sea, the barren desert is the radiation zone in the radiation zone, and Honshu Island is the largest island in the radiation zone.

In these six places, there is a major general stationed in each place, and the lieutenant general above the major general is responsible for the security Legion’s base camp, a huge helicarrier.

A lieutenant general and six major generals are all the senior officers of the Legion of Security.

At this time’s remote military meeting, except for the unfathomable lieutenant general, all six major generals are online, which shows the degree of attention paid to the beast tide at this time and the security team.

“The battle is going too far, Magic Mountain, how could someone steal your home!?” The blue desert’s highest military commander, Major General Gene Graham, said in a heartbroken manner.

He is the old superior of the magic mountain. In his words, it seems to be a reproach, but in fact, there is a hint of maintenance.

“I have already sent my subordinates back to support,” the magic mountain said solemnly, standing in front of the six virtual projections with his hands behind his back: “In fact, until now, the project has been going smoothly. “

“What do you mean, being beaten to the core of the oasis is also being arranged?” Zhang Feng, the highest military commander in the barren desert, said coldly and quietly.

“The military plan I’m talking about refers to the plan to fight the beast tide, excluding being sneak attacked by enemies outside the battlefield.”


“I can’t say the same. At least the frontline is doing well. If it wasn’t for an accident, the six B-Rank flying giant beasts could stay, which is amazing.”

The southern desert The highest military commander and the only female major general, Freya held her chin with the most relaxed expression.

“Accidents should also be planned!” Graham answered immediately.

“Yes, this is my mistake! I will make a military review!” Mo Shan said with a straight chest.

Zhang Feng frowned and said: “The review is necessary, but why was the oasis attacked, and how did you protect it?”

“I want to sue Brigadier General Geville, I have ample evidence to prove that he colluded with outsiders and cooperated with the inside and the outside in order to sabotage our Legion’s plan to fight the beast tide!”

Moshan decisively began to throw the blame. Gavill attacked and defended, but the dangerous front-line battlefield progressed smoothly, but the back road was cut off.

It’s okay to put the pot on Gerville’s head.

Magic Mountain doesn’t mind tightening the cauldron.

In the security corps, military officers don’t necessarily have to be able to fight, but the ability to frame and frame things must be practiced at home.

“What do you mean, Xiao Tong,” Gram looked towards Chief-In-Charge in the central desert, Major General Xiao Tong.

Gevier is his confidant, and he is from the logistics system. If you want to move him, you must first get the consent of this person.

Xiao Tong was silent for a moment, then said: “Magic Mountain can be hit, there is no doubt about that, and the plan has been executed very smoothly.”

Of course Magic Mountain can hit, He was a trump card that Gram deliberately dug out of Legion. In order to dug him, the security team spent a lot of money, and even the rank was promoted to Level 3.

In the mother city, the magic mountain is only a school level, but here, it is already a general level 1.

As soon as these words come out, it means that the responsibility of the magic mountain will not be investigated.

In fact, it can’t be investigated. If the beast tide is not even half, it will be replaced immediately. No one will do such a stupid thing.

They are willing to change, and no one is willing to come.

Under Major General, Magic Mountain is already the highest commander.

He can’t do it, and so can others.

“As for Geville, let’s arrest him first, get rid of his brigadier general title, and wait for the beast tide to pass before the trial.”

As soon as these words came out, several other major generals All looked surprised.

Xiao Tong is a well-known protector, how can he speak so well at this time.

I thought it would take a while.

It was the magic mountain, with a thoughtful look flashing in his eyes.

The other party should know something.

Xiao Tong is from the Xiao Family.

The Xiao Family is a top military-industrial hybrid family in the home city. Hegemons such as ‘Black Body Military Industry’ are their family businesses. But Level 2 civilization’s Peak military technology.

And more famous is the nickname of Xiao Family, ‘the traitor family’.

In the period of mechanical war, they once launched the ‘Fog Capital Coup’, conspiracy to overthrow the regime of a big country in exchange for their current status.

‘Did this Xiao Family person smell something, so he quickly cleared the relationship. ‘

They are all thousand-year-old foxes. When the other major generals turned their heads, they made guesses, and their expressions became serious.

Without it, their previous guess was correct.

Behind the beast tide, there are indeed manipulators.

And this manipulator is likely to be the Knight group.

Damn, isn’t this terrorist organization only targeting the mother city? You engage in your terrorist activities, and I earn my money. It’s not good for everyone to know that they don’t interfere with each other.

It’s alright, you’ve turned the table over, I can’t think of it anymore.

“Come back to the topic, the situation of the beast tide is still anxious?”

“Yes,” said the magic mountain solemnly: “My subordinates are between the scavenger city and the automobile city, and the The two A-Rank monsters had a preliminary fight, but the two monsters almost knew that the Flying Species had been rescued and withdrew.”

“They still want to drag the beast to the ground. When the tide completely erupts.”

“What the hell is that monster? Although it is not uncommon for marine species to come ashore in recent years, such a big thing-“

Virtual The projection shows a huge ‘biological model’, which is the ‘giant kun’.

“If this giant beast has an energy system and a weapon system that matches its size, there is no doubt that it is S-Rank.”

Honshu Island Matsumoto, who has been silent for a while The major general spoke slowly.

“I have compared the new marine species that have mutated in recent years, and none of them are of the same class and species. It seems to have five vertebrae systems to support his skeleton, and that is, such a large size. , which is no less than some prehistoric animals of the middle generation. How to solve its blood supply, oxygen supply, and heat dissipation? Not to mention the same volume, even if it is only a third-largest steel giant whale, it will not be able to support in a short time.”

“Even if it is not a filling type, but an inflatable body structure, the weight is definitely more than 10,000 tons. The speed of such a huge body can reach 30 knots, which is difficult to understand and difficult to understand. Understood.”

“Thirty knots, 55.6 kilometers per hour?” Freya was surprised: “Matsumoto old man, why do you use a navigation unit? Isn’t it flying?”

“It’s not so much flying, it’s more about sailing in the air, these are two completely different concepts.”

Brigadier General Matsumoto said solemnly: “The former just shows that its balance system is excellent, and the latter The other means that its body system has evolved the ability to fight across the atmosphere. As long as the energy is sufficient, it can still survive in outer space, and this is its most terrifying place.”

β€œIt can directly attack us. space-based system, or shoot down our armed space station.”

“It’s not that exaggerated,” Freya said with a smile.

Major General Matsumoto shook his head: “I just don’t know whether this creature is a mutated prehistoric creature or a product of artificial cultivation.”

“Anyway, once it joins the beast tide, it will be a one-of-a-kind creature. After another oasis is absolutely unstoppable.”

On this point, the six major generals did not have the slightest doubt.

“I will react to this matter,” Xiao Tong rubbed his eyebrows and exhaled.

“Magic Mountain, prepare for the scorched earth plan. The news that the oasis is flooded by the beast tide must not be spread to the city that never sleeps!”


old Near the metal recycling station, the little woman stuck out her head nervously. After confirming that no one was there, she finally sighed in relief.

“Sister Du is right, the mechanical beasts here are all gone.”

She looked at the messy shed that had been gnawed, and said with some dissatisfaction: “It’s not easy. I just built it, and I don’t know how long it will take to rebuild.”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, after the beast swarm is over, we have to move,” Du Zhaodi also relaxed, showing a slight smile.

“I don’t know where to move to. The perverted consultant didn’t tell me anything. It’s obvious that I’m the Great Elder.” Small half belly.

Du Zhaodi just wanted to say something, but suddenly her face changed.

“There are footsteps!”

Huang Yuanli was taken aback and crawled into a bunker. It was the back of a pile of worn-out tires. It was the only one. Recycle bin material that survived.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and it seems that there is more than one person.

Then, all footsteps stopped.

The surroundings are silent.

A familiar voice rang out.

“It turns out that you guys are hiding here, it’s really easy for me to find.”

“Perverted consultant!”

Huang Yuanli jumped three feet high, which is almost the same Almost half her height.

Du Zhaodi also rushed over excitedly.

With a smile, Gao Gong tightened the ponytail girl in his arms and patted the little woman’s head, looking like a family of three.

Du Zhaodi is not the kind of girl who can act like a spoiled child. After getting emotional, she relaxes again.

She looked all around and found no corpses. She wondered, “I just heard a lot of footsteps.”

“Well, when I came, I did see a lot of them. Artificial soldiers.”

“They were all killed by you?”

“Not that.”

“What about them?”

Gao Gong shrugged, “I’m afraid it was eaten by a mechanical beast.”

Huang Yuanli glanced at him suspiciously, turned on telepathy, and after a while, electric elk walked away from the periphery When they came out, these elk were two meters tall, with beautiful muscular lines, their metal hooves fell silently, the elk horns ‘zi zi’ rattled, and electric sparks were constantly emitting.

Temperament The D-Rank radiant beasts that are docile and capable of discharging electricity are probably the only group of electric elk.

What’s more, on every elk sits a girl from the cable tribe.

“It’s our people!!”

Not far away, five or six predatory leopards are swimming around the periphery. They are stronger than electric elk. Obvious jet powerplant.

On the back of each mechanical cheetah, there is a mechanical hunter, who is salute Gao Gong with a respectful face. Among the mechanical hunters, the word ‘respect’ is rare .

What’s more, the leopard is a standard C-Rank mechanical beast.

β€œSee?” Gao Gong said with a smile.

“I see,” Du Zhaodi gently nods: “Our cause.”

(End of this chapter)

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