Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 91


Chapter 91 Crowds of Minions

Although Gao Gong is very fierce when he cuts people, he is actually a tough guy people.

For example, he clearly knew that the original owner was sneak attacked, which was definitely not an accident, but so far he hadn’t gone deep into it, and there was no reason for it. He was too weak at the time, and the chance of revenge was not high.

For another example, he is aware of the plans of the Knight group, such as the location of the command post, the distribution of biological factories, and even those people and forces that will be on the side of the Knight group in the future.

But he did not choose to play Zhuge Liang as a fortune-teller, or even fan the flames and leverage his strength, but rather obediently and honestly, to improve the transformation rate.

For another example, even if the security team stole his blueprint and Zhao Xie played a black hand on himself, he would just dig a hole for the other party silently.

As a ‘playing online game’ person who can survive until the end of the server, Gao Gong seldom does things that are extremely risky, and in the eyes of outsiders, things that seem very dangerous, in fact, he at least Seventy or eighty percent sure.

This guy has the reputation of Second Master Guan, but he is actually the same as Cao Cao’s hobby. In the end, he actually took the route of Sima Yi.

This kind of person is generally not angry.

Few people know, previous life As the leader of civilization, Gao Gong is one of the few who dare to fight the ‘natural disaster’. Although he was beaten all over the head, hundreds of planet masterminds were hammered. .

But he also developed a series of Fleshy body models of each other, which were quite popular on the cosmic black market.

Although this natural disaster is not a cosmic natural disaster, it is also a civilized natural disaster that is second only to the cosmic natural disaster, and the leader of the natural disaster is a perverted woman called the Queen of Blades!

“Steal Lao Tzu’s house.”

Gao Gong sat on a broken iron bucket, one hand beat on his knee, although his expression was smiling, he was familiar with Gao Gong’s two Women know that he is very angry now.

Even the little woman who has always liked to bicker with Gao Gong became quieter.

It’s not that she likes to be quiet, it’s that she annoyed Gao Gong once or twice, Gao Gong drew her a thick stack of ‘books’ on the second day, threatened her, and provoke him again , and gave her book to others, for example, Meng Duoduo, the first warrior of the tribe who had a crush on her.

As for what the other party did with the notebook, he didn’t know.

The little woman immediately bowed her head, saying that she would never dare to pick on things again, and then she took the book back secretly, and watched it all night with a blushing heartbeat. I have to say that the content was quite exciting.

Soon, one silhouette appeared in the guard’s field of vision, and walked in happily.


“Are you all right?” Du Zhaodi also asked quickly.

“What can I do, I’m feeling pretty good now.”

Although there are extensive burns on Daisy’s ‘spider outer skeleton’, she is in a very good mood Good, smashed the silk cocoon on the back to the ground with a ‘bang’.

“Boss, fortunately, this is the corpse of the Flame Knight.”

Gao Gong glanced at the other party: “How do you feel now?”

“Pretty good!”

The modified Knight of the Knight group is a Level 20 elite monster, and the modified Daisyla has also broken through the upper limit of the mechanical hunter.

The two should have evenly matched, and even the flame Knight should be stronger, after all, the level of transformation of Meat Machine technology is higher.

As in ‘the same move cannot be used twice on a Saint’.

The same move, in front of mechanical hunters, will inevitably be cracked by ‘mechanical hunting and transformation’.

“But boss, I’m afraid I need to readjust my ‘spider module’.”

Daisyla didn’t even see the outside world, she was naked in front of Gao Gong, The ‘spider module’ that was automatically removed transformed into a spider the size of a grinding wheel, and its eight legs dexterously crawled towards him.

Gao Gong glanced at the other party, but didn’t say anything. This guy has awakened some kind of special hobby. At this moment, he is showing off his figure in front of the little woman, and the little woman who sees it will have a nosebleed.

He lowered his head to check the performance of the ‘Spider Module’. As the first class-exclusive equipment he built, he was still quite concerned.

Equipment Name: Spider Module

Type: Mechanical Hunting Implant (Exclusive)

Quality: Excellent+

Weight : 32kg

Durability: 76%

Armor: 211/500

Energy: 43%

Manipulation system: Neural implant

Energy Module: Spider Digester*1, Skinned Female Spider Heart*1, Cadia Model Battery Board*16

Weapon Module: Three-stage Spider Legs*8, Concealed firearm*6 (damaged*2), hook*4, venom sprayer*3 (damaged), spider sprayer*12, foot knife*2

Transformation module: human spider (damage rate 17%), crazy spider type (damage rate 23%), radiation spider (damage rate 36%)

Human spider type: strength, agility +20%, additional status: spider vision, EMP Force Field, Silk Throttle

Crazy Spider: Agility, Perception, Strength +40%, Additional Status: Multipedal, Powerful Silk, Corpse Digestion

Radiant Spider: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, Perception +80%, additional status: Berserker, Spider Radiation Field, Combat Motion Capture, Grim Will, Duration: 10 minutes

Tsk, if it weren’t for this ‘Spider Module’ ‘ The upper limit is not high, Gao Gong wanted to get one for himself.

Generally speaking, according to the equipment level, whiteboard (pipeline product), sophisticated (customized template), excellent (war weapon), rare (strategic weapon), epic (black technology), epoch-making (cross-civilization) .

Among them, only when it reaches the level of rarity (inclusive), can civilization transformation be carried out, that is, upgrade from Level 1 civilization equipment to Level 2 civilization equipment.

Level 1 civilization equipment does not reach rarity, and the upper limit is level 30.

What’s even more pitiful is that although such implanted equipment can be disassembled, the increased transformation rate of the human body system will not be reduced.

From a sustainability perspective, this weapon is not suitable for Gao Gong.

But let alone in Iron Sand Desert, even in the city that never sleeps, this equipment is placed in any weapon sales point, it is the top equipment that has been robbed.

β€œHow does it feel to use it?” Gao Gong asked without looking up.

Daisyla was refreshed and hurriedly brought out some minor problems with the ‘Spider Module’, which were not performance issues, but just didn’t match her fighting style.

Gao Gong listens carefully, modifying equipment can also improve his design level, after all, he will create a series of ‘hunter modules’ in the future, the more experience the better.

“By the way, boss, I want to install that guy’s fire-breathing system on me.”

Gao Gong glanced at the spider cocoon: “The Knights’ transformation technology is It’s very troublesome.”

Daisyra leaned over with a coquettish face and said coquettishly, “Boss, please help me, at worst, I’ll accompany you.”


Du Zhaodi frowned.

Gao Gong said in a serious and righteous manner, “You treat me as who, put on your clothes first, and I will go back and study.”

He doesn’t understand the Knight group. technology, but in some beast chemical arsenals, there is information on this.

You come to dig my home, I don’t give face to you if I don’t visit your house.

Gao Gong decided to move forward some future plans.

For example, during the ‘beast machine disaster’ period, the mother city once developed a ‘genocide-type energy potion’ for low-level radiation beasts. The Radiant Beast has the effect of instant kill.

He originally planned to get this medicine out when he opened up a new oasis.

His current professional knowledge is not enough to develop this medicine.

However, it didn’t say that you can’t take shortcuts.

“Boss, we’ve caught someone!”

Old Qian’s excited voice sounded on the earphones, but his tone turned strange: “It’s just that this woman looks a little weird. .”

“Record a section with the ‘special effect machine’ and pass it to me.”

“Okay, I’ll study, how is this function used?”


After a while, Lao Qian finally finished recording the ‘virtual projection’ and passed it over. Gao Gong pressed the ‘electronic button’.

Soon, a gadget was released, and everyone was stunned when they saw it.

“Electronic Knight, is it a little girl?”

A bare-headed little girl who was tied up with five flowers appeared in front of them.

“This is the body of the electronic Knight?” Even Huang Wen, who was calm, was surprised, and the electronic sound rang from the drone.

“Accurately speaking, it is one of the ontology,” Gao Gong glanced at the other party, then retracted his gaze: “Knight’s genetically modified babies can be used as a storage body for electronic biological viruses.”


“So, the body of that electronic Knight is a group of little girls.” The little woman looked stunned.

“Yeah, what’s the problem?”

“Uh, it just feels weird.”

“Boss, I’ll let the mechanical beast army continue. Hidden.”

“Hidden, why hid?” Gao Gong got up and twisted his neck: “Let them all out.”

“Release, release. What are you doing?”

“There are always people who think that Lao Tzu is a lone wolf who is easy to bully. This time, someone in Gao has to let them know that Lao Tzu has a group of minions!”

(this chapter end)

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