Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Biological Variation

Animal tides are generally rarely interrupted. The same is true of the beast tide.

But not without exception.

For example, after the five flying giant beasts escaped with three deaths, a large number of radiation beasts were driven by the invisible will and began to retreat.

If you don’t leave, the ‘missile silos’ of the vigilante group scattered all over the desert will be activated.

Without a large number of hosts, mutation energy gradually degenerated from purple to red.

This is the sign of the beast tide descending to ‘D-Rank’.

A large number of radiated beast corpses were intensively incinerated.

In fact, they were burned once before they were killed.

Only secondary processing can now be counted.

Trucks arrived from the front line.

They are not transporting dead bodies, but large living people.

It’s just that these big living people are in a strange state. They are either covered with granulation, biological weapons backlash the whole body, or they have symptoms similar to ‘cyber psychosis’, attacking ‘enemies’ everywhere.

The sudden explosion of these biomodifiers is also the reason why the plan almost failed.

Apart from this, there are also corpses of outer skeleton warriors, their bodies will be transported back and given to their families, along with a large pension.

This is a treatment that the wild dogs of the mechanical hunters cannot enjoy.

Battle droids don’t get it either, they’ll be reassembled on-site before continuing into 007’s battle.

It is also fortunate that Machine City only has the “Bionic Man Act”, not the “Robot Act”, otherwise these fighting robots will inevitably strike + march.

This situation is not uncommon in mechanical civilization.

Among the corpses that were brought back, there were several familiar faces, such as members of the assault team, including Captain Zhou Cong.

This major salted fish, who wanted to leave the battlefield, eventually died on the battlefield.

Many teammates of mechanical hunters were also digging up corpses on the front lines, not to mention the cannon fodder. In fact, many powerful mechanical hunters died in battle.

Two members of the Symbiote Squad died, they were stabbed to death by the mechanical rhino forcibly pierced through the mecha.

The Black God is also dead. It is said that he had entered a state of ‘cyber mental illness’ before his death. He attacked everywhere, regardless of enemy or foe. Looking at the bullet holes all over his body, it is difficult to say whether he was killed by the radiation beast or his peers. Shot black.

At least he doesn’t have to pay off his business loan.

Miyamoto Sanzang also died, and his death was unfair. Before his death, he had just cut off a head of ‘Ghidorah’ with his ultimate move, and was in a weak state.

Then the ‘Radiation Ghidorah’ was enlarged, and his back was full of energy rays. He couldn’t hide, and was taken away by a wave and cut into pieces.

The well-known hunters of the other three oases also died better.

They are not as miserable as their counterparts in the Motor City, and they face the beast tide at first.

Of course, they now get the same treatment.

The Creeper didn’t die, but one of his arms was permanently severed.

He can transform into a radiant beast, and even absorb the radiation power to strengthen himself like a radiant beast, which is why he is soaring on the Ranking List.

He kept suspended animation and deformed constantly, but in such a fierce battlefield, he was still ‘wet shoes by the river’ after all.

I was attacked during the transformation, not only lost an arm, but even had a problem with the transformation, and now my body is still aching.

“Miyamoto is actually dead.”

Watching Miyamoto Sanzang’s AIdisciple silently piece together the corpse, the wriggler’s expression was a little lonely.

He and Miyamoto are the oldest of the mechanical hunters in the Motor City.

Miyamoto is dead, and he is the only one left in his squirming squid.

For a time, he had a strong urge to disarm and return to the field.

But in this radiation zone, where are the green hills and clear water?

A dragging movement woke him up. When he looked up, he found that a dozen cranes were hoisting the ‘giant bomber bird’.

Because this flying giant beast is the largest, I put it at the end to check it out. I can see how heavy this thing is by seeing that the steel wire rope with the thickness of the arm is stretched like a steel gun.

They are transported to temporary warehouses at the rear, frozen for storage, and sent to large corporate biology labs.

There is such a saying that the reason why Machine City still retains this radiation zone, instead of directly destroying the continent with fighter-star weapons as it did during the mechanical wars.

The most important reason is because large companies need the biological cells of these high-level radiated beasts.

A cowboy riding a plasma horse looked curiously at the wriggler, and seemed to want to come over and have a chat. He was born in the ‘horse farm’ oasis, which is a rare tribal oasis.

The plasma horse under his seat suddenly snorted fiercely.

At the same time, the wriggler’s skin also turned purple.

He fiercely looked towards the warehouse where the flying giant beast was stored, his expression uncertain.

“Beast tide?!”


And at the underground headquarters, a sharp alarm sounded at the same time.

“The beast tide? Didn’t the beast tide just fade away!?”

“Orientation, report the location, immediately dispatch support troops, what! Is there no one left?”

“Legion is still chasing the fleeing beasts in front, and the fire has just been put out in the back, and there is really no one.”

The other end of the phone stammered.

“And it doesn’t look like a beast tide, there aren’t that many, and on the body of the mechanical beast, it looks like a human.”

“It’s a human?!”

A commander looked at the series of moving red dots on the electronic map and hesitated.

“Their targets seem to be these two giant beast corpses.”

“Sorry, please put your guns down, or else It will be very dangerous if it goes off the rails.”

On a three-meter-tall one-horned giant rhino, a mechanical hunter condescendingly, harboring malicious intentions.

The vigilantes were trembling, and honestly, they were terrified.

Except for a few ‘constant-willed’ combat robot troops, the security regiment’s battle strength is not high, the standard ‘puppet army’ level.

Compared to the mechanical hunters who fought with the mechanical beasts on the battlefield, they were far behind.

Usually The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present, but when others are ‘human and mechanical beast’, they can’t say a word.

Matsushima Keiko struttingly walked in the forefront, the smart blade radiance connected to the knife holder flashed continuously, and the warehouse door was split open.

Asian gangsters like to input the ‘Blade Technique routine’ into the memory, and then use the combat chip for ‘deep learning’. The stronger the computing power of the chip, the higher the level of melee combat.

In some old-time families, there are even some ‘high-level weapon-driven algorithms’, which allow an underage girl to master the skills of Master Level.

This is the case with Keiko Matsushima.

Her battle chip ‘Sakura Dance’ stores such an algorithm.

But the downside of this is that once you get out of your favorite smart weapon, the melee level will drop one level directly.

In addition, the electronic defense wall of such smart weapons is easy to be breached. Once hacked by hackers, they will hack themselves to death.

Therefore, the research departments of some large security groups have begun to develop the technology of pouring ‘weapon-driven algorithm’ into the electronic brain.

A group of people surrounded Gao Gong and walked in.

In addition to the two oversized corpses, there were more than a dozen cell collectors, and of course, they were quickly pressed to the ground.

“Do you know who we are?” Facing a group of Barbarians with long spear cannons, a creature scholar said boldly.

Gao Gong glanced at the white overalls on the other side.

There is a red-green double helix in the middle.

“People from the Biological Variation Society? Dare to touch my spills of war, that is also courting death!”

The Biological Variation Society, a scientific research association that studies biological variation, relies on the Major enterprises cooperate to obtain R&D funds and maintain normal operation.

In Machine City, there are many scientific research associations of this type, some of which are very well mixed and are the guests of major companies, while others are close to disbanding due to personnel loss, broken capital chain and other reasons. edge.

The ‘Biological Mutation Society’ belongs to the former. There is an auxiliary occupation in this society, the ‘Biological Scholar’, which is a deputy position Gao Gong is determined to get.

Gao Gong glanced at Professor Han, the bionic master immediately took their place, instructing the tribe young girls to extract B-Rank biological cells and cut radiation organs.

The creature scholar stared at the scene.

He thought these Barbarians would destroy these precious biological materials by messing with them.

But after watching it for a long time, I found that they are quite professional.

Gao Gong walked to the other side, it was the fleshy body of the ‘seven-tailed pterosaur’, but this fleshy body had already become a huge mechanical skeleton, and all the other energy organs except the skeleton were turned into energy tides.

Gao Gong stretched out an arm, next moment, countless bloodshots sprang out from the arm and began to cover this huge skeleton.

[You comprehend the large mechanical wing]

[You comprehend the dragon claw ]

[You comprehend the flying wing finger]

[ You comprehend the energy warming structure]

[You comprehend the heat dissipation pattern]

It’s okay to collect some biological structures, you may be able to use them at some time.

For example, when you transform yourself.

Gao Gong’s ‘perverted’ colleagues know that, after all, he is a madman who can control the B-Rank flying giant beast.

But when the creature scholar saw this scene, his eyes were about to fall.

β€œHow did you, how did you do it?”

β€œWant to know,” Gao Gong glanced at the other party and grinned, β€œGive me the status of a biological researcher, I’ll tell you.”

(End of this chapter)

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