Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Killing the Warriors

Not long after Gao Gong entered, dozens of troop carriers rushed over and killed about a thousand An armed soldier jumped out of it.

This is the largest force the vigilante can deploy at present.

Apart from this , there are also eight ‘Titan IV’ giant armored vehicles, with their black muzzles pointing directly at the mechanical biochemical beasts not far away.

But it didn’t fire.

There is no other reason, the same muzzle is also aimed at them.

Two-story tall, with thick armor hanging from its body, and a mechanical elephant trunk equivalent to a gun barrel, these six large gun gun beasts are a subspecies of boiler elephants, called gas gun elephants.

And they have two kinds of shells, air shells and hydraulic shells.

The formidable power of the air cannonball is no less than that of ordinary cannonballs at short distances, and the second stomach bag of the air cannon is filled with a large amount of corrosive liquid, and the water cannon fired has strong metal corrosiveness. more dangerous.

Dozens of jet-prey leopards grinned, and on their knees, the jet-powered device ‘zi zi’ rattled and seemed ready to burst into harm’s way.

In the sky, dozens of flashing finches are wandering. These flashing finches have four or five light-emitting organs, which can burst out strong light at the same time, and the light intensity is no less than flash bombs.

Many mechanical hunters got the news and rushed over. Although they had guns in their hands, they didn’t have much intention to fight.

They could see that these mechanical biochemical beasts were controlled by humans. Although they didn’t look like friendly troops, they didn’t look like enemies either.

“D-Rank Electric Elk, D-Rank’s Glitter Sparrow, C-Rank Jet Panther, C-Rank’s One-horned Rhinoceros, C+’s Air Cannon Elephant, good guys, they are all troublesome species. Ah.”

The wild beast of the same level is also divided into two types: good and hard to deal with, and the hard to deal with is called ‘the troublesome kind’.

And these types of mechanical beasts are undoubtedly ‘troubling species’, commonly known as elite monsters.

“Electric elk and flash sparrow are rare semi-mechanical and semi-energy creatures, jet leopard is a hunter among mechanical beasts of the same level, one-horned rhinoceros and air cannon elephant are armored beasts, and their targets are heavy Armored weapons.”

“400 vs. 1000, if we really want to fight, the vigilantes will never win!”

The Creepers also appeared on the periphery, he could see clearly, These mechanical beasts have obvious traces of training, and they are scattered widely to avoid being bombarded at the same time, and even seize several high grounds.

In the highlands, there seem to be other guns, or, in other words, fully automatic weapons.

This is completely different from the messy beast horde.

“Butan synergy?” A mechanical hunter in camouflage was stunned, and suddenly spit out a word.

It can be clearly seen that the other party came here with the mind of a real fight. Humans can lie, but mechanical beasts can’t. They glare like a tiger watching his prey and stare at the surrounding soldiers, with biological guns on their bodies. His mouth turned slowly, as if he only needed an order…

Several commanders of the security regiment were also caught in a tangle. swindle is good at it, really want them to command the battle.

Damn, why hasn’t the elite troops of General Magic Mountain come back!

Finally, new news came out of the underground headquarters, standing by and waiting for the negotiators.

Everyone is happy!


On the other hand, Gao Gong did not rest after collecting enough biological structures.

He had accumulated more than 100,000 experience on the battlefield, and there were some messy rewards, he hadn’t had time to look at it yet.

After thinking about it, I drew the reward first.

Generally speaking, only difficult tasks will have lottery opportunities, and this kind of lottery often produces some small Top Grades.

[Do you want to choose lottery? ]

Gao Gong clicked yes.

A multi-colored turntable immediately appeared on the system panel and began to spin rapidly.

[The lottery is done, you get the best-selling book in the universe, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”]

‘Damn, it’s not as black as this. ‘

Gao Gong’s face is full of black lines, popular science books, this is the most useless kind of reward.

More importantly, he has read the book “The Hitchhiking Guide to the Galaxy” in his previous life. The author of the book is a psionic lifeform who likes interstellar travel and often rides on giant-level galaxy trains. Traveling in different galaxies, the content of the book is a series of experiences on the journey, similar to travel notes.

Among them, the most interesting ones are all kinds of aliens you encounter during your travels, such as silicon-based life like liquid robots, and stallions planting seeds on various planets. The handsome plant guy, the spore alien that can only survive in energy liquid, the spore alien that has to be checked, the source code lifeform that likes to sneak into the car, the sky giant beast similar to the ‘interstellar gas station’, and a clone for five people with an ID card.

In short, all kinds of aliens, plus their bizarre life forms and habits, are a selling point of this book.

As a popular science book on aliens, this book is quite popular among major civilizations.

Some painstakingly clicked on another reward, which was a gift ‘biological blueprint’.

[You got the Level 5 bio-transformation blueprint [Umbrella virus]]

‘Oh, this thing was actually created. ‘

This ‘umbrella virus’ is not a zombie virus, but by extracting high-level lifeform virus cells, making medicine, and gaining the immunity of the other party.

And Level 5 blueprint already belongs to the category of Level 2 civilization technology. The biological cells that can be extracted by ‘Umbrella Virus’ naturally also include B-Rank lifeform.

“Isn’t this a coincidence?”

Gao Gong stared at the two corpses and muttered to himself.

In addition to a book and a blueprint, there is also a specialization point rewarded for killing B-Rank Radiant Beasts.

As the existence of raising the upper limit of the skill, this thing has always been rare, and it will only be produced when the high level monster is singled out.

Gao Gong hardly hesitated to add it to the head of ‘Dark Night Warrior’.

[You raise the dark night warrior to lv10]

[The dark night warrior is raised to lv10max, enter the skill advanced state, please choose your elite skills – Moon Dancer, Killing Warriors, Three Swords Flow]

The Dancer of the Moon is still the assassin route. Through some medicine, Illusion Technique, and special tools, people die without knowing how they died. They only see one before they die. Round moon.

The slaughter of warriors is a violent advance on the road of bloody violence, which is more powerful and direct than the dark night warrior.

Needless to say, the three-knife flow, the green algae Swordsman has seen it, and it is in the direction of multi-weapon holding.

[You choose the elite skill: Slaughter Warrior]

[You raise Slaughter Warrior to lv2]

[You upgrade Slaughter Warrior to lv3]



[You will raise the slaughter warrior to lv10max]

Gao Gong filled this skill in one breath, directly costing him 100,000 experience, About twice as much as advanced skills.

Elite promotion to expert is more exaggerated, requiring 500,000 experience.

Professional upgrade to Master, you need 1 million, maybe even more.

However, if you rise to Master, you will automatically get a ‘Master Certificate (Level 1)’, which means that you are in a certain skill and surpass 99.99% of your peers.

This is a good thing to increase the prestige of a civilization.

The other ‘Master’s certificate’ at the high level can even make you a guest in various planet civilizations, such as a ‘Force Master’, that is, fleeing and waves.

Three additional states have been added after the slaying warrior has been upgraded to full level.

‘murderous aura thought’, ‘killing power’, ‘mirror still water’

Among them, ‘murderous aura thought’ is also known as ‘murderous aura method’, ‘vital attack method’ ‘, is a high-level aura manipulation skill, which can make the enemy’s brain automatically fall into the illusion of death, but it is a single-playing skill that can only deal with one person at a time.

It’s combined with ‘Radiation Field Mastery’ and mother no longer has to worry about me being overcast.

Killing Power is an upgraded version of ‘Blood Drinking’. In addition to stacking 15 layers of attack power, it can also increase the main attribute.

Killing power: When using a weapon to deal damage to an enemy, increase the attack power by 8% (up to 15 layers), and each stack will add a random attribute point

to Gao Gong’s current state, if all the same one attribute is added, it can be doubled directly.

As for the introduction of ‘Shijingzhishui’, there is no attribute blessing, only one sentence.

The mind and body are clear and calm, the mind is clear, the things come and respond, and the past does not stay

‘Is the state of metaphysics. ‘

Gao Gong touched his chin, the higher the skill level, the higher the probability of obtaining a metaphysical state, and even some high level skills are metaphysical skills themselves.

The state of metaphysics can’t be said to be bad, and some metaphysics states will be quite buggy when developed.

But if you don’t use it well, it’s more fucked up.

Fortunately, ‘Der Spiegel’ does not belong to the ‘deciphering type’.

In fact, most of the near-battle skills can rise to high level, there will be a ‘mirror to stop the water’.

It also has a more accessible name.

‘100% empty-handed to grab a white blade’

“Hey, cut me with a knife,” Gao Gong looked towards the pink-haired little sister not far away and called.

Matsushima Keiko didn’t say a word, just picked up the knife and went up.

As a boss, Keiko Matsushima is still very convinced of Gao Gong, after all, the decathlon.

My own knife holder is obviously better after being debugged by the other party.

But in other respects, Keiko Matsushima still resents him.

Isn’t it good to give an E, why do you just give the whole D, what? Big breasts affect combat, I don’t believe it!

In the eyes of Keiko Matsushima, Gao Gong’s body parts, head, torso, and limbs suddenly increased by many percentages. This is the success rate of beheading.

Others are the probability of the opponent moving in all directions to dodge.

This is the melee play style that conforms to the high-tech spirit. Keiko Matsushima has always disliked those techniques that require day after day practice.

Intelligent katana disappeared with the running of this pink bean curd.

Hide Sabre Drawing Move?

Gao Gong hehe smiled and closed his eyes.

Next moment, Keiko Matsushima appeared on the right side of Gao Gong, and the two short legs almost split due to the strengthening force.

Blue veins popping up on my calf.

She also changed her right hand to her left hand.

The smart weapon will automatically guide the force, whether it is the dominant hand or not, there is no difference at all.

Blade light appeared on Gao Gong’s neck in an instant under the cover of his body.

This Japanese-style Taimei is really hot to start, and this slash directly cuts out the sonic boom.

If Gao Gong does nothing, he is guaranteed to be hacked to death on the spot.

However, in Gao Gong’s heart, it seemed that only a drop of water fell into the heart lake.

The clear mirror is still water, nothing is clear, nothing is not illuminated, and things come and respond…as if the sky is all covered, like the earth is all loaded.

I don’t know when, Gao Gong’s fingers appeared on the blade and pressed lightly, like the sound of a rolling mill rolling steel. After the hoarse sound, the sonic boom slash was directly clamped by two fingers.

There is a shallow white mark on the blade between the two fingers.

(End of this chapter)

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