Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Negotiation

Gao Gong’s fingers did not produce exaggerated deformations.

In fact, as Reaper’s cells continue to evolve, he has mastered ‘micro-mutations’.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be ‘Finger of Consonance’.

However, this performance fell into the eyes of Matsushima Keiko, it was full of shock and incredible.

The system optimized force route, the slashing angle calculated by big data, and the slashing target with the highest success rate.

How come it was blocked! ?

“How did you do it?”

“Want to know,” Gao Gong grinned and said, “I won’t tell you.”

This The smile fell in Matsushima Keiko’s eyes, quite deserving a beating.

“Wait, let me chop again!”

“Whatever chop, you think I’m Pinduoduo,” Gao Gong got up and stretched.

“Let’s go, the guests are finally here, let’s get ready to meet them.”


In the periphery, two silhouettes came directly from the helicopter Jumping down, the acceleration of gravity of hundreds of meters directly smashed two small pits on the ground.

As soon as the two ferocious colonizers appeared in imposing manner, many Radiant Beasts felt uneasy.

Without it, these two are level 30 biological warriors. Although they have not yet completed the ‘carbon-based fusion’, they have also achieved species sublimation. They have their own powerful auras and deter beasts.

However, this panic only lasted for a moment, and the next moment, a radiation field similar to the animal tide was born.

All kinds of ‘colors’ emerge from these hundreds of elite monsters, red, purple, streams of charged particles, energy flames, all kinds of strange things, there is no lack of strange things , and then these radiant forces were swallowed by an invisible giant beast little by little.

The invisible aura is also getting thicker and thicker, just like Mount Tai pressing the top, making people’s heartbeat speed up and their hands and feet sweat.

Next moment, the terrifying black radiation field reappeared, and the coercion of the B-Rank giant beast swept the audience.

The soldiers of the security regiment, whose eyes were blank, collapsed to the ground.

In just a short while, less than half of the soldiers were still standing on the field, and even this half were all pale, sweaty, and frightened.

In this state, the radiation beasts on the field charged, and the remaining 500 soldiers were guaranteed to be defeated on the spot.

Standing on the fire position to operate the machine gun, using the grenade launcher behind the barbed wire, and facing the coercion of the B-Rank Radiant Beast are two completely different concepts.

More than them, even the front-line mechanical hunters standing on the periphery have solemn expressions and are fighting against this mental oppression with the will to fight all year round.

A two-meter-high colonizer glanced at his companion next to him, said with a smile: “This is a warning to us.”

Another shorter strongman The colonizer did not speak, but various data were generated on the strong colony armor, which seemed to be analyzing the composition of the radiation field.

“94% B-Rank strength,” moments later, the short colonizer spat out a number.

“Let’s go, don’t make people wait too long.”

The two of them walked easily among the beasts, and they didn’t seem to worry about being besieged at all.

Walking into the temporary giant beast barn, two giant beast corpses over 100 meters long were lying on the ground in an imposing manner.

And between the two giant beasts, stood a tall silhouette.

Originally, Gao Gong, who owns a ‘titanium alloy golden bone frame’, is impossible to grow taller. After all, he has only heard of calcium supplementation to grow taller, and never heard of iron supplementation to grow taller.

However, with the increase in the degree of mutation, Gao Gong’s body gradually secretes metal factors that only mechanical biochemical beasts have, and his body shape has also undergone tremendous changes.

He was 1.8 meters tall and soared to 1.9 meters in just a few days. The originally smooth and thin body was covered by thick muscles, especially the back muscles, which were even stronger terrifying and tanking. The back, the vacuum belly, and the slightly bowed figure, as if it were about to burst into harm at any time.

The expression of the black colonizer gradually became serious, he thought for a while, and removed the colonizer armor, revealing a familiar face.

It was old acquaintance Cape.

Cape stared at Gao Gong and said solemnly: “brother, what do you mean, what about those mechanical beasts? You have mastered the technology to control wild beasts?”

Gao Gong turned around, and under the background of the two giant beasts, his temperament became more and more ferocious.

“I was fighting with giant beast on the front line, but my girlfriend was almost kidnapped in the back.”

“Steal my biotechnology, make bio-engineered soldiers, and even a little material Don’t leave it to me.”

“Also, these three corpses are all my spills of war, you actually want to occupy them!”

Gao Gong word for word.

“Did my good temper give you the illusion that I am easy to bully!?”

With the words, the black radiation field began to flow backwards, and the core of vortex was Gao Gong.

Gao Gong’s imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger, and his body size is also increasing rapidly, from 1.9 meters to 2.4 meters, blood seeps out of pores, coagulates into blood armor, and his hands and feet start to grow. Terrifying claws.

On the bulging shoulder blades, two iron-bone wings stretched out.

Boss Template: Radiation Field Mastery

Effect 1: Electronic control, affecting all electronic devices within the radiation field

Effect 2: Mutation energy collection, you Able to harness this energy to empower weapons

Effect 3: Radiant beasts drive, in your radiation field, all radiation beasts below you, you can choose: Blessing / Stripping

The radiation field is fully open when the fleshy body is deformed, which is the first time even for Gao Gong.

And this time, it seems that the world has turned black, the black light is rich to the limit, and in the black world, a faint white light begins to breed.

white light, this is the appearance of the radiation field that belongs to the A-Rank Radiant Beast.

After driving the radiation field of five hundred elites at the same time, Gao Gong’s ‘beast tide’ has produced a new breakthrough.

This time, even Kep couldn’t stop it, and the strong colony armor was possessed again, and he quickly explained.

“We are also investigating the attack on the rear base, and we will definitely give you an explanation.”

“As for the biological factory, it is within the powers of Brigadier General Gerwell. We really don’t understand the situation.”

“Also, the B-Rank Radiant Beast will be handed over to Machine City for processing. This is an old rule, and we will make up for it later.”

Seeing Cap being led by the nose, the other person couldn’t help but frowned and opened his mouth to say something.

However, Gao Gong didn’t give the other party a chance to speak. He stared at the other party fiercely, and the ‘murderous aura thought’ was instantly activated.

Almost at the moment when the eyes met, this full-level colonizer felt like he was immersed in cold water, as if his body was no longer a living person, but a corpse.

The idea of murderous aura: a high-level use of the murderous aura field, interfering with the enemy’s pineal gland, and producing hallucinations of death

Note: as a target for the ‘murderous aura field’ The target, the next attack will definitely have a weak attack, and at the same time cause a ‘lethal’ effect to those who are not determined.

The person who comes is also a full-level colonizer, so naturally he will not be ‘killed by the eyes’, almost at the same time , countless thorns protruded from its powerful armor, and the whole person became a hedgehog.

Different from Cap’s ‘tough type’, this one’s strong-armor should be a ‘sneak type’, which can produce different types of response modes for different situations.

“Why don’t you introduce me?” Gao Gong asked quietly.

Cape was stunned for a moment, then immediately reacted, “Captain of the Shadow Department, Gaoshu, my old partner, he is not your enemy.”

Gao Gong did not speak, while It is to evaluate the battle strength of both sides secretly. Judging from the current state, it should be no problem to deal with a level 30 elite who takes the biological route.

Two may be very laborious.

Of course, this is a one-to-two situation.

If they really want to fight, it is naturally his own group of people who beat up the two of them.

Gao Gong is not pretending, he has given the security team enough patience, killing B-Rank beasts, sending blueprints, obediently and honestly, and conscientious.

And this time is different from the past. Today, he has wings and is infinitely close to the radiation field of A-Rank. Even with his own team, he can safely leave the beast tide.

As long as those two A-Rank blames are not directed against me.

This time, if the vigilantes don’t fill their appetites, he’s really ready to turn the table and leave.

We are all NPCs, you are my player? !

“Since it’s the major general’s problem, let that Gavill talk to me in person!” Because of the anxious voice coming from the earphones.

“Sir, they’re doing it!!”


At this moment, in the direction of the security regiment, their biggest reliance is eight The Titan 4 either rolled over to the ground, or had a big hole in the ground, and most of the wheels were stuck in it.

And on the ground, the metal loach with the thick water tank was shaking its head and wagging its tail, moved towards Daisyela coquettishly.

These ‘metal loaches’ are by-products of Lao Qian’s search for ‘desert worms’, similar to ‘desert worms’, with the only advantage that their shells are harder than worms, making them ideal for burrowing.

Going forward.

It’s not a day or two that Gao Gong wants to do something.

Under normal circumstances, the Security Legion may not be attacked.

Who let their elites be transferred away.

Stinking fish and rotten shrimps can’t stop the plot against the Old Fox.

It’s just a few D-Rank mechanical beasts. Compared to Gao Gong’s giant beast Makino III, the heavy armored war chariot with at least twice the performance gets into real trouble. completely withdrawn from the military conflict.

“Hey hey hey, I tell you, those people in your command have been controlled by us, obediently and honestly listen to our boss, or hack them to death!”

Matsushima Keiko’s arrogant voice came from the earphone, and the tone was quite bad.

Cape and Gao Shu’s expressions turned ugly at the same time. It turned out that Gao Gong’s radiation field was not purely to suppress people, but to cover up their attacks.

“Gao Gong, don’t go too far!” This time, Cap was also annoyed.

“It’s still the same sentence, who is in charge, who is talking, you are not qualified!”

How could these two elites from their home city ever be humiliated like this, even if the generals of the security regiment met To them, it was greeted with a smile.

Besides, Gao Gong is just a native of the radiation zone.

At this time, Gao Shu held down Kaipu and directly entered a number in front of Gao Gong.

However, after a while, Gao Shu’s expression became ugly.

“Brigadier General Gerville is missing. What is certain at the moment is… he is guilty of military espionage.”

“What a coincidence?” Gao Gong sneered again and again, but in his heart Very calm.

No way, this old bald man is too famous, the future lycanthrope Gervir, who is in charge of all the creature manufacturing projects of the Knight regiment, is much better than the surrendered major generals.

The first time he saw him, he thought the old man with the powerhouse hairstyle was a big spy.

The reason why he didn’t expose it was because he had no evidence, and secondly, he also wanted to see if there was any opportunity for waste to be used.

It doesn’t work.

The immediate boss has become a traitor, and this ‘armed coup’ of the other party doesn’t seem to be so unacceptable.

“So, there’s no need to talk?”

“Why don’t you have to talk, don’t you want to talk, I’ll talk to you!” The rough voice suddenly sounded.

A huge silhouette appeared at the door, and this person was Commodore Magic Mountain.

The highest military commander in the campaign.

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