Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Beast TideΒ·Eating Tiger

Magic Mountain, the elite of the mother city, in terms of strength, even in the entire security Legion , he can also be ranked in the top three.

The first three are just modest statements. In terms of battle strength alone, he is the Legion Number One Person!

The reason why he was willing to jump from the regular Legion to here, in addition to the money given by the headhunter, is a big part of the reason that this is a good place for meritorious service.

In his eyes, every radiation beast is a part of his medal.

However, the beast tide at this time has made him frustrated.

The A-Rank beast tide rose to S-Rank, and he was plotted against by two beasts, which made him suffer a big loss.

When I was inspecting the battlefield, I was attacked by several radiating ecological beasts.

Originally, very easy’s flying giant beast failed because of the appearance of ‘giant kun’.

As soon as the front line was pacified, the rear was on fire again.

He finally got rid of the blame. Who would have thought that the always obedient mechanical hunter also gave him a ‘surprise’.

If he didn’t have time, he would like to fortune for himself. Is this bad place not in line with his own characters? !

The Demon Mountain glared at Gao Gong fiercely. He wanted to give an order to raze this place to the ground. He could definitely do it. How about a few hundred elite beasts, even if only dispatched Half of the troops can win.

However, after this battle is over, there is no need to fight the beast tide, and it is possible to ‘strategically move forward’.

The power of this kid is not big or small, but he is stuck in a very sad way, which is really annoying.

“Why, don’t you want to talk to this General, why don’t you talk?”

Gao Gong squinted, just about to speak, next moment, a dark fist appear in front of you.

‘Bang! ! ! ‘

A circle of aftermath swayed in the air, and all the glass products around were shattered by the shock.

“If you win this General, you can negotiate any conditions!”

Gao Gong’s silhouette slammed into the back wall, knocking down most of the wall.

Cape sighed, his boss really had the same temper.

Next moment, countless cracks appeared on the debris piled up, and there was a sudden explosion, Gao Gong walked out with a black face, on the blood armor of both arms, densely packed crack.

Fortunately, I have been driving the ‘Dermal Stop Water’, otherwise I would have been disfigured directly.

The fist with three times the speed of sound is worthy of being a ruthless character against the Great Knight, and I don’t know that the opponent’s ‘military leader template’ has cultivated several specialties.

“You just said that as long as you win, everything is easy to say?”

Under the effect of the ‘A-Rank’ radiation field, the crack in Gao Gong’s arm quickly recovered, This made Mo Shan’s eyes flash with surprise.

Just as he was about to say something, he met Gao Gong’s eyes, which were cold to the bone for a moment, as if soaked in a sea of blood.

Rao is because of his firm will, and his body couldn’t help but froze slightly. At the same time, the radiating power of five hundred elite beasts converged in an instant, and the Kuroshio once again drowned everyone.

If the opponent is a player, you can clearly see that there are more than a dozen negative states on the body at once, ‘weak’, ‘mental suppression’, ‘biological energy reduction’, ‘disordered facial features’ , ‘Energy Burn’, ‘Radiation Damage’, etc.

However, the boss template is the boss template, next moment, fifty-six energy vents burst out from the opponent’s strong beast armor, and the violent high-temperature particle flow instantly dissipated the surrounding radiation.

Suddenly, a sense of vigilance rose from the bottom of my heart.

Gao Gong appeared in front of him at some point, squatting half-squatting, his palms folded into knives, and a pair of iron-bone wings folded behind him.

The four-knife flow draws the knife and cuts!

‘Radiation Field Mastery’ naturally also includes ‘Air Mastery’, Gao Gong made four ‘Air Scabbard’ for himself.

Four white lines appeared in the air, and four explosions sounded at the same time.

Magic Mountain only managed to protect his face before being beheaded by Gao Gong, and the iron gate was all split up and in pieces.

In everyone’s astonished eyes, the Motor City Number One Expert, no, it should be the Central Desert Number One Expert, was beaten out by the ‘humanoid war beast’.

Fortunately, the magic mountain was not too embarrassing. With the jet of particles from the energy vent, the formidable power of the four slashes canceled each other out, and finally he landed smoothly.

[You deal 54 armor damage to Tiger General Magic Mountain]

[You deal 37 armor damage to Tiger General Magic Mountain]

[ You deal 24 armor damage to Tiger General Devil Mountain]

[You deal 63 armor damage to Tiger General Devil Mountain]

‘Fuck you didn’t break defense! ‘

Like Gao Gong, the knife marks on Moshan are slowly recovering.

The powerful armor under ‘complete technology’ is at least the equipment of ‘black technology’ level, or even ‘epoch-making’.

The equipment level reaches the ‘epoch-making’, that is, the upper limit of the breakthrough Level 1 civilization, reaching the level of the Level 2 civilization.

Level 2 civilization, also known as multi-planet civilization, can build extraterrestrial bases and carry out planet immigration.

And this level of equipment has the ability to fight in outer space.

Gao Gong slowly walked out of the ruins of the gate. His body soared again, nearly three meters. Like Pang Xiang, countless blue veins were beating on the skin. After the body swelled, the blood armor was now only It can cover the vital parts of the body, not the whole body.

Gao Gong’s face was flushed and contorted, and there was even a hint of pain.

β€œao ao ao ao ao ao ——”

The blood armor at the shoulder blades cracked again, and a pair of two-meter-long iron Bone Blade wings were squeezed out again. The first bioelectrical stimulation of his nerve system, the bone wings first vibrated, then slowly stretched, rolled up a fine wind, and shook off the mucus on it.

“What the hell!?”

This time, even the magic mountain was shocked. Could this guy really be a ‘humanoid war beast’, that biological modification technology is so strong?

Gao Gong grinned, took a long breath, and black’s radiant energy turned into long strands of energy, wrapping around his body.

Next moment, two monsters nearly three meters in height burst out at the same time, fists and claws fiercely collided, a shock wave visible to naked eyes came out from the attacking part of the two, next moment, the surrounding area weighed several tons. The crane was overturned directly.

Everyone around was stagnant in breathing, and all the living people within 100 meters fainted.

It feels like two A-Rank Radiant Beasts are fighting each other!

Daisian’s complexion greatly changed, and quickly yelled: “Everyone, all the mechanical beast troops, retreat now, retreat immediately!” The magic mountain grabbed the ‘barrel nose’ of a gas cannon with one hand, and suddenly there were fifty energy vents behind it. Shan threw his hand, and a giant elephant weighing several tons was smashed to Gao Gong alive.

β€œPig, tell me, what thing are you!”

Gao Gong also stepped on a one-horned rhinoceros with his paws, and the rhinoceros let out a scream. .

Gao Gong once again appeared in midair.

The ‘Dermal Mirror Stops the Water’ was activated again, and the four knives and limbs were like cooking a dice to unravel an ox. Without any sound, the ‘air cannon elephant’ was chopped into a dozen giant pieces of meat.

In the surging blood, the huge silhouette of the magic mountain reappeared, all the energy spouts focused on his right fist, making his fist like an energy bomb.

In fact, the formidable power of this fist definitely exceeds that of an energy bomb of the same size.

One kilogram of TNT can produce 4.2 million joules of energy, an energy bomb of the same volume is about ten times that, and this fist of the Magic Mountain is ten times that of an energy bomb, equivalent to an ultra-micro nuclear bomb.

The huge ‘cannon’ sounded, and Gao Gong’s silhouette seemed to defy the rules of physics. While stopping the forward charge, he traversed half a meter out of thin air, just right to avoid the opponent’s ‘high-energy reaction punch’ , At the same time, a terrifying explosion sounded from behind.

Except for the corpses of two B-Rank giant beasts, the entire factory was razed to the ground.

Gao Gong’s blade shrank like a switchblade, cutting right into his abdomen.

[You deal 234 armor damage to Tiger General Magic Mountain]

[You deal 54 damage to Magic Mountain]

‘Break the defense? ‘

Gao Gong was overjoyed, but next moment, a huge sole appeared in front of his eyes and kicked heavily on his abdomen.

Next moment, Gao Gong shot back like a cannonball and crashed into Legion’s camp. His back seemed to hit something, and six groups of humanoid blood mist were born out of thin air.

“Answer me, Pig!”

The terrifying silhouette of the Magic Mountain descended once again, but Gao Gong’s silhouette was disappeared, leaving only the aftermath of air-bursting dust.

‘This isβ€”’

The mountain squinted, and the silhouette disappeared again.

In the eyes of outsiders, two figures appear like lightning, disappear, appear again, disappear again, and the explosion of the air will not sound until a long time later.

The naked eye can’t keep up with each other’s speed at all!

“Impossible, how is it possible!”

“How could anyone fight that monster from the Demon Mountain!”

“The Tiger General, the Demon Mountain, he transferred over here. Isn’t it used to deal with A-Rank Radiant Beasts?”

The soldiers were already so surprised, not to mention the mechanical hunters.

“The upper limit, he broke the upper limit!?” A mechanical hunter from another oasis was stunned.

“No, not just breaking the ceiling, but breaking through to a new level!” The uniformed hunter’s eyes were full of enthusiasm.

“I see it! I see a new path!” the cowboy hunter on the plasma horse excitedly said.

“Can anyone really do this? By biological mutation?”

Daisyla was the most surprised, because she was the mechanical hunter who broke the hunter limit.

The electronic spider eyes on her top and bottom turned at the same time, barely able to keep up with the speed of the two of them.

But the more it does, the more I understand the horror of Gao Gong.

Not a level at all!

She and Gao Gong are both middle generation hunters and have similar backgrounds and are familiar with each other.

It can be said that Gao Gong, before being crossed, couldn’t beat Daisyela.

Although Gao Gong is backed by rich women, there are only two rich women.

And behind Daisyla, there is an inheritance of a whole family.

If there is no accident, the gap between the two will get bigger and bigger. When Daisyla reaches the hunter limit and her strength stagnates, the first generation Gao Gong will slowly catch up.

However, after a series of changes, Daisyla experienced heavy losses and also experienced reborn from the ashes.

Whether out of life-saving grace or the grace of transformation, she has given up fighting Gao Gong for leadership.

But she still wants to fight for the status of the number one mechanical hunter.

However, Gao Gong’s current performance is undoubtedly telling her, you go to fight, brother has changed to a new costume to play.

Unlike the Magic Mountain, every time Gao Gong moves, an explosion sounds.

Finally, at the moment when the three-dimensional motorized device was activated, the magic mountain appeared in the direction of the spout, grabbed the monomolecular rope, and pulled it violently, and Gao Gong was pulled over alive.

‘The rainy night with knife mode was actually broken! ‘

Gao Gong’s thoughts flashed, but after a series of fights just now, he has fully stacked ‘killing power’, 15 layers of attack power, plus 15 randomly increased attribute points, he is more than when he just fought. status is even stronger.

The waist and abdomen exerted force, and then this tremendous force turned at a high speed, and the four sword limbs and two sword arms simultaneously performed ‘Dance of Swords’, and they were still the madness of swords under the ‘Clear Mirror’ dance.

Next moment, a huge blade storm broke out in midair, and a tornado was like blade light hiding the sky and covering the earth, stronger than the old version of Reaper!

After countless conversations with the knife and palm, the mission prompt finally rang.

[Mission: Beast TideΒ·Tiger Devouring]

Difficulty: Difficult

Mission Briefing: Facing the provocation of Legion battle strength Number One Person of the law and order, are you Choose to surrender, or speak with your fists, and let the other party know the strength of the mechanical hunter Number One Person

Quest goal: win/tie the Tiger General

Quest reward: EXP +14000, Regional reputation +2000, incomplete mechanical puzzle*1, a lottery chance

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