Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 97


Chapter 97 I am the hunter, you are the prey (1)

After destroying most of the surrounding equipment, the blade storm , and finally divided the winner with the humanoid monster in the eyes of the storm.

As another shock wave exploded, Gao Gong’s silhouette appeared, and four knives fiercely inserted into Moshan’s body, taking over 500 true damage.

And there are at least a hundred scratches on the armor of the strong colony. Many old knife marks have not been fully repaired, and new knife wounds have already appeared.

Armor: 1739/5000

Gao Gong’s blood armor is only 300 points.

However, the place where the blade was inserted suddenly changed, and the black fluid continued to flow out, covering nearly half of the ‘blade’ at once.

Colony Invasion! ?

Gao Gong feels that another biological will is competing with him for control.

The strong-armored armor wriggled wildly, and finally tore from the middle, revealing the huge mechanical body of the magic mountain, as well as the rumbling sound of the violent engine.

The strong colony armor in the ‘separated’ state can actually invade by itself!

Magic Mountain also has an internal skeleton, and it also has a built-in engine!

This guy is hiding his strength.

To be punished!

Almost as Gao Gong’s thoughts flashed, Moshan clenched his arms and clenched, and the two knives were cut alive!

[You take 341 damage]


The pain of ‘mutilation’ made Gao Gong’s eyes bloodshot, all The three-dimensional mobile device ejected and pulled back violently. Along with the corroded white smoke, Gao Gong finally pulled out from the colony, and rolled to the ground in some embarrassment.

The two knives on his shoulder blades were split in two, and the knives under the shoulder blades seemed to have been splashed with sulfuric acid, emitting white smoke.

The whole person looks like a bird man with broken wings.

The corners of Gao Gong’s eyes twitched violently due to pain. At the same time as the three-dimensional mobile device exploded, he crossed several hundred meters and appeared in front of two security regiments.

Two arms were inserted into their chests instantly.

The violent digestion sounded, and within three seconds, the two of them were sucked into human sex.

Then Gao Gong repeated his old tricks, but within moments, ten ‘air-dried human flesh’ were born.

Magic Mountain doesn’t seem to care. As early as in the battlefield report of Kaipu, he knew that Gao Gong has terrible recovery methods, and also understands that in this environment, as long as the opponent wants to escape, You can’t stop yourself.

But if the other party really escapes, the hearts of the people who have just gathered will be disappeared.

The Magic Mountain can become a battlefield commander of an oversee a area, not a real fool.

At this moment, he didn’t make a move, but suspended in mid-air, with dozens of gears spinning rapidly on his hands and thighs.

And as they turned, the ‘strong colony armor’ was actually turned in bit by bit.

On the mechanical body of the Magic Mountain, a huge black tiger appeared in the chest.

Cape shook his head, acknowledging that Gao Gong has potential, but it will take a long time to realize that potential.

As for the boss, Moshan, he has proven himself in countless counter-insurgency wars.

He’s not the colonizer of Magic Mountain.

It’s the Devil Mountain Tiger Β· Devour V Type.

With the crazy rotation of the gears, the texture of one after another skull on the surface of the mechanical body lights up.

On the face of the skeleton, three black holes emit energy rays of light.

A full 90 energy jets are in operation.

“It’s really perverted, so many energy vents,” Gao Gong sighed, “It is indeed the elite of the mother city.”

Generally speaking, the more vents, the more armored The higher the performance, the normal power armor has 16 energy vents, the mecha is a little more, but it will not exceed 30 vents.

As for the rebuilt Knight of large enterprises, using the most advanced type of heavy armor technology, the nozzles will not exceed 50.

There is no other reason, the performance of the body is one thing, and whether the user can control it is another.

The Magic Mountain uses powerful armor to withstand the overload of the mechanical body.

And he was able to do this because he fused the ‘Strong Colony Armor’ with cells during his level 30 carbon-based fusion process.

The mechanical body becomes the weapon, and the colony armor is the body.

“Double health boss, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Moshan suspended in midair, looked at Gao Gong playfully, and hooked his fingers.

“Pig, come up!”

“Try it.”

The next moment, the surging Kuroshio, the ‘explosion’ of the stereoscopic mobile device ring.

Gao Gong once again appeared on the battlefield.

However, this time, the scene is one-sided.

Gao Gong’s movement method is still unpredictable. Although four sword limbs are missing, the attack power has decreased, but in other aspects, it has not been reduced much.

This time, the magic mountain has shown the power of rolling.

Regardless of speed, strength, and perception, it has obviously risen a level, punching and kicking, and sonic booms.

Gao Gong can only dodge, not even the occasional counterattack.

In the eyes of outsiders, the magic mountain is stronger.

But only Gao Gong understands that it is not that he has become stronger, but that he has ‘weakened’.

Level 10 carbon-based + mechanic, attribute equivalent to Level 20 mechanic hunter, plus Gao Gong’s series of high-quality human modifications, roughly equivalent to Level 20 elite template.

That’s right, it’s Daisyela’s level.

One of the reasons why he looks so powerful is that he has controlled the radiation field of 500 elite monsters, and has mastered biological energy far beyond his level in a short period of time.

The control of this energy makes him look similar to the full powerhouse of the Level 1 civilization.

But this is actually an illusion.

His five-dimensional attribute didn’t go up much.

In terms of attributes alone, the magic mountain is at least three times his size.

If the attribute is less than twice, the ‘Rainy Night with Knife Killing Mode’ can still be pulled, but three times, it will not be able to carry it.

After all, the magic mountain is not a big monster and can’t get a pedicure.

The configuration of the three-dimensional mobile device is to deal with large monsters, not to deal with humanoid monsters.

The other party just saw through the operation of this mode, and risked abolishing their ‘weapon’.

In this way, I can’t attack from the top, and I can’t do any damage from the bottom, and the biological energy in my hands can’t be converted into actual effects, so it’s useless.

As expected of the home city of Old Fox, after fighting the Resistance Army, if this were a B-Rank Radiant Beast, he might have already made ninety-nine moves by himself.

“Pig, weren’t you arrogant just now?”

“Tell me, let’s talk about your plan!”

“What did you just say? , hunter? Who do you want to hunt!?”

“The untouchables in the radiation zone, the domestic dog kept by the vigilantes!”

It doesn’t matter Gao Gong, he’s an old bastard, and besides I can’t bear this bit of abuse, how can I mess with the universe in the future.

It was the mechanical hunters who were watching, their teeth clenched and their eyes spitting fire.

Gao Gong is now the hope of the mechanical hunter, the new upper limit of this professional group, and now this ‘upper limit’ is being beaten violently, the sourness is beyond words.

Similar to his own Goddess being domestically abused by other men.

Angry, furious!

Daisyra held down Keiko Matsushima, who was about to rush up to cut someone, and choked out a voice from her gums.

“Don’t make trouble, you will only get in the way!”

“Beast! Beast! I’m going to cut him!” big.

Long time to defend, Moshan found an opportunity to pinch a three-dimensional mobile device, and then forcibly tore another single-molecule rope.

Then he grabbed Gao Gong’s head, smashed it fiercely on the radiant beast’s corpse, dropped his body, and pressed his knees heavily against Gao Gong’s stomach.

“See, you are no different from them.”

“There is still a little difference.”

Gao Gong suddenly reached out, terrifying The black tide of radiation surged out again, but the magic mountain flashed past with a dexterity that did not fit his figure, and stopped fifty meters away.

“You only have this move left, don’t you!?” Magic Mountain taunted.

This tiger general’s irascible personality is one reason, and another reason, he wants to provoke Gao Gong to fight him desperately.

A man can’t do without a head, and a bird can’t fly without a head. If you solve it, then all problems will be solved.

He knew that the other party’s recovery ability was terrifying, but once a person fell into a life-threatening state, what was the use of the recovery ability.

With morality, Gao Gong cannot run away.

Gao Gong, who was verbally aggressive, fought with him.

Kill him, break the backbone of the mechanical hunter, and interrogate the technique of taming wild beast from the mouth of his men.

Also avoid a real war.

Three birds with one stone!

Gao Gong glanced at the other party, took out a cigarette from his dry pocket, hung it on his bloody face, and lit it with a pinch of fingers.

“Oh, why do you need to push people too much.”

“Isn’t it good for everyone to be happy and make money?”

“I won’t rob you of the boss. ”

Gao Gong let out a smoke ring, next moment, the terrifying Kuroshio once again covered everything.

It’s just that this time, the Kuroshio is extraordinarily rich, and the crazy black fire begins to burn in the ‘tide’, the ‘pointy’ of the flame is a little white light.

‘Are you going to work hard? ‘

Moshan was overjoyed.

Next moment, the black fire converged on Gao Gong, and in the radiating flame, Gao Gong was groaned, the flesh of his waist was torn apart, and the tips of a pair of iron Bone Blade wings slowly extruded.

The blood flow is accelerated.

But the third pair of knives could not be squeezed out.


Finally, Gao Gong spat out a large mouthful of blood, and the ‘blade prototype’ was retracted.

[You lose 130 HP]

“Sure enough, Reaper cells also have a limit, have they mutated to the limit?”

The magic mountain saw In this scene, I was more certain of my judgment in my heart. The strength of the opponent’s body could not support the injection of this huge biological energy.

Like a B-Rank radiant beast, if you forcefully control the beast tide, you will also die violently.

So the lowest of the beast tide is A-Rank.

Gao Gong vomited blood again, but this time while vomiting blood, countless bloodshots shot out of his body.

‘The side effects of mutation, like those biological warriors? ‘

There was a flash of thought in Moshan’s eyes. So, the failure of the biological transformation warrior was not a pit dug by the other party?

“You may have misunderstood something.”

Gao Gong picked up the cigarette butt from the pool of blood, shook it, and put it in his mouth again.

“You think I’m trying to make peace with me, or carrying a beast for self-respect or something?”

“Isn’t that so?” Magic Mountain coldly snorted, asked rhetorically.

“Then you are misunderstood,” Gao Gong squinted, “Actually, I really intend to overturn the table this time.”

“What are you using to overturn the table? ?”

“Good question,” Gao Gong nodded. On the opposite side, there was a huge radiant beast corpse, the colorful pterosaur.

“A corpse, or a corpse with only a skeleton?” The Magic Mountain laughed heartily up.

Gao Gong didn’t care: “You should have heard that in previous battles, I rode this giant beast for a short period of time.”

“But you probably I don’t know, how did I drive it, just control the nervous system?”

Moshan’s face began to change.

He felt vaguely wrong.

Because of that colorful pterosaur, and the huge corpse behind Gao Gong, surging rays of light began to emerge.

Half black, half white.

“I can actually level up a long time ago. Why do I keep pressing the level? Isn’t it just to go carbon-based + mechanical flow.”

“Why do you want to go this way? , because it can fight.”

“Why can it fight, because it can transform.”

“If you don’t believe me, then I will transform into one for you to see.”

The magic mountain no longer intends to listen to Gao Gong, and the strong anxiety makes him plan to kill Gao Gong.

However, in the next moment, the terrifying ‘beast tide’ was launched again, and the magic mountain had to cross his hands to block the energy tide, and the violent energy forcibly pushed him out of the ruins.

He could only vaguely see that the three intact tail wings of the colorful pterosaur began to slowly detach under the action of the energy tide, and then inserted into Gao Gong’s back one by one.

And on another giant beast corpse, countless black feathers floated down and stuck to the bare tail.

Affected by this, four knife limbs grew out again, which were also ‘sticked’ by black feathers.

From Iron Bone Blade Wings to ‘Fallen Angel Wings’.

Professor Han, who had been watching the battle from a distance, was suddenly stunned.

“How can the brain in a vat still be used like this?”

In his eyes, those ‘feathers’ are not floating down, but are difficult for countless naked eyes. See the ‘Live Divine Transformation Bundle’ plucked.

‘Brain in a Vat’ is known as the Divine Item of the otaku, and it has thousands of heads in one.

But conversely, it can also piece together the corpse of a creature into a new creature!

Of course, this requires an absolute balance between carbon-based and mechanical.

Otherwise, it will be like those biological modification warriors, and after a few uses, biological rejection will go berserk.

And this kind of transformation will only be more dangerous, biological and mechanical rejection will reach a terrifying number at the same time.

Gao Gong raised his right arm and inserted countless red silk threads into giant beast’s corpse.

This B-Rank mechanical beast is called the Ironback wyvern, and the hardest part is its bio-alloy vertebrae.

Next moment, the spine giant spear is dismembered!

The Magic Mountain suddenly realized something.

He believed that the fleshy body of the other party could not carry such terrifying biological energy.

Without a powerful fleshy body, no amount of powerful energy can be turned into a weapon.

But there are actually, these two huge giant beast corpses are the best carriers.

And the other party’s previous brewing is for this moment!

I don’t know when, the cubs of the thundercloud electric eel flew into the sky, and the terrifying radiation field made them feel like home.

Soon, the sky was clouded with clouds, and the Razers danced wildly.

Under the dark clouds, in the terrifying black tide, one silhouette slowly flew up, holding a mechanical giant spear, and six black wings were constantly flapping.

The sight in front of them made everyone’s eyes reflect fear.

That day

Humanity finally remembered

The fear of being dominated by monsters

On the wings of black, burning white light.

This is the power of the A-Rank Radiant Beast.

Gao Gong tilted his head.

“What did you just ask me?”

“I told you, I am the hunter.”

“And you are the hunted.”

Finally finished

(End of this chapter)

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