Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 100

"The Devil Muscle Man" Ewan Byrne, belongs to one of the more famous C-Rank fighters in the "Sai no Kawara Arena".

He was said to have worked as a professional wrestler in Brazil before. He was expelled from professional wrestling because of his stigma in the arena. After traveling to many countries, he came to this underground arena to make a living.

In the last battle, the devil muscle man successfully twisted the leg of the underground boxer, cruelly winning the final victory.

Although I just finished a game, when I heard that there was a new "promotion match", Ivan Bourne immediately signed up.

After all, in the "promotion match", if the opponent who is the opponent wins, he will have double the prize money, which is a full 20 million!

Hehe, as long as you can get rid of such a kid, you can get 20 million. It's a bargain.

With the bonuses saved before, as long as I win this game, I can almost go back to my hometown and get married.

When I saw Ryuto's gradually moved towards the arena, Ivan Bourne's eyes flashed with a hint of ecstasy, as if he saw the leisurely life of his wife and child afterwards.

After all, no matter how loud the audience cheers to Ryuto, how much background the host introduces.

Ryuto now looks like a handsome yellow-haired high school student from the outside.

Such a yellow-haired hooligan is okay to intimidate ordinary persons. No matter how you blow it in Underground World, it has nothing to do with the word "powerhouse".

The height and body shape of the sixteen-year-old fully reflects the peculiar thinness of a teenager.

Especially when standing with Ewan Byrne, who has a big waist, the comparison between the two sides is more like an adult beating a child, it is completely bullying.

"It's just a teenage bean sprouts dish, so I dare to come up to the game... Twenty million is really good."

At this moment, the other players in the lounge watching the game couldn't help but complain, and seemed to regret that they were late in signing up.

hong long long. When the host quickly left the scene, the iron cage originally hung above slowly fell.

A greedy smile appeared on Ewan Bourne's face, and at the same time he even imagined his victory in his mind.

By the way, what kind of posture should I pose after winning?

Doing push-ups on this bean sprouts head?

Or do you hold him by the ankle and lift it up with one hand to dry the salted fish?

Before the countdown of the battle began, in addition to Ewan Byrne, the audience sitting around the round tables also silently expressed their gratitude to this person with their betting machines. "Devil muscle man" is optimistic.

Komaki Sotaro, who was sitting at the table, was drinking wine while looking at the monitor above and said, "Is it 1.82 to 1.17? It seems to be underestimated."


Yuna also looked up towards the monitor that was displaying "1.82:1.17", and asked suspiciously: "Master Komaki, what does that mean?"

"It is the bet of both parties In the handicap, if you beat Ryuto to win, it is 1 to 1.82, and if you beat the wrestler, it is 1 to 1.17. This shows that there are more people who beat the wrestler to win."

"How come! Is everyone like this? I’m not optimistic about..."

Yuna originally wanted to say “Are everyone so optimistic about Ryuto?”

But she hasn’t finished talking yet. Looking into the iron cage, I saw that Ryuto and Ivan Bourne were standing opposite each other, showing an adult and child-like contrast, and instantly understood the punters' thoughts.

It is true that even if Ryuto comes with the title of "Son of Legend", he is too young after all.

Even Kiryu Ichima, who was called the Underground War God, was almost 30 years old when he became famous here.

Men in their thirties are at the peak of life in terms of physical ability, skills, and experience.

But a sixteen-year-old boy is still in the growth period, and even just started his growth period. How can such a boy beat those veteran underground fighters?

Therefore, although the surrounding audience are very excited about Ryuto's participation in the battle, there are very few people who really dare to buy him and win, which can be said to be a big upset.

Just as Yuna thought about this, the host who had left the iron cage loudly shouted with the microphone: "The countdown begins! Three! Two!"

Are you going to start? Do you really want to fight that robust man?

Looking at Ryuto staying with the "devil muscle man" in the iron cage, Yuna only felt that her heart was about to beat her throat.

"One! The game begins!"

No, I dare not watch!

Just when the host just yelled out the four words "start of the game".

Yuna closed her eyes unconsciously and stretched out her hand to cover her tightly, as if she was afraid of seeing Ryuto being knocked to the ground.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! .

All around, there was already a thunderous roar! At the same time, the atmosphere around the arena was burned to the extreme.

Followingly, the host who just announced the start of the competition shouted in an incredible tone: "Compared... the competition is over! The winner of the first round competition is, "Legend Son of "Kiryu Ryuto!"

What? After hearing the host's words, Yuna let go of her hand trembling with fear, and moved towards the huge iron cage with wide eyes.

Only two seconds ago, the "devil muscle man" Ewan Byrne, who had just set his footing and prepared to strike with a heavy punch, had fallen to the ground like a salted fish.

The tiger eye, who was still in eyes wide staring angrily just now, rolled his eyes, his chin was tilted aside at a strange angle, and there was a big shoe print on his face.

It feels like someone came to him firmly and hit his face crookedly.

Won? This won?

After reacting to the fact that the opponent had fallen to the ground, Yuna looked towards Ryuto, who was standing in the center of the field.

At this time, Ryuto's face is not red or panting, and there is almost no sign of a fight just now.

Of course, from a certain point of view, he did not really count as a fight. At most, he unilaterally beat someone up.

But no matter what, the game ended too quickly and too suddenly.

Although the audience never thought that the game would last too long.

But what makes everyone didn't expect is that it can be so fast that even the referee can't react.

This heaven-shaking, earth-shattering game was later called "the beginning of the legend".

According to the description of an audience who was fortunate enough to see the game with his own eyes, the situation at the time was probably like this:

"How to put it...In short, it was unexpected. Although Ewan Byrne is not too strong, as a professional wrestler, his ability to fight against is unquestionable. It is not easy to knock him out."

"When the referee announced the start of the battle, Ivan Bourne directly rushed towards the opponent, trying to drag the battlefield to the ground with a good lock technique, so that he can completely suppress the opponent with an absolute weight difference."

"Looking at his rushing posture is really terrifying. If you face an ordinary C-Rank fighter, you should be able to win it smoothly. Unfortunately, the opponent that day is not at this level."

"The same second that the burly body rushed forward, Master Ryuto took a step to the side, and his right fist struck Ewanborn's chest like lightning."

"this The fist seems to have magical power. After a punch, we can clearly see that Ewan Bourne stopped suddenly."

"Although it was only a short second Left and right, but it’s enough."

"Master Ryuto swiped his left elbow directly, hitting Ivan Bourne’s chin at a very close distance, knocking him out of balance, and then his left foot It got stuck in the opponent’s heel and then made a collision forward, knocking it all back to the ground."

"The big back head hit the floor without protection. There was a loud bang, as if I could feel the vibration in the seat where I was sitting, making people worry about whether his brain would come out of his nose."

"Master Ryuto seems to be too I was worried about this, so I jumped up and slammed his face with his right foot, which had blessed his whole body weight, to help Ewan Bourne step on his brain again... just kidding , Let’s liven up the atmosphere."

"Of course, Ewan Byrne is not a big deal. After only three years in the hospital, he came out. The only minor problem is that he suffered from seeing high school. The mental illness of being scared to pee in the pants."

This concludes the narrative of the audience who has watched the game completely, which also shows how simple Ryuto's First Stage victory is.

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