Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 101

The winner of the "first round competition" is Kiryu Ryuto, "the son of legend!"

With the unbelievable roar of the referee, the first round competition will be fast The speed of as lightning is over.

According to the following accurate statistics, the whole game only took 1.78 seconds, which is really average in a flash. this true? Am I dreaming?

Just after Yuna watched the huge iron cage rise, Ivan Burn was carried by a group of people to receive treatment.

Her rosy lips still couldn't help but open slightly, and her eyes were full of surprise.

How is it possible? That looks such a strong, such a powerful wrestler, was killed by Ryuto all at once?

In addition to Yuna, the other audiences on the court were also shocked by this shocking scene to continuously roar with thunder.

"Oh oh oh oh! What did I see! That's amazing!"

"As expected, he is the son of legend, it seems he came prepared."

"Let those idiots roll over right away! If you have a woman hugged, throw it aside! Such an interesting game is nothing to watch!"

For a while, stand on the field Ryuto in the center once again became the focus of everyone, including Komaki Sotaro's gaze fixed on the boy's body.

Good he also a genius? The "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall" just now has been quite proficient, and it feels like being cultivated for several years.

With Komaki Sotaro's eyesight, it is natural to clearly see the giving tit for tat on the ring in an instant.

Ryuto was a clearly understood first opportunity to evade the deadly running grab, and then a right fist accurately hit Evan Burn’s diaphragm, beating him transiently. The state of spasm.

In that short period of time that seemed to be frozen, the teenager quickly launched a series of fierce and smooth continuous attacks, directly attacking the key point, and directly attacked the strong and resistant wrestler on the spot. I fainted.

To reach the point just now, in addition to the full training of the "Profound Truth. Tiger Fall", you also need to have strong physical and psychological qualities.

When you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins.

Especially in this kind of iron cage battle where the two sides cannot retreat, the effect of "guts" is quite obvious.

Are you nervous when others take action? Do you have any burdens when you do it yourself? The key to this lies in a "gut".

At the age of sixteen, Ryuto can have the courage to be fearless in actual combat, which is far beyond Komaki Sotaro's expectation.

Of course, what Komaki Sotaro didn't know was that Ryuto had already changed the title of "Yakuza Master" at this time.

After changing to this title, his courage has reached the level of "LV4. International Warrior". It can be said that he is in a state of boldness, boldness, and fear of collapse.

Although the first fighter has been carried off the field, the game is not over yet.

It didn't take long for the second fighter to quickly walk towards the ring under the host's shout.

Because this is a promotion match, Ryuto must defeat three opponents in a row without any breathing time.

So when the middle-aged man wearing a taekwondo suit with a fierce face and the word "Tiger" printed on his back came towards the ring, the audience suddenly boiled again.

The host also introduced in a frenzy homeopathy: "Ladies and gentlemen! The second fighter in this promotion match is the "Band Tigers" who has already won four victories. "Piao Renyong! Let us welcome him to the arena with warm applause!"

Amidst the cheers of the surrounding audience, Pu Renyong stepped onto the open iron cage ring with steady steps.

During his onstage, the fighter looked steadily forward, as if he hadn't been affected by the noise around him at all.

When she saw the straight silhouette, Yuna asked suspiciously: "What's the matter? This fighter seems to have a different feeling from the previous wrestlers?"

And Sotaro next to him explained: "Because this guy belongs to the "Daoist" type, so the imposing manner will be more serious, without the smell of copper."

"Daoist, what? What do you mean?"

"Although most of the people who come to this underground amphitheater are for money, there are also a few who come to make themselves stronger. This kind of not greedy for fame and fortune but only pursues strength The fighter is "seeking Daoist"."

"so that's how it is, then classmate Ryuto is also "seeking Daoist"."

"Of course he is, as "Komaki Style Martial Arts "How can the heirs fight for money, it's too vulgar." In front of Yuna, Komaki Old Master straightened up and said confidently...if he knew If Ryuto is counting money in his heart, I don't know if he will be so angry that he will vomit blood on the spot.

But even at this time, Komaki Old Master is quite optimistic about Ryuto.

But when the man who is said to be the combat skill instructor of a special force in Bangguo stood in front of Ryuto, the iron cage above slowly fell.

Komaki Old Master still couldn't help but squeeze a cold sweat for his dísciple secretly.

As far as he knows, although Pu Renyong is a "C-Rank fighter", this great technology is undoubtedly Peak's group in the C-Rank group.

Different from Sora, who has a strong physique but technically but extremely rough "Devil Muscle Man" Ivan Byrne, Pu Renyong has good technical attainments and rich practical experience.

Before coming to this "Kawahara Arena", Piao Renyong once won three consecutive championships in the national Taekwondo competition in the baseball country, and belonged to the Peak expert of the world.

After he cultivated to brought to the point of perfection with kick-based "Taekwondo", he transferred to the inner world to fight underground because he could not find an opponent in the world. Fighting skills competition.

Of course, this man came here to play the game purely to better hone himself, not to get rewards.

So fighting against this type of fighter who seeks Daoist is much more difficult than fighting against the devil muscle man.

"The countdown begins! Three! Two! One! The game begins!"

Just as Komaki Sotaro was thinking about the confrontation between Ryuto and Piao Renyong, the host had already announced it. The signal for the start of the game.

Different from the previous Ewan Byrne, Park Renyong didn't mean to underestimate Ryuto, but chose spare no effort when he came up.

This young man is not average, but he is not my opponent.

At the moment of the battle, I saw Pu Renyong's body squatted slightly, his legs leaped forward as if hitting a spring, and he killed him with a fierce "air twisting side kick". opponent!

During this kick, Park Renyong’s waist and right leg twisted greatly around the hip joint, which perfectly conveyed the strength to the foot and kicked Ryuto’s neck accurately. .

What a beautiful flying kick, especially from the perspective of a third party, it is as perfect as a textbook.

Furthermore, this kind of side kick in the air, which has accumulated all the strength and even added weight, cannot be blocked and can only be avoided. This is basically the consensus of everyone present.

After all, the strength of the legs is three times greater than that of the hands, especially this kind of air kick that the expert kicks with all the strength of the body, and its strength is enough to split the arm like a branch.

However, next moment Ryuto indifferently stretched out his hand and put his forearm on the side of his body.

What is it? Is this guy crazy?

When seeing Ryuto actually extend the hand arm to resist Piao Renyong's side kick, all the audience wondered if he suddenly got a strange liquid in his mind.

If it's a robust man whose arms are thicker than his thighs, that's all, that's all, why are you a teenager? Your arm is not as thick as a baseball bat, so you can't break it directly under this foot?

Puff! At the next moment, that fierce side kick hit Ryuto's left arm directly.

At the same time, Ryuto's right fist also fell on Pu Renyong's...crotch.

Pu chi! At the moment of the fist hit, it seemed that everyone heard the sound of something shattering.

Of course, it’s definitely not a broken heart, but... a broken egg.

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