Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 102

In this world, what is the most unbearable pain?

Generally speaking, the medical aspect divides the human suffering into "Level 12". The highest level is the pain that women endure during childbirth.

On this conclusion, overwhelming majority men will silently shake their heads to express disapproval after hearing this, because in their opinion, there are more painful experiences than childbirth.

And this kind of encounter is...the broken egg.

At this moment, on this arena, Pu Renyong was fortunate enough to enjoy the ultimate human suffering, "the pain of broken eggs."

For this Taekwondo expert from Korea, his psychological changes in an instant are quite complicated.

When his right foot hit Ryuto's arm as he wished, the first thing that appeared in Pu Renyong's heart was ecstasy.

This idiot actually used his arm to block my kick. Wouldn't he just abolish one of his hands?

But as the kick hits, and there is obvious feedback from there, Pu Renyong feels something wrong again.

What's the matter? Why is his arm as hard as steel? On the contrary, my foot was almost broken by the shock?

I haven't waited for the back-shock pain after the right leg hits the target to impact Pu Renyong's nerves.

Ryuto's fist has already landed on his crotch without the slightest hesitation.

The moment Pu Renyong was hit by a punch in his lower body, Pu Renyong knew that he was finished and he could no longer fight.

From being hit, until the pain comes, there is a short period of vacuum during this period, which is like a repentance time for human beings to repent.

When this fleeting tenths of a second passed, a hard to describe pain spread from the lower body to Pu Renyong's brain.

It hurts! pain! Pain Ahhhhhhh!

If it weren't for fear of being told of the number of water words, Park Renyong should have more than a hundred "Ah" floating in his mind at this time, but this is not enough to describe the extreme pain he felt.

Puff! With Pu Renyong hitting a fist, he fell to the ground.

He slammed his crotch with his hands, and his strong body quickly twisted like a cooked shrimp.

Because it was too painful, Pu Renyong opened his mouth and wanted to shout.

But because the pain was too severe, even if Pu Renyong opened his mouth, he couldn't shout anything because of the pain. He could only open and close like a fish out of the water.

It's over. Although Pu Renyong is still conscious, as long as it is a man, he knows that the game is over.

The vital part was hit directly, and it seemed that it was completely cracked. Any tough guy is impossible to continue fighting under this situation.

Of course, in Ryuto's eyes, Pu Renyong is completely asking for trouble, bringing about one's own destruction.

You said you kicked your leg well, why did you jump up?

Furthermore, this idiot has to spread his legs carefreely while jumping so high, for fear that others will not be able to hit his vital part.

If you really want to play this way, at least you have to have some secret Divine Art like "Golden Bell Cover. Iron Crotch", but Pu Renyong has not done much in this area, and it turns out It can only be a dead loss.

But he was really strong this time...I almost couldn't stop him.

Go up and give Piao Renyong a kick, kicking him out and fainting.

Ryuto shook the left arm that he had just used to block, feeling a little numb and pain in his arm.

In the eyes of most people, Ryuto used such a thin arm to resist the kick that was full of all his strength just now. The end must be a ka-cha, his bones cracked like being hit by a car.

But it's a pity that Ryuto has two passive cash recharges, the "Extreme Meaning of Copper Skin" and "Extreme Meaning of Iron Bone", which can provide it with powerful resistance to attack.

Although the proficiency of these two skills is not enough to allow him to withstand all the damage, it is not a problem to withstand this foot...

"The game is over! The winner of the second game was Kiryu Ryuto, the "Son of Legend!"

Seeing that Park Renyong fainted, the host also very decisively signaled the end of the game.

While announcing the end of the game, the host secretly covered his lower body, as if empathizing with Pu Renyong's experience.

Look carefully, in addition to the host, all the surrounding audience members, all men, all reached out to cover the bottom or clamped their legs.

This kind of collectively similar actions that occur simultaneously, Ryuto called "the phenomenon of the consensus of broken eggs."

The so-called "synchronous phenomenon of broken eggs".

It means that when someone’s egg is broken, all men who see the scene or hear the sound can’t help but react, or clamp their legs or reach out to cover them, without exception .

Of course, for a female audience like Yuna, such a scene is somewhat embarrassing.

Looking at Pu Renyong being carried down like a salted fish and unable to get up again, Yuna couldn't help muttering: "This...this can be considered fighting Is it?"

In Yuna's heart, the fight should be a fight between fists and fists, a passionate collision of body, technology and soul, and a match to show their strongest side in sweat and blood.

But Ryuto’s style of play just now, to be honest, was a bit...devilish?

However, Komaki Sotaro was nodded with a smile, said with a smile: "Fighting is originally a three-in-one thing, as long as you can win, you can do nothing too much."

"Even if...attack there?"

"What do you think? The real fight is like this. The warriors in the past fight speaking of which are tall, but they are actually thrown away in a hurry. Swords bite each other with their teeth, eyeballs each other, and each other digs out eggs. It’s just that later generations beautify the career of warrior, and they are no different from the bullshit."

Use teeth."

Bite each other, eyeball each other?

When she heard such an impact speech, Yuna was stunned for a while. It seemed that she didn't expect such a terrifying scene in the world.

However, it is not important for the fighters to be inferior or superior. The most important thing is whether to walk down the ring standing or lying down sideways.

With the end of the second game, the next third game was applied for Komaki Sotaro.

When Ryuto continued to kill his second opponent in seconds, the third game did not start immediately.

Under the arrangement of the host, some staff members walked onto the ring with some messy things, and began to arrange them all around the ring.

"What does that mean? Why do you want to put things on the ring?"

Yuna looked at the staff above suspiciously, seemingly puzzled by the sudden change.

"This, it's one of the special rules of the game "prop war"."

"Props...prop war? Does it mean that props can be used? "

"Well, the last match of each "promotion match" must be a special match. The "prop war" means that many items other than normal weapons will be placed on the ring. It depends on who can Make better use of these props."

Looking at the piles of props on the ring, Old Master showed a solemn expression.

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