Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 103

After Komaki Sotaro finished the explanation, the staff has completely set up the ring.

At this time, benches, Bicycles, KFC grandfather signs, flower pots, railings and other common street items were placed on the not-so-wide ring.

How to describe the feeling of these fragmentary props, it is a bit subtle.

Do you think these small items like benches are weapons? That certainly can't be regarded as a weapon.

Otherwise, I’m going to the street with a bench on my back. Wouldn’t the police comrades arrest me on the grounds of "carrying a murder weapon"?

But even though odds and ends like benches are not weapons.

If you want to say whether they are useful in fighting, then they are definitely useful, it depends on how the players use them.

As the final arena was set up, the opponents of the third "prop war" also slowly walked out of the contestant channel.

dong, dong, dong!

As the huge silhouette walked out of the contestant’s channel step by step, the surrounding audience couldn't help shouting.

"Wait! It's him! This guy was banned for violating the rules and killing his opponent half a year ago!"

"It's probably the time for the ban, otherwise he would have been B-Rank fighter, this monster is not at the level of C-Rank."

"This is troublesome. I actually encountered this murderer in the "prop war", but he is an expert in execution with props. Ah."

Amidst the audience’s awe-inspiring tone, the opposite of the sea from the sea was wanted for multiple homicides. The villain Mike, the “dirty executioner,” ran away. Saliva stepped onto the ring.

His fat body, which is two meters tall, is wearing a pair of large overalls, exposing the fat and hairy upper body to the air.

This figure is matched with the happy smile and the big face plate with fierce light in the eyes, which makes people seem to see a wild boar wearing clothes.

"Hehe, youngster, okay, I like playing with youngster the most. It takes a long time before I die, puff puff puff."

I saw standing on the ring and stared with cold eyes When he was his own Ryuto, the villain Mike chuckled, as if he had met his favorite toy.

The Old Master in the audience couldn't help but frown and said: "Oops, I actually met the villain Mike at this time."

"The villain Mike...this The guy doesn’t look like a good person, he feels so disgusting."

"It’s not just nausea. He was a felon of Ameriken before. He smuggled here and started punching underground. Later, he publicly tortured opponents, he is a scumbag who loves torturing and killing others."

Komaki Sotaro has not seen the "dirty executioner" in the previous game of killing opponents, but he has heard of him a little bit. What you did.

In that game that was also a "prop battle", the villain Mike forcibly stuffed a railing into his opponent's chrysanthemum, nailed his hands to the Bicycle, and rode around the field. procession.

The tragedy called "match" was actually "execution" lasted for more than ten minutes. When the whole ring was soaked with blood, even the host couldn't stand it and finally announced the end of the match. The villain Mike directly tore his opponent's throat.

So there is no doubt that the villain Mike is a murderer, a lunatic who should be arrested and executed.

It's just this lunatic, but now he is locked in the same cage with Ryuto, surrounded by various "execution props".

Huh... It seems that this third game is not so easy to end.

As the iron cage just hoisted down slowly, the surrounding retreat was completely sealed.

Ryuto looked at the "execution props" scattered all around, and couldn't help but sighed.

Seeing Ryuto seems a little unhappy, and the smile on the villain Mike's face is even more pleasant.

The fact that this stinky kid can play in the third game shows that he is somewhat capable, so it's better to be safe.

Thinking of this, the villain Mike stretched his right hand to his butt without a trace, and buckled a few times in his pants.

On the surface, this sloppy, oily murderer is buckling his butt normally, but in fact, when he reached out, there was a small skinning knife in the palm of his hand.

The skinning knife is covered with a hose and rope, so it goes without saying where this thing was taken out.

Secretly clasping the sharp blade on the palm of the right hand, the villain Mike stretched out his left hand, pretending to be friendly and said: "How about shaking your hand to show friendship before starting the fight? If you have the courage "

When seeing the actions of the villain Mike, some of the audience who had seen him fight couldn't help but say: "Here again, this bastard is playing this trick again."

" Tricks? What tricks?"

"He likes to provoke others to shake hands with him. After holding his left hand, he immediately stabs the props held by the right hand. Before this trick, several newcomers were dead."

The audience's words drifted into Yuna's ears, and when she noticed it, she loudly shouted: "Wait! Ryuto classmate, don't talk to him..."

"Shhh, you can't give hints to the players on the court, otherwise they will be invited out by the guards."

But before Yuna could finish her words, Sotaro on the side quickly compared her to her A hush gesture.

At this time, the two field guards who were about to walk over here also wittily returned to their previous positions.

But even so, Yuna still whispered to Sotaro: "Ryuto will suffer a lot in this case! That villain obviously harboring malicious intentions!"

"Don't worry, he doesn't Stupid, how can it be stupid not to shake hands with others..."

"Shake hands, right? Yes, I like shaking hands best."

Before Sotaro finished speaking, Ryuto smiled and said to the villain Mike, which was an instant slap in the face.

What is it? The moment I heard Ryuto's "declaration of death".

Sotaro was stunned, Yuna was stunned, and everyone in the room was stunned.

No way? Doesn't this guy really see that the villain Mike shaking hands with him is harboring malicious intentions? Or do you really believe that you will not be overcast?

I took the bait. As if afraid that the fool would go back, the villain Mike quickly stretched his left hand in front of Ryuto, and said with a smile: "Come on, then, after shaking hands, we can start...Huh?"

Noisy! Before the villain Mike could finish speaking, there was a rusty nail head on the palm of his outstretched left hand.

This nail looks at least five centimeters long and has a blunt head.

It is full of rust and the smell of engine oil, which seems to be a bauble removed from the Bicycle behind Ryuto.

At the moment when the villain Mike stretched out his left hand, Ryuto, who had hidden the nail in his hand, directly started his hand, and ruthlessly inserted the nail into the back of the villain Mike's hand. .....

It's hard to imagine that such a blunt-headed nail can penetrate that big fan of the arm so smoothly, and it is the kind that penetrates the back of the hand and drills out of the palm of the hand.

This very ruthless scene dazzled the villain Mike and all the audience at once.

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