Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 104

The villain Mike is actually cruel enough. He actually intends to grab the opponent's hand extended for a handshake with one hand, and then take the opportunity to use the sharp weapon in the other hand to perform a sneak attack. .

But who would have thought that Ryuto seemed to be more ruthless than this guy, and he did a better job. He didn't even need to shake hands and he was waiting on the nails.

"wu! aaahhhh ......"

At the next moment, the villain Mike screamed with the painful left hand and at the same time Dirt blood was spilled around.

Crunch! Puff!

At the same time, Ryuto picked up the bench on the side without the slightest hesitation, and slammed it on the forehead of the big scumbag without the slightest hesitation, making a dull sound.

This smash directly smashed the bench to pieces, and exploded a blood on the head of the villain Mike.

"Oh, your head is quite hard, and it's probably empty inside, right?"

Smashed the villain Mike back a few steps, leaning against the iron cage After breathing heavily, Ryuto picked up a Bicycle from the side.

He carried at least a dozen kilograms of Bicycle in his hand, and then even quickly waved it!

It is hard to imagine that someone can use Bicycle as a weapon, and it feels like...nunchaku?

Flick up, down, left, and right. For a while, the huge body flew around in front of the villain Mike, making everyone look stupid.

Of course, apart from the villain Mike in it, all the audience around were also dumbfounded.

Suddenly, one of the viewers couldn't help but say: "What...what the hell is he doing? Isn't he a professional acrobat?"

No Wrong, it really feels like acrobatics.

From the previous blunt nails, you can see that Ryuto's proficiency in using these props is not inferior to professional acrobats.

It’s just that no one would have imagined that the reason why Ryuto was able to play with the props so slippery was mainly because of the fettering skill of "Rogues do not die with bare hands".

Smooth, silky smooth.

At this time, no matter what it is, it is so smooth in Ryuto's hand like his own fingers, even if it is a large item like Bicycle.

"Smelly kid...come on!"

But of course the villain Mike would not just stand so stupidly and be beaten. He directly used the skinning knife hidden in his right hand. When he pulled it out, his body rushed in the direction of Ryuto in a daze!

The charge seemed reckless, but in fact it was a bit clever. After all, this big guy turned sideways with his shoulders in front of him. Even if Ryuto smashed the Bicycle over, he couldn't hit any vital parts.

But if he can get close, he will definitely kill Ryuto if he goes down!

Puff! In the next second, the high-speed swinging Bicycle fell on the villain Mike, but it didn't cause any major movement.

After all, his skin is rough, flesh is thick, as long as it's not the point, it doesn't hurt to be hit by something like Bicycle a few times.

At the same time, Ryuto directly let go of the big piece in his hand, a bowed body shot out from the side, and in the blink of an eye he came to the front of the body of the villain Mike, who was colliding sideways.

Seeing the opponent right in front of him, the villain Mike stabs his knife without the slightest hesitation, but he hits Ryuto's arms.

"Profound Truth of Technology. Tiger Fall"!

I saw the full right fist hit the middle of the villain Mike's abdomen heavily, and the right hand that hit him directly stiffened in the air.

Although there is only a fairly short stagnation time, it is enough.

In an instant, Ryuto leaped up, and the right hand pierced the heart of the villain Mike like a knife.

It is not difficult to hurt this big guy, but it is extremely difficult to make him lose the combat capability.

After all, the villain Mike is as strong as a gorilla. Even if there are "rascals who do not die with bare hands", it is quite troublesome to use the small props around to get rid of this big skin is rough, flesh is thick. thing.

Fortunately, Ryuto also has a final hole card that can be used in this slot.

The moment the right hand pierced out, the black-lacquered dragon tooth serrated saber bounced out of his sleeve on the blade of a blade, quickly held it and pierced the villain Mike’s body. .

This dragon-tooth serrated saber is an excellent product that can truly be on the battlefield.

Therefore, when Ryuto is pierced with full force, the formidable power of this blade is enough to penetrate the thick fat layer and muscle layer to reach the heart.

This...this is!

So in the next second, the villain Mike only felt a cold heart, and a coldness that he had never felt before filled his body.

I...I really want to...Kill him...Ah.

Puff. The murderer from the other side of the ocean fell on the ring.

Until the end, his eyes widened, as if he was about to take Ryuto away with him.

This is the end? No way?

When the villain Mike fell to the ground and bleeding from his chest, even the host and referee did not know what was going on.

What's wrong with this? Ryuto was clearly hit with his hands just now. Why does it look like he was stabbed by a weapon?

No, it’s not what it looks like, but it’s actually using weapons secretly, right?

Looking at the normal-looking young man on the ring, quietly watching the owner of the "Saizhi Kawara Arena" here in the special VIP seat, the Saizhi florist couldn't help being frowned.

Although I don't know how Ryuto did it, his hand is impossible to cause penetrating injuries of that degree. This point can be 100% sure for florists who are used to fighting skills.

It’s so funny, it’s actually dignified in the ring to use the weapon righteously and can still hide it from my eyes. It seems that this kid has inherited the bravery of his father, and at the same time he is more cunning and fierce in character. .

When the florist secretly observed Ryuto, the host finally announced: "The game is over! The winner of the third game is..."Kiryu Ryuto, the son of legend"! At the same time! Congratulations on his promotion to the B-Rank fighter!"

As the referee completely announced the end of the game, the audience who watched the whole promotion game couldn't help shouting.

"Wow! That's awesome! Actually won three games in a row!"

"More than that, he seems to be very relaxed, I'm afraid he won't fight again Three games are okay."

"It should be said that it is the bloodline of Ichima Taicho, it is more fierce than he was in the past."

pa pa pa! bang bang bang bang pa!

When the iron cage slowly rises and Ryuto takes a check from the host and walks down the ring, waves of applause and cheers also come from all directions .

Win...I won, did you finally win?

Looking at Ryuto walking towards her in this warm atmosphere, Yuna's hanging heart finally let go.

Perhaps because of the nervousness during the intense and exciting viewing process just now, after suddenly relaxing, Yuna felt that she had already been brow beaded with sweat, and her legs were a little soft.

"Ryuto classmate, congratulations...wu!"

This kind of physical and mental state caused Yuna to feel dizzy and a little confused when she stood up. The ground fell forward.

Ryuto, who came to the table, supported her by taking advantage of the trend, and shook the 30 million check in front of Yuna Senpai's eyes and said with a smile: "Yuna Senpai, many thanks Your support, so please allow me to use the money to buy you a supper?"

Although Ryuto has just experienced three consecutive battles, Ryuto’s smile at this time is still quite relaxed. He perfectly demonstrated his unique vitality and vigor as a young man.

At the same time, this smile also caught Yuna's heart, making her suddenly feel that this little Junior Brother seems to be...somewhat handsome?

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