Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 105

When the noisy underground fighting skills ended not long ago, Ryuto and Yuna walked out of the dull Underground World

"Sai no Kawara", came to the outside on the street.

It is early spring, and the cool night breeze blows on Yuna's face, making her feel particularly comfortable.

"Wow... the wind at night is really cool, especially after coming out of the ghost place just now."

Looking at the familiar street environment around him, Yuna For the first time I felt something that seemed so everyday, but it looked so beautiful at this time.

"Sai no Kawara" is located underground and Tokyo street is located above ground.

Although it is only separated by a floor, it feels as big as two worlds.

There is no doubt that the area of ​​"Sai no Kawara" is a foreign world full of "non-daily" for ordinary persons.

In that Underground World, the weak are prey to the strong primitive forest rules are presented so vividly and thoroughly.

Powerhouse can have money, status, and beauty. The weak can only become targets for beatings, or become wanderers who are responsible for laughing and sleeping with them.

Because there are no social morals and legal constraints in this Underground World, the people of the overwhelming majority have removed their disguise and exposed the side close to the wild beast.

The uncle who is drinking flower wine on the street and having fun with You Girl may be a respectable Boss during the day.

The aunt who showed a weird smile and watched the fighters fight cruelly in the arena may be a benevolent and moral official during the day.

Magic caves such as "Sai no Kawara" just provide an excellent outlet for them who can't act wilfully on the ground.

The bad air mixed with money and desire makes Yuna so sick that she can barely breathe. Only when she comes to the ground can she finally take a few breaths.

From a certain perspective, hell and heaven have always existed on one side and two sides.

After all, as long as you have seen hell with your own eyes, everything except hell can be called heaven, and the meaning of hell lies in this.

Just after coming to the street on the ground, Yuna couldn't help turning her head and looking towards Ryuto, who was walking by her side, and seemed to have a new understanding of this yakuza Young Master.

The only people walking in this silent night are Yuna and Dragon Head. Komaki Sotaro has already found a rubbish excuse and slipped away quietly.

From Ryuto’s point of view, the old fogey is probably going to have a good jump on the disco in "Sai no Kawara". After all, there are many beautiful little elder sisters and they were touched. The kind that doesn't get angry at the butt.

But at this time, because Sotaro is not being used as a light bulb next to him, Yuna can look more seriously at the male student next to him.

Starting from winning this year’s three-game winning streak in the ring, qualifying for the B-Rank group, and a bonus of 30 million yuan, Ryuto’s expression has not changed much. With a faint smile.

For this man, the Underground World, which is full of non-daily things for Yuna, is the daily life he can't get used to anymore.

This makes it hard for Yuna to imagine why such a sixteen-year-old boy can be so indifferent to the ugliness of the world, what kind of life did he lead before? Does it mean living in such hell all day long?

If you think about it at a higher level, Yuna knows "Kiryu Ryuto", a male student in Class B of Metropolitan No. 1 High School.

Is the friend who is willing to talk to herself about the content of the novel really the one she knows?

It seemed that Yuna's eyes contained complex emotions, and Ryuto also smiled and looked towards her.

At the same time, he asked: "Why look at me with this if I just met me."

"I thought I knew you before. But after tonight, I found that I didn’t know you as much as I thought."

"Haha, mystery is also a kind of charm, although it is far inferior to you in this respect, you It’s also very attractive without being mysterious, at least I think so."

"You...why did you say this suddenly? Really, I don’t know yet. I thought you had some weird thoughts."

After hearing Ryuto's ridicule at first, but it sounded somewhat ambiguous, Yuna couldn't help but turned her head slightly red.

Generally speaking, men proactively praise each other for being attractive in front of women. How many points of these have several points of implied meaning in it.

But for tough guys like Ryuto, Yakuza, It shouldn't be a suggestion like an ordinary high school student, right? Yuna thought so.

However, who knows that Ryuto replied without the slightest hesitation: "Of course, I originally had a strange idea. You won't find it until now?"

Ah ? Suddenly, Yuna was stunned.

She was just joking with Ryuto, but who knew that she heard the answer that didn't seem to be a joke at all?

And this answer sounds a bit like... confession of your own thoughts?

After a few seconds, Yuna asked in a slow tone: "What do you mean by "strange thoughts"...what do you mean specifically?"

"It's the kind of weird thought you have in your heart."

"How do you know what kind of weird idea I'm thinking about?"

"Well, that's it To be straightforward, Yuna Senpai, I actually like you for a long time."


When I heard Ryuto, it happened suddenly, and I made no secret of it. After the confession, Yuna suddenly showed an expression of didn't know whether to cry or laugh on her face.

"What's the matter with the expression on your face? It's weird."

"No no no, it's obviously your way of thinking that makes you strange? Why can you do this? This is a lightning-style straight confession that is so casual that people don’t know how to complain?"

"It seems a bit strange, I don’t deny it at all."

With the question of Yuna didn't know whether to cry or laugh, Ryuto was only slightly nodded and did not continue.

According to Yuna's understanding of the romantic act of "confession", she never imagined that someone in the world could say "I like you" in a relaxed and free manner like "good morning". word.

The confession of an average male high school student should not be to ask a girl to an empty space, and then blush in front of the girl with a twist, and then say "I." after struggling for a long time. ..... I" this sentence?

But Ryuto is different. In his world, "I rare you" is as light as "Let's eat something". It seems that he doesn't have to bear any psychological pressure to say it, and he is very bold.

After that, the two of them walked silently on the street, like a young couple who came out for a walk at night.

It's just that although Ryuto's face always has a calm expression.

However, Yuna, who was suddenly confessed while walking nearby, felt more and more uncomfortable, and there were subtle changes in her walking posture.

Because in these short few minutes, the heart of this Tsukimi Eldest Miss is really messed up.

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