Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 106

What should I do? Classmate Ryuto confessed to me, so I should respond to him.

In fact, Yuna has rejected hundreds of confessions and issued numerous Good Person Cards. In this respect, it can be said that they are "Good Person Card Distributors".

If it is an ordinary male student who confessed to her, just casually say a few words "You are a good person, let's be friends" and it can be fooled.

But when facing Ryuto, Yuna has no idea how to speak.

Accordingly speaking, she only has to say that sentence as usual, and Ryuto's heroic character will definitely not continue to entangle her.

But for some reason, Yuna felt that the phrase "100% proficiency" could not be said.

Whenever she wants to speak, the smiling face that warmed Yuna not long ago will quickly pop out of her mind.

In the arena full of dirty money and pungent blood.

When Yuna almost fell due to lack of energy.

Ryuto, who came over after the game, reached out and held her shoulders, and at the same time showed her a very handsome smile.

At that moment, it seemed that all the noise and noise around was disappeared, and the entire world was left with Yuna and Ryuto.

Faced with Ryuto like that, Yuna can't really say "You are a good person, let's be friends".

Just when Yuna in the heart felt very tangled, Ryuto suddenly stopped and said to her: "Yuna Senpai, this is it, let's go in."

Here ? Ah, by the way, we are going out for supper this time.

After being reminded by Ryuto, Yuna realized that the two of them did not simply walk on the street, but actually wanted to find a place to have a supper and relax.

Supper is an attractive spectacle night sport of the masses, which Yuna has never enjoyed before.

After all, as the Eldest Miss of Tsukimi's family, Yuna is naturally impossible to run around outside at night. At home, she would eat some exquisite snacks.

So Yuna is still very interested in the supper that Ryuto is going to invite her to eat. This is not a normal experience.

It's just that when she looked up at the store that was right in front of her, she was shocked by the store's condition.

At least from Yuna's point of view, this small restaurant called "Dragon Home Cooking" hardly has anything worthy of praise.

The main entrance is small enough for two people to enter side by side. The curtain on the door is clean but very old. Very outdated posters and signboards hang on the wall.

If Yuna were alone, she would not enter such a store anyway, let alone in the middle of the night around 12 o'clock.

"Ryuto, this shop..."

"It looks shabby on the surface, right, but I can guarantee it is the best in Tokyo Supper stall."

Before Yuna was surprised, Ryuto smiled and pushed her into this dilapidated shop.

After entering the store, Yuna is presented with neatly arranged long tables and a large wall menu hanging on the wall.

What kind of dandan noodles, handmade dumplings, handmade xiaolongbao, boiled fish, boiled meat, husband and wife's lung slices, spicy chicken, Mapo many as they can be posted on the wall. No more.

Although the facade is a bit shabby, the decoration and maintenance of the store is a lot of effort. It is not only clean and tidy, but also makes people feel a sense of family warmth. Yuna also put it down after coming in. heart.

But at the next moment, the Boss who walked out of the kitchen still surprised Yuna again.

When Ryuto shouted inside, as the small door of the shop was pushed open, a middle-aged man with a sharp scar on his eye, wearing a blood-stained chef's uniform, with a vicious look in his eyes He walked over with a handful of Bone Blade.

In the middle of the night, seeing this look is indeed a bit scary, and Yuna quickly reached out and grabbed the corner of Ryuto's clothes.

But Ryuto said to the Boss indifferently: "I want cold bean sprouts, spicy shrimp, Kung Pao chicken and fish-flavored pork, and two bowls of Dan Dan noodles... Yuna Senpai Do you want medium spicy or heavy spicy?"

The last sentence was Ryuto turning his head to ask Yuna. Although it sounds strange, after all, neither medium spicy nor heavy spicy is like Yuna will order. Taste.

But in fact, Yuna is a spicy hobby lover. So far, only the chef in Yuna's family knows the taste of her Eldest Miss, and she will try to get her some hot sauce when eating.

So Yuna asked suspiciously: "Wait, how did you know that I can eat spicy?"

"Well...In fact, you sometimes have one It smells like chili."

"Hey! Really!" Yuna hearing this quickly sniffed her arm, but of course there wouldn't be any chili smell.

After the two ridiculed, Yuna Senpai still chose the spicy taste, which made Ryuto also asked of being inferior.

"Are you sure you want to be more spicy? Don't look at Boss. He is a professional chef who came back from studying in a great food country for seven or eight years. He started very hard."

"It doesn't matter, I can stand it no matter how spicy it is, and I won’t lose to anyone in this respect."

Under Yuna’s confident nodded, in a short while, Boss ordered tonight’s supper dishes in order. Up here.

The "cold bean sprouts" made with leeks, chives, minced garlic, chili, vinegar and pepper sesame oil are quickly blanched, and it is crisp and refreshing. It is very refreshing when bitten in your mouth. ka beng ka beng.

The shelled prawns are fried until golden and fried with parsley, Chinese pepper, dried red pepper and other auxiliary materials. The fried "spicy shrimp" has a strong spicy flavor, firm and crispy meat, and has a crisp color. Showy and mouth-watering.

Choose chicken as the main ingredient and add peanuts, chili and other auxiliary ingredients to make the "Kung Pao Chicken" taste spicy. The freshness of chicken and the crispness of deep-fried peanuts match seamlessly.

The "fish-flavored shredded pork" fried with shredded radish, wood ear shreds and pork with pickled peppers has fine ingredients. The dish is ruddy in color and rich in fish fragrance. It tastes both salty, sweet, sour and spicy. Features.

With such a table of dishes in front of you, Yuna, who had never had the habit of eating supper, couldn’t help but raise her chopsticks gorgeous oneself.

"This...every dish is delicious, it's a taste I haven't eaten before!"

"That's for sure, although Boss is long It's not good, but his cooking skills are still pretty good."

"You can skip the sentence that doesn't look good, and you can just introduce my cooking skills next time."


In the helpless smile of Boss, two bowls of red dandan noodles were put on the table, and at the same time a glass of draft beer and a glass of plum juice were delivered.

Dan Dan noodles are also extremely delicious, although they are spicy and oily, they are very enjoyable.

Just while eating the noodles, Yuna's eyes were on the glass of draft beer in Ryuto's hand.

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