Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 107

"Um...Ryuto, what are you holding?"

"Draft beer, do you want to drink too? It's refreshing Yes, especially after a fight. It’s really fun to drink."

"No, I mean you are only sixteen now, why can you drink beer?"

"Then you mean I should drink white?"

"Wait, what is this weird brain circuit?"

"I also want to ask you what is weird The brain circuit actually told a Yakuza Young Master who had just killed someone in the underground arena that underage people can’t drink. You actually think I still care about this."

Ryuto couldn’t help but laugh. , And then took a sip of the draft beer in his hand. seems to be the case.

Yuna suddenly sighed upon hearing this, and then asked as if reacting: "The big guy you killed last, he... is he really dead?"

In fact, Yuna wanted to ask after the third game not long ago, but she didn't ask.

From any angle, the bastard named villain Mike should be dead.

Except for Yuna, no one in the entire underground amphitheater seems to be surprised by this incident. They seem to be quite accustomed to it.

When I heard this question, Ryuto was eating spicy shrimp while casually saying: "Well, of course that guy is dead, I killed it."

" Then you just killed someone, don’t you think there’s anything..."

"Dirty Executioner" villain Mike, American is a murderer on the run, at least a dozen in his hands A life, don’t you think such a person deserves to die?"

"This is naturally damn, but will it be better handled by the law?"

"Actually.. .... First of all, have you ever wondered why the underground area of ​​"Saizhiheyuan" can continue to operate? Nothing in it is legal."

"This, there should be some high-ranking officials. Dear...Ah! I understand!"

After hearing Ryuto's prompt, Yuna couldn't help being frowned, and seemed to see some deeper dirty transactions.

Although the underground area of ​​"Saizhiheyuan" is hidden, it is not traceable.

Especially everyday all. There are so many people here and there. As long as government agencies or police agencies want to track down, there is no reason why they cannot be tracked down.

But this Underground World has existed for so many years as always, which already shows that there must be some high-ranking officials looking after it.

"Saizhiheyuan" is an underground magic cave as well as an underground golden cave. The daily money exchanges in it are calculated at least 100 million yuan.

In addition to the money in the hands of the florist, part of it should be filial piety to the umbrella, in exchange for the shelter that this place can continue to exist.

Therefore, even if it is a murderer like the villain Mike, who has fled from abroad, as long as he enters the arena, he is equivalent to being protected by those high-ranking officials.

In this case, even the worst murderer will not be punished by law. This is the reality of Underground World.

"If I don't kill the villain Mike, he might kill ten, twenty, thirty more people in the future. Do you think I should do this now?"

"...Yes, too much."

After understanding the root cause of everything, Yuna took a deep breath and said loudly to the boss in the kitchen: "Sorry, Boss, give I also have a glass of draft beer!"

"Oh, didn't you just say that I shouldn't drink, why? Shouldn't I be scared by what I just talked about?"

"hmph, I am a literary creator, so I am not so timid. If I dare not look directly at the darkness, how can I write the truth of this World."

"That’s great, Come! Cheers to your arrogance!"

"Do it! Who is afraid of who!"

After hearing Ryuto's praise, Yuna picked up the Boss and just sent it over With a full glass of draft beer, he took a big gulp into his mouth.

Compared with the cooked beer after high temperature sterilization, the taste of draft beer is more refreshing, and the degree of this draft beer is not high, and it is more suitable for Yuna who has not drunk much. Little girls are used to get started.

"Huh! Refreshing!"

Because I just ate a lot of hot food, my body was a little hot and I also sweated a lot. This big mouth is cool When the draft beer went down, Yuna was so refreshed.

"I have decided. Next time I write about the Valentine's Day scene, I will arrange for the heroine to give the actor a large can of draft beer. Let's drink it separately."

"No no no, no matter how you like to drink this stuff, it would be too much to give it on Valentine's Day."

"Will it? How about sending Dandan noodles instead? It's delicious too."

"You are also a genius...Can't you order chocolates normally."

"But everyone gives chocolates, write like this If there is nothing new, I like to write something that makes people feel novel."

During the two people’s teasing, the dishes on the table were gradually emptied, and the wine in the glass was full again. full.

More than an hour later, when Ryuto helped Yuna walk out of the small restaurant, she was so drunk that she didn't even know her mother.

Are there any mistakes... To drink so carefreely like this, really doesn't treat me as an outsider.

Looking at Yuna Senpai, who was full of alcohol, flushed cheeks, and eyes drifting, Ryuto couldn't help but flicked her forehead.

Generally speaking, this kind of situation where young men and women drink outside is very dangerous, especially for girls.

At the tavern before drunk, and at the hotel after waking up, there was a white pig with cabbage lying next to it. This kind of situation shouldn’t happen to anyone.

Fortunately, Ryuto is a mature gentleman who never takes advantage of others.

So to fight Yuna Senpai, who was so drunk, to go to the hotel or something, then he was totally a bit...

"Um...I feel dizzy. "

At this moment, Yuna suddenly twisted in a daze, and hugged Ryuto's arm next to him tightly, and a pair of plump slimes also clung to it.

So to fight Yuna Senpai, who was so drunk, to go to the hotel or something, Ryuto didn't do anything at all...

Friction, friction, dragging, twisting and twisting.

cough cough, I didn't think about it at all...I thought about it.

Calm down, bastard, although I have a yellow hair, I am not that kind of yellow hair!

After reaching out and hammering his head, Ryuto quickly moved Yuna into the car.

This black car was called by him not long ago, and the driver Narumi Otani sat in it.

It's just that when Narumi this bastard saw Ryuto helping a drunk beauty into the car, he showed a wretched smile.

Narumi also smiled and asked, "Um, Erdaime, shall we go home? Or go to the hotel? By the way, I know there is a good hotel with a rotating water bed... ..."

"Don’t talk nonsense! Go to her house! It’s where you met before!"

After hearing Narumi’s words, Ryuto quickly kicked him in the seat. At the same time, he glanced at Yuna Senpai who was lying on the chair.

But what terrifying is, Yuna opened her eyes in a daze at this time, and asked suspiciously: "Spin...revolving water bed...what is it?" .

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