Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 108

To be honest, Ryuto was really numb when she heard Yuna say this question.

God, he really doesn’t know how to explain these things to Yuna Senpai. The point is that Ryuto doesn’t actually understand it.

Unlike Narumi, Ryuto is really a creature as pure as his white lotus. Isn’t that for a sixteen-year-old boy?

So what round beds, water beds, rotating beds, hammocks, red beds, electric beds, joy chairs, yoga balls, handcuffs, eye masks, blowballs, fleas, whips, candles, rabbit tail plugs, etc. Ryuto has never heard of something that often appears in strange rooms, and I don't know what it is for.

So he had to change the subject and said to Narumi: "Drive fast, it's too late, you have to send Yuna Senpai back quickly."

"Okay two On behalf of the eyes, right now..."

"Wait, tell me...speak clearly, rotating water...water bed, what is it... .. What is it?"

But I don’t know where it caused Yuna Senpai’s strong curiosity. As soon as the car drove up, she suddenly bounced off the chair and grabbed it. Ryuto's collar continued to ask.

Because the car was accelerating, Yuna Senpai's bullet directly knocked Ryuto back and lay down, forming a wonderful up-and-down posture.

The former seemed to be extra bold after being drunk, and he even leaned his head over.

hong long long! In this way, with the sudden acceleration of the black car, the speed of the car in the back seat soared to the sky.

After being pushed down by Yuna Senpai, Ryuto quickly reached out to support her body and whispered: "Yuna Senpai! It's too close, it's too close! There are people ahead!"

"Oh, I suddenly want to listen to songs, so I will use my soundproof earplugs to play a rock and roll music, make sure that no sound can be heard, and then put the baffle on, I don’t know what’s going on behind. ."

Just when Ryuto turned his head and looked towards Narumi in the front seat, Narumi also made a series of show operations while driving at lightning speed.

He quickly put on 100% soundproof headphones, and then he did not know where to pull out a pure black baffle between the front seat and the rear seat, dividing the whole car into two parts .

This is good, although it is a bit early, but it seems that our third-generation team leader has fallen.

After doing all this quickly, Narumi exclaimed in the heart.

But no matter what Narumi, the old-fashioned critic, thinks, Ryuto has never thought about it like that...I never thought about joining hands with Yuna Senpai so early to assemble the "Dragon Group III". of.

Narumi that bastard, he thought I was who? Will there be chaos in a speeding car?

After seeing Narumi, the bastard thought that he was going to mess around in the car, Ryuto was really out of anger.

Just kidding, my diignified tough guy, yakuza Young Master, how can I be rude to drunk women?

I put my words here. I, Kiryu Ryuto, have been bachelor for a lifetime, dead in the hands of Nagahime, and jumped out of the car without touching Yuna Senpai’s hair!

Thinking of this, Ryuto immediately stunned, and quickly reached out to push Yuna Senpai away, then smashed the front baffle with a punch and a carp hit the position of the co-cockpit.

Seeing that Ryuto actually destroyed the "third generation incubator" that he prepared carefully, Narumi quickly took off the headphones and asked: "Huh? Second generation, you are..."


"Shut up, obediently and honestly control the speed of the car, and we will die if we drive indiscriminately."

After cursing Narumi, Ryuto looked at the back seat and was already lying down. Yuna, who seemed to have fallen asleep slowly, finally felt a little relaxed.

Too difficult. The game with Yuna just now was harder than he even played three arenas in the arena.

Yuna Senpai is naturally charming and born with a devastatingly beautiful face. Few young men don't feel unhappy when facing her.

Especially when she was still drunk and leaning on her limply, the temptation was really terrifying.

But even so, Ryuto will not mess around, and it is even more impossible to "really fragrant". After all, this is not something that can be really fragrant, but a major event related to people's life.

The most important thing for a man like a creature is to take care of his trouser chain. You can’t just pull it, it’s really too pull.

Therefore, Ryuto simply jumped directly to the passenger compartment, saving him the miraculous torture of the "rotating water bed".

In this way, on the streets of Tokyo where only the street lights are shining, the car drove to the rich villa area where the "Tsukimi House" was located at a speed that would not affect Yuna's rest.

After stopping on the familiar street, Ryuto went to the back seat and opened the door, lightly waking Yuna Senpai lying in the back seat.

"Wake up, Yuna Senpai, I'm home."

While swaying the tall and plump lovable body slightly, Yuna's big eyes full of divine charm also Slowly opened, looked towards Ryuto who was embarrassed.

"...are you there?" She shook her head, straightened her waist and sat up, and asked in a slightly hoarse tone.

"Huh, I was scared to death. I'm so afraid that you will not wake up when you fall asleep. Then I don't know how to send you back."

Ryuto relaxed and took one The bottle of mineral water was handed to Yuna's hand and watched as she gurgled and drank it.

After this, I helped this Senior Sister, who was still a little delirious, but much better than before, back to the remote corner of "Tsukimi House".

Yes, that is, I went back to the "railing" that once gave Ryuto a huge visual impact.

"Yuna Senpai, can you walk in by yourself?"

"It should be okay...It's much better now."

Let go After Ryuto's hand held by her all the time, Yuna walked towards the gap in the railing without looking back, re-entering it not very neatly.

What's the matter? It feels like Yuna Senpai is not very happy?

Since Yuna woke up in the car, she has always given people a weird feeling, as if she didn't dare to face Ryuto directly.

Did I make her angry? Ah, it's a bit like taking her to drink in the middle of the night...

"That, Ryuto is the same...cough cough, Ryuto."

Just when Ryuto greeted and was about to leave dingy, Yuna turned her head and called him in a weird tone.

"Yuna Senpai, is there anything else?"

"That is, your previous confession...confession, I haven't given you a reply yet."

"Oh, this, it doesn't matter, Good Person Card, I know it in my mind."

Ryuto hearing this turned his head to Yuna laughed, and replied very bachelor.

He really likes Yuna Senpai, yes, but the sudden confession not long ago was nothing but interest, and he just said what was in his heart.

So from at first, Ryuto never thought about getting any serious reply.

However, Yuna shook the head and said in a shy tone: "Actually, if you don't mind...I think we can give it a try."

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