Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 109

In the past, after being confessed by men so many times, Yuna gave different responses for the first time.

I think we can give it a try.

When she said this remark, Yuna only felt that her face was feverish, and her heartbeat became extremely fast.

Because this is only "0% proficiency" for her, she has never given a reply.

What? I... Am I right?

Similarly, when hearing Yuna Senpai's reply, Ryuto couldn't help but stretched out his hand and pinched his thigh, trying to determine if he was in a dream.

Isn't it, how is it possible?

Just after going out tonight and having fun, after sending Yuna Senpai back, she if she had agreed to Ryuto's previous confession?

So Ryuto quickly took a deep breath and asked seriously: "Wait, Yuna Senpai, is your this remark the way I understand it?"

"It's you It’s right to understand that meaning."

"How do you know what I mean?"

"Well, let’s be more straightforward, I think we can Try to develop a relationship with a boyfriend and girlfriend."

Although it is a bit sorry, Yuna still expresses her thoughts very straightforwardly.

As for why she was suddenly willing to develop a relationship with Ryuto, she has to start with the consequences of those draught beers.

Beer this thing can get drunk if you drink too much, but this drunkenness goes much faster than liquor.

So on the way back from the car not long ago, Yuna, who was dazed, was almost awake.

I...I am...

The moment I woke up, my previous confused memories poured into Yuna's mind.

Especially the scene where I pestered Ryuto and pushed him to the back seat, which made Yuna so embarrassed that she could not help covering her face, secretly complaining about how she could make such a shameless move.

But after that, Ryuto's response was to make Yuna feel very heartwarming.

Under the premise that he has clearly expressed his love for emotions, facing Yuna's initiative to throw and hug, Ryuto still chose to run in place, instead of taking advantage of his drunkenness.

Yuna naturally knows her amazing charm of blessed by heaven.

Her temperament is like a potion of poison. It is so poisoned that it is difficult for someone to bear it, let alone in the kind of active care.

So in this state, Ryuto was able to resist not attacking her, but Yuna's image instantly became taller in Yuna's mind.

Judging from the situation tonight, Ryuto seems to be quite trustworthy...It seems that it is not a bad thing to associate with him?

So on the way back, Yuna kept thinking about it.

After all, no matter how you say it, Yuna is only a 17-year-old young girl, and she has curiosity and longing for love as it should be by rights.

Since the right people have appeared, so youth is short, why not try to start a relationship?

So Yuna gave her answer clearly.

Of course, after understanding Yuna's meaning, Ryuto couldn't help shaking.

No way? My God, I have been 18 years in my last life plus 16 years in this life. In this total of 32 years, is it finally my first time to have a girlfriend?

Under the dim moonlight, Yuna Senpai on the railing looks as beautiful and alluring as the Goddess of the moon.

And if you think that such a big beauty will be your girlfriend immediately, then this is even better.

So Ryuto couldn't help but said with a big smile: "hahaha! Very good! From now on Yuna Senpai will be"

In theory, Ryuto at this time only needs to agree, and then tomorrow, he will be able to live a shameless life.

Just when he was about to agree, a memory of not long ago flashed in his mind.

In the memory, Ryuto is standing face to face with a black hair girl with classical beauty, and she is also stretching out her white and small palm.

"If I don’t have to be a "House Monarch" in two years, I’ll go to your place and be the wife of the group leader, so it’s okay."

In the memory, the girl was helpless. With a smile stretched out and held Ryuto's hand, there was a complicated expression in his eyes.

The girl with complicated eyes is naturally Ryuto's first confession object, Kamiya Ruri.

At this time, Tsukimi Yuna agreed to be his girlfriend, but what about Ruri?

She is still in the cage of Kamiya's house, waiting for the dawn, can Ryuto leave her alone?

Thinking of this, Ryuto couldn't help shook the head and said to Yuna: "Yuna Senpai, I do like you, but I still have to confess to you frankly and honestly."

"Is it a problem with your identity and background? It's okay, I have a way to make family members not object."

When Ryuto put on such an attitude, Yuna immediately thought that he cares about his own awfulness. Family background.

As everyone knows, the boss of Tsukimi Enterprise loves their daughter Yuna very much, and naturally they don’t want their daughter to be with Ryuto, the leader of Yakuza who wanders through Dark World.

It's just that Yuna has read so many love novels, and she hasn't read it in vain over the years.

After all, this kind of family opposition often occurs in novels, and correspondingly, many effective solutions have naturally emerged.

The solution to the primary level is to hang up with one cry, two troubles and three hangs. The middle-end ones also elope directly away from home, and the most high-end ones should be to get married directly.

In Yuna's view, the family's opposition is not a problem. Ryuto doesn't need to worry about this. At worst, he will try all the high-end junior high schools.

Of course, what Yuna thinks is 100% wrong. After all, what Ryuto wants to confess is not the family problem, but...

"In fact, except for you Besides, I have two other women I like."

"Huh?" Yuna was stunned when he heard Ryuto's confession, although this is also a normal reaction.

What's this? You just said you like me not long ago, and then turned around and said that besides me, there are two other women you like?

After a few seconds, Yuna didn't know whether to cry or laugh, and said: "Don't tell me you are actually still undecided. You haven't decided which one of us to choose. ?"

"No no no, I actually decided a long time ago, I want all three, including you."

The second time, Ryuto is here for the second time This harem declaration was made in front of the woman I like.

It's still that shameless attitude, still that firm tone, let people know that he is definitely not making a joke that is not funny.

I have to say, this remark still sounds a bit outrageous, maybe in front of a girl who just agreed to be a girlfriend.

Yuna lowered her head slightly after hearing this, making people unable to see the change in her expression.

Then this Eldest Miss from Tsukimi's family asked in the tone of have one's hair stand on end: "Who..."

"Ah? You... ...What did you say?"

"I said, who are the other two people?"

Wait? This tone is not right. She didn't want to take the knife and chop off the other two, don't I remember Yuna Senpai's diseased attribute?

Even though I felt nodded and numb at this time, Ryuto still honestly said: "Kamiya Ruri and...Saito Sonya."

Name these two After the name, Ryuto looked at Yuna Senpai, who lowered her head trembling in fear, as if wondering if she would be so angry that she would explode on the spot.

But at the next moment, Yuna quickly raised her head and replied in a calm tone: "It's them...that's easy to say."

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