Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 110

I have to say that Yuna Senpai's reply was beyond Ryuto's expectations.

In Ryuto's view, such a young girl who has just fallen in love heard that the person who was about to become her boyfriend had two other women she liked.

Should be impossible so casually to use the words "It's them...that's easy to say", right?

Severely yelling, but turning over on the spot. Isn't this a normal woman's response?

So when Ryuto confessed his harem purpose to him, he was actually prepared to be scolded by Yuna Senpai on the spot, and later used some methods to coax her back.

Who knows that Ryuto likes not to go the ordinary way. Didn't expect Yuna seems to be this kind of weird person in this respect. She actually didn't respond much to the "Harem Declaration", it was incredible.

So he scratched his head and said, "That, Yuna Senpai? Do you actually understand what I mean?"

"Understood, besides me, you also like Ruri and Sonya, do you want to take us all home? What is incomprehensible?"

"Under the circumstances of understanding, for me such a rude and shameless harem declaration, There is nothing wrong with you?"

"If there is, there must be, but there is no way, right? And many heroes in the novel also have multiple wives, such as "The Tale of Genji" There are even more than a dozen wives and concubines from the Guangyuan family here."

"No no no, that’s all in ancient times, but now it’s modern. Bigamy is committed these days. Your brain circuit is Isn’t it a little strange?"

"It’s obviously that your brain circuit is a little weirder. You have just killed someone in the underground arena, so you still care about a trifling bigamy?"

At this time, Yuna's rhetorical question was obviously a move from Ryuto's previous rhetoric when he was drinking, but I have to say that it sounds quite reasonable.

As a second-generation yakuza Ryuto, I can't say that it is commiting any imaginable misdeed, at least it has to be full of evil reputations. The crime of trifling bigamy is simply not even adding heads.

But even so, Ryuto couldn't help but continue to ask: "But if you want to share your lover with other women, don't you feel wronged?"

"Well, If it’s Ruri and Sonya, it can still be accepted, but others won’t work, so there can only be two of them at most, otherwise...take responsibility for the consequences."

At this point, Yuna firmly shook the head, seeming to warn Ryuto not to take three inches.

Otherwise, the hatchet for three people is not the "Extreme Intention of Copper Skin" and "Extreme Intention of Iron Bone", even 100% proficiency will not work.

Of course, one of the main reasons Yuna can accept is because Ruri and Sonya are both good friends of hers, and they are also good people with very good character and appearance, and get along very well.

Sharing the same man with two women who are very good in themselves and get along with them is not so difficult for her to accept.

The other big reason Yuna can accept is that Ryuto unreservedly told her all of his thoughts before the two officially established the relationship, which made Yuna feel the sincerity of this man.

Before the exchange between the two parties, tell yourself that you are going to open the harem in advance. What you need to bear is the huge risk of being dumped on the spot, so normal people are impossible to do this.

Under normal circumstances, Ryuto does not need to tell Yuna that he is thinking about the other two women, so he will become a couple with her first.

It is a convenient choice for Ryuto to tell her about it when the boat is done, or to talk to the two without telling her.

In this case, he does not need to bear the risk of being dumped that may be caused by the notification in advance, and he can definitely return to the beauty.

However, Ryuto chose to take the risk, clearly telling Yuna of her purpose in advance, and making sure that she understood what it meant.

In this way, Yuna can make an early choice, whether she is willing to share Ryuto with the other two, or she can turn her head and leave and quit in place.

From this point of view, Ryuto has given the women he likes the greatest degree of respect...Although he is still a "I want it all", he was hacked to death by a woman The kind that deserves it.

But it's good anyway. After Yuna Senpai's consent was obtained, the relationship between the two has made great progress.

"Anyway, I'll go back first. See you tomorrow at school."

Before leaving, Yuna finally smiled and waved to Ryuto, and the silhouette disappeared in "Tsukimi House" In the night.

It's just that when Ryuto returned to the black car and drove towards the house in the car, his mind still had a buzzing feeling.

Really? Did all this happen for real?

Is Yuna Senpai really a boyfriend or girlfriend now? And she allowed me to open the harem? There is such a good thing in the world?

Generally speaking, this is impossible. After all, in this era, women who can allow their men to have other women are rare.

Fortunately, Tsukimi Yuna is definitely not High Level with ordinary women. From a certain point of view, she is actually a weird brain circuit than Ryuto.

In this case, you only need to get Ruri and Sonya. Sonya should be the hardest thing to do. She has a strong desire for exclusivity. As for Ruri...huh?

By the way, what is Ruri's attitude towards my "harem declaration"?

While riding in the car on the streets of Tokyo at night, Ryuto suddenly thought of this serious problem.

Speaking of which, Ruri was the first female protagonist to hear Ryuto's "smelly shameless harem declaration", but she never seemed to make a statement about it.

When he heard this declaration, Ruri just let him go indifferently and didn't say anything else. When the two met again, it was the same as before, nothing special.

So for a while, Ryuto actually couldn't figure out what Ruri's attitude was towards this matter.

"Forget it, let's ask, it's too annoying to be unclear...Although it is a trouble of happiness."

I heard Ryuto's When talking to herself, Narumi, who was sitting in the front driver's seat, quickly turned around and asked: "What did you say just now? Are there any orders?"

"It's okay, it just feels like suddenly With such a beautiful girlfriend in time, I can’t accept this reality."

"Indeed, I have never seen Miss Yuna such a beautiful and temperamental person in my life, and there is only such a beauty as her. I can be worthy of you."

"Narumi, you are good at making flattery."

"Where and where, they are all words from the bottom of the heart."

Speaking of which, Ryuto and Narumi both laughed, and the car was full of cheerful air.

But Narumi is not actually filming flattery, he is serious.

A beautiful beauty like Yuna, who can have a relationship with her and create a villain, it will really be dead.

Moreover, Ryuto now thinks so too. Even if I was hit and killed by a car on the spot, I have no regrets or regrets in my life.

Crunch! bang!

So in the next second, a slightly cumbersome construction dump truck suddenly rammed from the side and directly hit the side of the black car where Ryuto and Narumi were riding. .....

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