Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 111

You have experienced that when you were hit by an engineering dump truck directly from the side.

Does the car you ride in roll over continuously on the ground, and finally fall to the ground with a bang?

If not, congratulations, your life is very normal.

If so, congratulations, your life in another world must be very exciting.

It's just that Ryuto didn't fly to another world at this time. After all, he wanted to die and couldn't die without spending the money.

I...what am I...what happened?

When Ryuto woke up after a series of dancing and bumps, he only felt his body fell apart.

My ears are humming, what I see is shaking, and my nose is full of the smell of gasoline.

After a few seconds in a daze in this situation, things in front of Ryuto gradually became clear.

First of all, what he can see is a blood-stained street floor.

Today's night is more intense, the moonlight is not so bright, but the blood on the ground is still very conspicuous.

Next, Narumi Otani fell to the ground in a twisted posture like a broken puppet next to the blood stain.

That’s right, it’s Narumi Otani, the one who chatted happily with Ryuto a few seconds ago.

It's just that Narumi at this time is obviously already speechless.

Because his neck, hands and feet and other joints are twisting at weird angles, blood stains everywhere in his body.

Beside Narumi, who was obviously dead, the front car had "Dragon's Mark" printed on the front cover. The black car was carrying two people just now, and it was maintained like a pile of broken copper and iron. In a rollover posture.

The windows of the car shattered to the ground, and there was a huge sunken damaged mark on the side of the naked eye.

Obviously, what happened to Ryuto right now is called a "traffic accident".

If he remembered correctly, the cause was that in the dark, he didn’t know where he suddenly rushed out of a huge mud-headed construction vehicle, and knocked the car Ryuto was riding out.

Because of Ryuto's strong physical fitness and two passive skills, he did not die in this car accident, except that Narumi Otani in the front seat was not so good.

"What...what's going on, bastard."

When Ryuto dragged his sorely numb body to stand up with difficulty, he immediately moved towards I looked at the faint road at the back, wanting to see where the dump truck that hit me was flying.

This path is a lonely small road that moved towards "Kamimurocho". The road is quite narrow. Pedestrians and vehicles are scarce in this late-night path.

But even so, he suddenly rushed out of a dump truck in the middle of the night and flew him with people and cars. This is hard to be regarded as a normal accident.

Is it an accident? No, it’s not like an accident. Could it be that someone thought...

"You are still alive, so bad luck."

I haven't waited for Ryuto to react. , For a while, words that sounded as cold as the frost of the Northland floated into his ears from behind.

Behind? and many more? Is there someone behind me? How did he...

Although he didn't know when the opponent came to the back, Ryuto immediately slammed forward! Quickly opened the distance.

It was also the moment he swooped out, a piano wire with almost no track in the night took away a bunch of hair on the top of Ryuto's head.

Of course, if he hadn't swooped forward in time just now, it was not his hair that was taken away.

Is this guy... a professional killer?

As Ryuto quickly fell to the ground in front of him and stood up while resisting the pain in his body, a man who appeared quite beautiful in the moonlight appeared not far away.

It is hard to imagine that a man would actually use the word "beautiful" to describe it.

He has a handsome face with sharp edges and corners like a classical statue, a pair of tender blue pupils, fair skin and long golden hair that is more dazzling than gold.

Such a coquettish appearance, coupled with an extraordinarily slender body in the background of that elegant suit, sets off this man as handsome as he walked out of an oil painting.

If you just look at his appearance, I'm afraid anyone will treat this man as a model or a star.

But it is a pity that this man named Kezhuo is not such a glamorous profession.

Because he is a...professional killer, and also the leader of professional killers.

While seeing this man, the "Rogue Analysis Mirror" in Ryuto's eyes also quickly fed back his attribute intelligence.

Name: Georgi .Mikhailovich .Kezhuo

Age: 30 years old

attribute: Wisdom LV3 Physical LV3 Courage LV4 Insight LV3 Charm LV3

If you look at the attributes of this killer named Kezhuo alone, he can be regarded as the second only to Nagahime Peak powerhouse of the monster encountered by Ryuto.

All attributes are fairly average, and there is almost no shortcoming in every aspect.

The most important thing is that, judging from the piano cord with cold light faintly exuding cold light from his operation and the "accident" just now, this man named Kezhuo is obviously a veteran murderer.

The real professional killer, just gives people the feeling that it is not comparable to the villain in the underground arena before.

Although the villain Mike is huge and looks extremely bluffing, Kezhuo is probably not much more difficult to kill him than to kill a pig.

From a certain perspective, it is no more difficult for him to kill the current Li Mochen than to kill a pig.

"If you died in the car accident just now, you don’t have to die in my hands. It’s a shame."

Just as Ryuto was looking at this name from World of Ice and When the killer of the Snow country, Kezhuo shook the head and said in a slightly sad tone.

Huh...but Ryuto didn't reply, but quickly checked his physical condition.

There are at least dozens of fractures in both legs, arms and various parts of the body, and I feel severe pain in the inner abdomen as soon as I apply force. Law fighting.

Looking at Kezhuo getting closer and closer to him, Ryuto slowly backed away, thinking about whether there was any way to survive.

If it is in good condition, he doesn't mind making gestures to this killer named Kezhuo.

But let alone a person who has just experienced a serious car accident, it is his ability to not lie down on the spot.

Although there is a gun in the equipment bar, the severely fractured hands and arms cannot hold the gun to aim at all. It is fine to hold the gun to scare people, but it is completely useless when dealing with professional killers. .

So from all angles, this is an absolute dead end, and there is basically an impossible chance of escape.

If you are going to die, then die, but you have to get some intelligence before you die.

So Ryuto sat down balefully after thinking for a second or two, and said to Kezhuo: "You won, but you can kill me before you kill me... .."

"I refuse."

Originally, Ryuto wanted to say, "Before I die, let me understand, tell me who is going to kill me?".

In the middle of the story, with a cold "I refuse", a slender piano cord is wrapped around Ryuto's neck...

Then It just flew upwards and plunged into darkness.

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