Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 112

Asshole, it's just a worker, do you want to work so hard? Saying a few more words will die or what?

Just when the killer named Kezhuo hit the piano directly, Ryuto couldn't help cursing secretly in the heart.

Before killing the protagonist, the traditional villains always crackle, saying that if you kill a lot of them again, you can't kill them.

As a result, the killer that Ryuto encountered will be killed for you. I don’t say a word of nonsense... It’s so professional. I plan to compete for the "Top Ten Outstanding Killers Award." "What?

"It is detected that the host is on the verge of death, and an emergency rescue plan will be launched to erase the fact of death by spending 800,000 yuan... Didu Didu, the erasure was successful."


After experiencing the familiar darkness over there, as the familiar system rebirth prompt sounded, Ryuto's eyes reappeared the railing on the side of "Tsukimi House".

Before this death, he deliberately changed the title of "outlaw", reducing the cost of resurrection by 20%, which is better than nothing.

200,000 yen is not too much, and less is not too little. You can save a few times and buy a skill.

At this moment, from the courtyard on the other side of the railing, you can vaguely see the silhouette of Yuna Senpai bouncing away.

It’s just that Yuna can’t think of it anymore. The boy who just established a boyfriend relationship with her will soon become a strange body art under the death of a car crash and a tightrope.

Really, it won’t work for me to go home happily and lie down and have spring dreams. I have to come to a killer to fuck me once.

Suddenly, Ryuto reluctantly moved towards the car where Narumi was, and at the same time took out his mobile phone and dialed a familiar phone number.

Di Du Di Du, the phone was connected ten seconds later, and from the other end of the phone came a obviously confused male voice.

Because it is already a little bit in the night, Akechi Goro who received the call dumbly asked: "Boss, what's the matter so late..."

"I'm being chased by a killer, please check to see if you can find a guy named "Georgi. Mikhailovich. Kezhuo" and see what his background is. I have seen some who recently."

"...understand, keep in touch."

After hearing Ryuto's words, Akechi on the other side of the phone also woke up immediately, and opened the desk beside his bed in a flash A huge military-grade special computer.

In terms of investigating the identity of the killer, it is estimated that few people in the world can do better than Akechi. After all, he is a cyber detective who can invade even the core system of the police station.

In this case, it won’t take long to find out the identity of the assassin, even if he uses a pseudonym, it will reveal some clues... Then there is the problem of the car.

Thinking of this, my exclusive black car with "Dragon's Mark" printed on the front cover appeared on the corner of the street.

In the eyes of Ryuto at this time, the car that he is used to, looks like a time bomb that may explode at any time.

As he walked toward the car, Ryuto's fingers quickly swiped on the phone's keyboard, as if sending a long text message to someone.

"Second generation, you are back."

When Ryuto was walking here, Narumi who was sitting in the driver’s seat smoking a cigarette also stood up quickly, ready to open it for him Hatch.

"Narumi, I just sent you a text message asking you to go shopping, why didn’t you reply."

"Huh? Text message? Sorry, I didn’t read it... .."

After hearing Ryuto's reminder, Narumi quickly turned on the phone and opened the text message that had just been sent, and then his face changed.

Because the content of this text message is "Our car may be equipped with a monitor and locator, don’t talk nonsense now."

Yes, at least since the previous In terms of the situation, Ryuto believes that his car is likely to be tampered with.

Recalling the situation when it was directly knocked over by that dump truck not long ago, it can be seen that the killer named Kezhuo clearly knew exactly when Ryuto's vehicle would pass that intersection.

In the middle of the night when the line of sight is quite bad, if there is no device similar to the locator, it is difficult to achieve such a precise collision.

Although the monitor and the locator may also be in small things such as mobile phones, it is much easier to manipulate in the vehicle than the mobile phones carried by two yakuzas.

"Let’s go, let’s go back anyway, but I want to sleep in the car, so I drove more smoothly."

Patted Narumi’s shoulders, Ryuto sat down I got into the car, but this time I was sitting in the back seat.

"...Okay, take your time to rest."

Narumi is also an old world. Although he encountered sudden occurance, he was still calm and calm. Sitting on the ground in the cockpit started the car.

As the vehicle started, Ryuto sat in the back seat facing the time while looking at the subdivision map of Tokyo in the phone.

It takes about fifteen minutes from the "Tsukimi House" to the place where the crash happened before. If you drive slowly, you will have more than 20 minutes to use.

And if I remember correctly, it should have happened here before.

After searching for a while, Ryuto locked onto a street not far from "Kamimurocho", where Kezhuo was driving a dump truck to ambush himself.

Knowing that this is the case, it is not difficult for Ryuto to escape this catastrophe.

Although Kezhuo has a locator that can roughly locate the distance and direction of the car.

But what he is driving is an engineering dump truck after all. If he really wants to play a drag racing chase, it is impossible to get past the Ryuto Hummer.

It's just that what Ryuto wants at this time is not to escape Kezhuo's pursuit, but to capture that guy... to capture it alive.

After all, this assassin who suddenly appeared is really outrageous. Ryuto is eager to know who he is.

Of course, although Ryuto does have a super enemy Tenmoku Nagahime, today this matter should have nothing to do with Nagahime.

After all, if it was a killer sent by Nagahime, then before killing Ryuto, a video would be recorded for him, and he would never let Ryuto die so happy.

But the killer named Kezhuo was simply terrifying.

Don't even talk about recording the video. He didn't even bother to say a word to Ryuto and directly killed the killer. This is not the style of Nagahime.

Therefore, the high probability of sending Kezhuo over to assassinate Ryuto is not Nagahime, but someone else.

For the bastard bastard who dares to send a killer to him, Ryuto will dig it out for him anyway.

From this perspective, it is best to capture Kezhuo alive, so as to maximize the probability of finding the secret mastermind.

It's decided....... Give that guy a "mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind".

After making a plan quickly in his mind, Ryuto lightly opened the glass on the left side of the back seat, and then made a "slow down" gesture to Narumi in front.

When Narumi reduced the speed of the car again to make it no different from a bicycle.

Ryuto's whole body turned outwards and landed on the street outside like a gymnast.

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