Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 114

My name is Georgi. Mikhailovich. Kezhuo and I am thirty years old.

I am a killer with no fixed home and unmarried. I work for an Assassin Organization called "Executor". Everyday all have to work overtime until 8 o'clock in the morning to go home.

I smoke ten packs of cigarettes a day, and I don’t drink enough alcohol. I don’t go to bed until 8 in the morning. I have to sleep for three hours a day. I must drink a glass of Life Water before going to bed and look at my beauty in the mirror. To the face of Heavenly God.

Whenever I go to bed, I can sleep soundly when I lie down for about two hours. I sleep until eleven o'clock in the morning. I will never completely eliminate fatigue and stress.

Doctors say that I may die suddenly at any time, and it is God blessed to live to 30 years old. I am very happy to hear that, because I am already 30 years old.

Finally, I am generally reluctant to pay for the consultation with banknotes, so I would propose to help the doctor kill someone to offset the cost. This is the virtue of a professional killer.

But the doctor usually can't tell who he wants to kill, so I killed the doctor to help them reach heaven as soon as possible. I'm such a good person.

Thinking of this, Kezhuo couldn't help shaking the red wine glass in his hand. The Life Water (96°) inside exudes a strong smell of alcohol, which is as lethal as industrial alcohol.

In theory, you should not drink alcohol at work, especially as a Peak professional killer like Kezhuo.

Grumbling, but while looking at the flat map with a small red dot constantly moving, he happily took a sip of pure Life Water.

The burning sensation when the alcohol slipped through his throat stimulated Kezhuo's nerves and gave him more energy to devote himself to the great assassination career.

After you kill the target for a while, you have to celebrate...That guy’s car is driving so slowly. Is it because the target is sleeping? But it's coming soon.

Looking at the red dot on the map slowly approaching the street, Kezhuo also placed his hand on the steering wheel of the construction dump truck.

To Kezhuo, the mission tonight is just one of the countless missions he has performed in the past.

The route for the mission target to go home is basically fixed. As long as you stay at this intersection, there is a high probability that you will be able to give the target a side blow.

Although the use of dump trucks is a road that violates Kezhuo's assassination aesthetics.

But he didn't have any assassination aesthetics, so it didn't matter.

hong long long! hōng lóng lóng lóng!

Soon after, a burst of clearly audible vehicle driving in the dark rushed into Kezhuo's ears, which quickly focused his mind.

Are you here? Ok? seems not.

The location of the vehicle shown on the flat map is still half a street away, so what you hear at this time should be the sound of passing vehicles.

Although it is late at night, after all, this is downtown Tokyo, and it is inevitable that some vehicles will pass by.

Therefore, Kezhuo did not take seriously the rumbling sound taking from behind... When he reacted, it was already a little too late.

"Eah yah yah! Go to hell the fish!"

bang! Accompanied by the strong crash sound that sounds terrifying at night, the road roller driving behind Shiro stomped the accelerator frantically and slammed into the back of the engineering vehicle.

The huge roller rotating in front of the huge road roller whizzed and crushed the back half of the engineering truck, and slammed the front half into the wall on the other side of the street like a cart.

Fortunately, Kezhuo is also a professional.

So at the last moment when he was about to be crushed together with the car and the people, he slammed open the glass of the car window, leaped out with a red wine glass, and came out with a flat version of the faith. jump.

But even so, the huge impact and flying parts still blew Kezhuo's body more than ten meters away, and made it hurt all over his body.

I...what am I...what happened?

When Kezhuo woke up after a series of dancing and bumps, he only felt his body fell apart.

My ears are humming, what I see is shaking, and my nose is full of the smell of gasoline.

In this situation, after a few seconds in a daze, the things in front of Kezhuo gradually became clear.

First of all, what he can see is a messy street fence, as well as his own engineering dump truck whose shape is no longer visible.

There was a huge road roller stuck behind the construction dump truck. The man in the driver's seat of the road roller looked a little dizzy, but because of the complete protective measures, it seemed that there was no problem.

Yes...Is there a mistake? Am i dreaming?

When he saw this weird scene, Kezhuo couldn't believe his eyes.

Me, the "Executor" killer, Georgi Mikhailovich Kezhuo, was hit by a road roller from behind while driving a construction dump truck in the middle of the night.

If this report were written and sent to the boss, he would definitely think that Kezhuo was silly drinking Life Water. Where is there such an outrageous thing?

Hey, let's not say, it is true, and more outrageous things are yet to come.

"You are still alive, so lucky."

Before Kezhuo could react, words that sounded full of jokes floated into his ears from behind. .

Behind? and many more? Is there someone behind me? How did he...

Although he didn't know when the opponent came to the back, Kezhuo slammed forward immediately! Quickly opened the distance.

In theory, this act of decisiveness is sufficient to deal with most attacks, but unfortunately, the other party seems to be ready to deal with it.

sou! Hey!

The moment Kezhuo leaped forward, accompanied by a violent breaking wind, he only felt a cold in his thighs, and then there was a bone-like intense pain!

wu! This is!

Under the dim moonlight, Kezhuo, who barely got up from the ground, looked down and found that the serrated saber on the a blade had penetrated deeply into his leg.

This saber stabbed so deeply, it pierced directly in the front of the thigh and drilled out of the back.

In addition to the unique sawtooth structure inside, it feels like a huge stinger stuck in the middle of the knife, and it can't be pulled out.

What made Kezhuo feel even more cool was the boy who had just thrown a saber and completely deprived him of his athletic ability. At this time, he was steadily holding a pistol and pointed it here.

It's over, everything is over.

The body was severely injured in the car accident, and his leg was destroyed by a knife. At this time, Kezhuo was unable to deal with the pistol.

So he had to smile wryly, and said to the boy: "You have won, but you can let me know before you kill me..."

Originally, Kezhuo wanted to Say "Can you let me know how I got planted?", at the very least, I will be a ghost.

"Okay, no problem."

In the middle of the conversation, the youngster holding the gun, Ryuto smiled back and put down the gun at the same time. .

No way? Is this guy really such a good talker? In this way, I can...

But when Kezhuo’s face just showed hope, a baseball bat fell on the back of his head from behind. , Beat it to the ground on the spot.

"Don't worry, I will not only let you know how you were planted before killing you, but also make you regret giving birth."

After the gun, Ryuto looked at Kezhuo who fell on the ground coldly snorted, looking at him as if looking at a pile of unrecyclable garbage.

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