Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 115

"Wait...Narumi, you won't beat him to death with such a heavy hand, right?"

Looking at Kezhuo and thumped After falling to the ground with a loud sound, as blood was flowing from the back of his head like a fountain, Ryuto couldn't help showing a puzzled expression to the subordinate who did it.

In fact, when Kezhuo's car was crashed here, Ryuto also raised a gun and aimed at him.

Another member of the "Dragon Group" also quietly touched it, and that was Narumi Otani who had parked the car not far away.

While Kezhuo’s attention was focused on Ryuto, Narumi picked up his club and gave him a "justice sneak attack", and gave the killer a slap on the spot. inverted.

After knocking out Kezhuo, Narumi confidently said: "Don't worry, boss, I have a good measure, he probably won't die, at most he will become a vegetable."

"You "probably" and "at most" really make me feel very pleased...Next time, please use your brain, idiot. Once he becomes a vegetable, I will send you to take care of him for the rest of his life."

"Huh? No way?"

"Yes, so I will stop the bleeding now, otherwise it will be your job to give this grandson pee every day."

After hearing what the boss said, Narumi was so frightened that he helped Kezhuo who had fainted on the ground, hurriedly took out a band-aid from his trouser pocket and put it on the bloody wound on the back of his head.

...what about playing this? What are band-aids enough for?

Or for fear that Narumi will help others to deal with the wound, the worse it will be, Ryuto hurriedly helped Kezhuo to carry Kezhuo into the car, and ordered Narumi to move towards the secret doctor in "Shenmurocho".

Although it was late at night, the car accident caused here not long ago has already attracted surrounding residents, and some even reported to the police.

It’s just that there is no need for Ryuto to worry about this kind of thing. As a driver, Shiro will solve it. At worst, he will go in and squat for a few months. He hasn’t squatted before.

Speaking of which, actually Shiro personally likes prisons. The inmates inside speak nicely and have big butts. Every time Shiro goes in, it’s the same as when he goes home. If you take your big brother Ojiri and go in with you, it’s more It's a lot of fun.

But it's good anyway. The killer Kezhuo who came to assassinate Ryuto tonight has been arrested and it is much easier to investigate the employer behind him.

On the way to the secret doctor, Ryuto took a photo of Kezhuo's death and sent it to Akechi's phone. With the appearance, he can help Akechi to find out the identity of this guy more quickly. And employers.

Shortly after, the car returned to "Kamimurocho" and moved towards a broken alley where there is usually no who travels.

For yakuza members who are often injured, on the one hand they dare not go to a regular hospital for treatment, on the other hand they have a need for treatment, so the industry of "secret medicine" came into being .

But don’t hear the name "secret doctor" and it will make you feel like it’s horrible. In fact, it’s just a group of unlicensed doctors, and some don’t even know if they are studying medicine.

For example, at this time, the secret doctor who often sees Narumi, his business is actually selling pork.

Yes, when Ryuto saw Narumi carry the half-life Kezhuo into this "Pork Shop on Yellow Springs Road", he was stunned.

The most embarrassing thing is that the one who came out to greet them was a topless, wearing an apron and rain boots often worn by pork stall owners. His body was stained with blood, but he was wearing a mask as it should be by rights. Robust man with rubber gloves.

"Boss, don't look at this place as dirty or rubbish, but Dr. Wu Zheng's craftsmanship is quite good. He has rescued hundreds of brothers."

Follow When the unlicensed doctor carried Kezhuo into the pork shop, Narumi proudly turned his head to introduce Ryuto.

"What about the brother who was not saved?"

"It seems to be the same number, but in the group of esoteric doctors, he has the highest cure success rate, exceeding 50% Already."

"...If something happens to me in the future, if you dare to bring me here, I will not let you go when I die."

After looking at the surrounding environment where there are pork blood, pork and pork offal, and the smell of pigs, Ryuto can't help but feel a little nauseated.

However, Narumi didn’t speak big words. Although Dr. Wu Zheng looked like cutting pork more than human flesh, he quickly stopped the bleeding for Kezhuo. After checking it, he took it. Set up the jar of sleeping pills.

"Speaking of whether this medicine is to take two or five pills... Forget it, whatever."

Under Ryuto's dumbfounded gaze, Dr. Wuzheng He poured out a few sleeping pills and stuffed Kezhuo's mouth, then found a few ropes for him to tie him to the emergency table with tortoise shells, and then rolled his cigarette to the side and looked at the raw film.

For a time, a group of demons danced in the small ward, the smell of smoke and pigs were flying together, and the elegant butterfly was the same. During the period, it was mixed with the smell of disinfectant and alcohol, which is really unforgettable for a lifetime.

When Ryuto and Narumi took Kezhuo, who was sturdy by tortoise shells, and had been pumped out of the brain due to overdose, and paid a large sum of money to Dr. Wu Zheng, the time has come. It's a little bit in the early hours of the morning.

Because there is no news from Akechi, Ryuto will go home and rest first. By the way, Narumi will be arranged to take care of the killer, so that he can't give him a chance to run away.

In this way, after Ryuto finally lay on the soft bed, the night of surging forward with great momentum finally passed.

From last night to early this morning, Ryuto feels like a century has passed, and some good things have been encountered in it, such as Yuna Senpai, Yuna Senpai and Yuna Senpai.

Maybe it was too exhausted, Ryuto fell asleep almost as soon as he touched the pillow.

In his dream, he saw Yuna Senpai lying next to him in a very cool nightdress, and at the same time, he turned to his side and smiled at him.

Cloud...Yuna Senpai...I...

Dididi, dididi, dididi.

Just as Ryuto instinctively wanted to hug him, his cell phone rang very untimely.

Ryuto picked up the phone with a look of resentment. The time shown on it was 7:05, and the person calling was Akechi Goro.

"...Hello? Did you find any clues."

Because of being disturbed by Yuna Senpai's dream, Ryuto's tone was obviously a little uncomfortable.

It’s just that Akechi on the phone has no time to pay attention to this. He said in an urgent tone: "Not good boss, this time there is a major event!"

Akechi He is usually quite calm, and since he can be regarded as a "major event", then the trouble this time is certainly not small.

So Ryuto woke up and asked seriously: "What's the matter?"

"It's not convenient to say on the phone, you come over to the company, let's meet here ."

The "company" mentioned by Akechi is naturally the "Long Security Company" that is already in operation and has received its first business.

Akechi has personally arranged many security devices there, and there are dedicated patrols day and night, which can be said to be a fairly safe place to talk.

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