Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 116

After a period of construction and transformation.

Today's "Long Security Company" and the previous "Berry Conscience Finance" are already incomparable.

With the help of the first start-up fund contributed by Takato.

He wrapped up the entire floor of this office building and planned it well.

What room should be done, who should do it. All the work is not messy and quite regular.

So when Ryuto stepped onto the floor where "Long Security Company" was located.

Members of the "Dragon Group" who stood at the door welcoming guests and escorts, dressed in black suits, sunglasses, and straightened their heads bowed immediately.

According to Takato, there are now more than 100 security officers in the "Rulong Security Company", and most of them are still receiving professional training from professional instructors on the suburban base.

It's just that from the look of the security guards who are straight, wearing black suits and sunglasses, it is estimated that it is difficult for the instructor to recognize who they are.... ..

After a while, Ryuto met Akechi at the manager's office.

At this time, he was facing a large dark circle, looking down at the information on his hand.

Originally, Ryuto was a little annoyed that Akechi interrupted his affection with Yuna Senpai, but when he saw his dark circles, he knew that Akechi had probably been all night long, which was worthy of admiration.

"How is it, okay?"

Ryuto passed the instant coffee he bought downstairs and said to Akechi who was sitting behind his desk.

"...not so good."

Akechi shook the head, said with a bitter smile: "But compared to this time, my The situation is too good to be better."

"Is it so scary? Who is that guy named Kezhuo?"

"Well, to put it simply, it’s called A member of the "Executor" organization."

When talking about the three words "Executor", Akechi's body seemed to tremble slightly, and Ryuto also noticed this small detail.

"Executor". Although Ryuto has never heard of the organization Akechi said, it is not difficult to guess what kind of guys it is from the name.

"Organization, which is the so-called professional killer group."

"Yes, but it is not an ordinary professional killer group, but a group of very famous monsters in the industry. I I have fought with them several times... and almost died in their hands."

What? Ryuto couldn't help being frowned when he heard Akechi's words.

Akechi is a cyber detective by profession, and he often deals with various cases that cannot be handled through normal channels.

So he will have entangled with Executor’s killers as it should be by rights.

But according to Ryuto’s knowledge, Akechi never reveals his real body, Executors How did you almost kill him? Can you beat him along the network cable?

Hey, don't say it, it's really ok.

"A year ago, when I was investigating a murder by "Executor", and I was about to catch their tail, I was suddenly carried out a series of anti-tracking on the Internet. I almost touched my address."

Although a year has passed, Akechi still feels a chill in his back after thinking of the accident that almost killed him.

Using the "Executor" method, if they really get Akechi's address.

Then Akechi has to finish playing even if he lives in the Metropolitan Police Department every day. After all, those assassins have even successfully assassinated the president of a country. The Metropolitan Police Department is no more complicated than visiting the garden.

In addition to the glorious deeds of assassinating the president, the past "successful cases" of this group of people are also countless. It can be described as a lot of achievements and good service.

"According to my survey, there are five core members of "Executor". The guy you met called Kezhuo is the code name "NO.5"."

"so that's how it is...I think he has some ability."

When thinking of Kezhuo, Ryuto remembered the sudden assassination last night.

If he hadn't had a resurrection system, then Kezhuo's assassination would be 100% successful.

And the most important thing is that such a powerful professional killer is actually only the "NO.5" in the organization, and there are four stronger monsters in front.

From the perspective of employers, "Executor" is indeed a good player in the assassination world and is very trustworthy.

It’s just that although Kezhuo’s identity has been figured out, there is another problem that Ryuto needs to understand urgently.

That is, he needs to know which bastard bastard hired "Executor" to find his own trouble.

"Kezhuo's employer problem is probably clear. Anyway, you should watch this film."

Speaking of which, Akechi twisted the computer screen on the desktop. In the direction, he released the surveillance video that I felt like vomiting before.

"This is..."

"I stole the internal surveillance video of the "Tokyo Empire Hotel" at noon yesterday from their database."


"Tokyo Imperial Hotel" is a well-known 5-Star level hotel in the Tokyo area. Naturally, the protective facilities inside are extremely strict, but in Akechi's eyes, it is like his pit.

In the film, a very quaint-looking vintage car is parked in an underground parking lot without anyone else, and a decently dressed middle-aged gentleman walks out of the car.

This guy is...Kezhuo?

Although his appearance is different, because he has seen Kezhuo with his own eyes, Ryuto can tell from his figure and walking posture a little bit. This is the number five of the "Executor" Killer.

While Kezhuo came to this hotel at noon yesterday, it was not for registering accommodation, because he moved towards the executive VIP room on the top floor and walked in.

Because there is an impossible surveillance video camera in the "Executive VIP Room", Akechi can't see who is connecting with him and talking about it.

It's just that after Akechi moved the video for a while, the person who first walked into this VIP room became obvious at a glance.

There are two men, one old and one young.

The old one looks about fifty years old, and looks human, but his eyes are full of cunning and insidiousness, which is obviously not a good thing.

The youngster next to it is similar in appearance to it has several points of. Although it looks only in his early twenties, it is complexion pale and not bloody. After walking a few steps, he even got a little panting, which seems to be early. Hedonistic son of rich parents who were hollowed out by the wine.

These two guys are...they!

After seeing these two bastards, one old and one young, Ryuto's eyes changed quickly, and at the same time he couldn't help taking a deep breath.

After discovering the changes in Ryuto, Akechi said with a bitter smile: "I don't think I need to introduce you to it? You should know them."

"Of course you know... .. Kamiya Yoshiyuki and Kamiya Takayuki, they are actually these two slut, then I probably know what is going on."

Speaking of these two, they were played by players in "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction" Ryuto corner of the mouth raise when we spit on the long-awaited name, the tone is also full of strong killing intent.

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