Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 117

"Kamiya family" belongs to the traditional Shinto family, and the activities of generations in it are centered on the inheritance of "House Monarch".

Therefore, each generation of clansman must leave a plurality of heirs, so as to ensure that there are enough women to inherit House Monarch, so as not to encounter the embarrassing situation of no successor.

In this generation on Ruri, besides her mother Kamiya Mizue and aunt Kamiya Jingyan, there is also an Uncle. That is the man named Kamiya Yoshiyuki in the video.

How do you describe this guy, Kamiya Yoshiyuki, what he can't do, he is very good at doing things under the name of the family.

To put it simply, it is a parasite and a shit stick. It is designed to find a character who scolds.

He used the name of Kamiya’s family to hang out with a group of high-ranking officials, eating and taking cards, filling his pockets, and on the surface he felt like a good husband, but there was something dirty in his back. Have done it.

However, the most awesome thing about Yoshiyuki is that he gave birth to a son named Takayuki.

Takayuki doesn't have as many splatters as his father. This guy likes beauties, especially those who can't be controlled by himself, such as... Tenmoku Nagahime.

In the game, from the first time I saw Nagahime, playboy Takayuki was attracted by the devastatingly beautiful beauty and charm, and became a chess piece arranged by Nagahime in the Tenmoku group.

Even in the middle and later stages of the game, Takayuki not only gave the old man Yoshiyuki and a lot of Kamiya's secrets directly to Lord Nagahime, he also watched his father being swallowed by a bunch of wolf dogs. , Was once a filial son in the world.

Of course, Yoshiyuki is also very loyal. Before this, all the confidential documents of Jindai's family had been sold to another company.

With this hand, all the confidential documents sent by Takayuki turned into a pile of waste paper. Nagahime, who was annoyed, threw Da Xiaozi together with the waste paper into the incinerator and burned it clean.

Yoshiyuki is unrighteous, Takayuki is unfilial, his father cheated his son, his son cheated his father... This is probably the life portrayal of the father and son of the brain-dead.

The only thing that made Ryuto didn't expect was that the brain-dead father and son would actually appear so early, and it seemed that they had been assassinated by the "Executor".

Grandma is a bear, but you two planted someone to deal with me. What a Kamiya family.

Thinking of this, Ryuto couldn't help gritting his teeth.

From on the surface, Ryuto and the Kamiya family seem to have no deep hatred, but in fact they are not.

After all, Ryuto had always pursued Ruri publicly before, and was even warned by someone from the Kamiya family, but he still went his own way.

Especially recently, Ryuto not only "kidnapped" Ruri, but also caused the big disturbance at the school gate with Ruri, Yuna and Sonya.

Although the "kidnapping case" has been suppressed by Ruri as much as possible, there was probably some kind of news that reached the ears of the Kamiya family, so they decided to deal with Ryuto.

After all, there is only Ruri in Kamiya’s family of females of the right age. This Eldest Miss cannot be hoho in any way, otherwise the inheritance of "House Monarch" will be cut off, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

But even so, since the opponent has all come to Ryuto, he doesn't need to be polite with these two father and sons, he still has to find a bit of ground.

"Akechi, give me a copy of this video, I want to take it away."

"Well, I had expected you to say that. Yes."

Ryuto tone barely fell, and Akechi quickly took out a tablet computer from the table and handed it over.

"It's so sweet. If you are a female, it would be great. You will definitely become one of the most popular heroines."

"Go... I have to make up my sleep. I was tossed by you so that I didn't sleep well all night, eh."

After leaving a word that is easy to misunderstand, Akechi put the seat upside down and lay down. By the way, I made the decision to skip class today.

Why is this guy getting angry when he talks, forget it... Then, let's go to Ruri to find out.

After leaving the office with the tablet containing the evidence, Ryuto's heart suddenly appeared in that slender silhouette.

This incident unexpectedly has nothing to do with the "Tenmoku Group", but instead involves a pair of trash father and son from the Kamiya family.

But no matter how trash the unrighteous father and son are, they are also from the Kamiya family. Ryuto has to figure out what attitude Ruri is.

Although in the original work, Ruri does not seem to have a good attitude towards unrighteousness and filial piety.

It feels like looking at them as rubbish, or just not looking at them. It shouldn't be what opinion Ryuto wants to deal with them?

However, just as Ryuto got in a car driven by another driver and was about to drive towards the school, an unexpected text message was sent to his mobile phone.

The name of the sender is "big wife", so you don't need to look at it to know who sent it.

It's just that compared to Yuna Senpai, who often sends text messages, Ruri's number of text messages is not that many, and the overwhelming majority are still sent to her by Ryuto.

"See you at lunch, I have something to tell...what is it? Riddler? This is it."

After seeing Ruri’s text message, Ryuto couldn’t help sighed. .

Actually, he doesn't have to wait until noon, he probably knows what Ruri wants to say.

It should be Ruri that somehow knew that someone from Kamiya's family was preparing to deal with Ryuto, so I want to remind him in advance.

It’s a pity that Ruri’s prompt came too late. This person died all the time, and you told me that someone was behind the scenes. Why don’t you wait for me to turn to ashes and burn this prompt to the grave? Give it to me?

But it’s okay anyway. Although Ruri knew it was a little late, she immediately told Ryuto after she learned about it that Ruri still had him in her heart.

Even if it is his family who is dealing with Ryuto, Ruri is still on Ryuto's side.

After all, for Ruri, Ryuto is actually her only partner, the only partner who can help her escape alive.

So during the lunch break, in the familiar campus garden, Ruri, who was sitting quietly on the blanket, was sternly drinking tea while waiting for Ryuto's arrival.

It didn't take long for Ryuto to come here with a yawn and sat opposite Ruri.

After he sat down, he reached out and picked up the chopsticks, skillfully opened the lunch box and took a big mouthful of food into his mouth. This said with a smile: "Eldest Miss, in fact, if you want to date, it may not be Not at noon, I can also come and find you in the morning."

"Dating? Who is going on a date with you." After hearing Ryuto's words, Ruri's forehead couldn't help but show two black lines.

"Excuse me, a girl invites another teenager who is interesting to her to have a meal at noon. Isn't this called a date? Is it cheating?"

Seeing Ryuto speak more and more Going too far, Ruri couldn't help but angrily said: "You glib tongue...Do you know what will happen recently?"

"I know, someone in your family wants to deal with me. , Then what?" In front of Ruri's noodles, Ryuto picked up a tempura fried shrimp and threw it into his mouth. After chewing two mouthfuls, the taste was weak, so he took out his own spicy sauce and poured it on Above.

Only at this moment, Ruri's expression became more serious, as if suddenly understood the meaning contained in Ryuto's sentence.

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