Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 118

After all, from this remark of Ryuto, it is not difficult for Ruri to analyze a piece of information, that is, the Kamiya family has already troubled him.

"...what happened yesterday? Are you okay?"

"Able to eat and sleep, it means that you have less money and more money A hapless killer, who has a headache and doesn't know who to handle it."

Speaking of which, Ryuto smiled and blinked at Ruri, the hint was very obvious.

The killer? Did you even use the killer?

When he heard this word, Ruri couldn't help gritting his teeth, and his cold face was as cold as frost.

After that, Ryuto took out the tablet that Akechi gave him and played the surveillance video inside to Ruri to watch it again.

When he saw Kamiya father and son moved towards the executive VIP room, and then Kezhuo disguised as a killer also entered there, Ruri's face went black.

But she immediately asked: "What is the origin of the killer? Are people still alive?"

"What is the well-known Assassin of "Executor"? ......"

"Take me over now, I want to see him."

Before Ryuto could finish speaking, Ruri stood up abruptly, head Without going back, moved towards the direction of the school gate.

Oh hoho, it seems that Eldest Miss is really angry.

When he felt the anger radiating from Ruri, even Ryuto was taken aback by her.

Usually Ruri always gives people the feeling that Mount Tai collapsed and the face doesn't change.

So when she is really visibly angry, it is no longer the level of joking.

The beast...the father and son of the miscellaneous fish dare to do such a thing...

Seeing Ruri moving more and more angrily Hurry up, Ryuto and Mai quickly followed behind.

When I came to the school gate, the gatekeeper sitting in the gatekeeper's room saw Eldest Miss walking straight to this side, and quickly came out and asked, "That, Kamiya classmate, what are you... ...."

"Open the door, I want to go out."

"Yi! Yes! Yes!"

Because of Ruri's sharp gaze After a glance, the guard couldn't help being shivered all over, and hurriedly ran back to the guard room and pressed the button to open the school door.

In theory, "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" does not allow students to go out during the lunch break, but at this time the guard apparently dare not stop Youngest Lady Kamiya in this state.

But it's not that the guard is incompetent, but Ruri now feels too scary, as if it is possible at any time to take out a hatchet and smash others.

When seeing this scene, Mai behind could not help but ask Ryuto: "You...what did you just say to Eldest Miss? It made her angry."

"I didn't say anything, it was just a little thing, um, a little thing in the parents."

Seems to be shocked by Ruri, and Ryuto also feels a little daunted when he speaks.

After all, before this, he had never thought that Eldest Miss would be so angry, it felt like he was going to kill.

I was taken to Kamiya’s car and moved towards the "Dragon Group" headquarters under Mai's drive.

Although Ruri and Ryuto sitting in the back seat are close together, the atmosphere is freezing.

In order to alleviate this atmosphere, Ryuto barely squeezed out a smile and said to Ruri beside him: "cough cough, you don't need to be angry like this, you need to be angry, right? After all, he was assassinated. It’s me."

"What the hell!"

It’s okay if Ryuto doesn’t say anything. A speaking of which Ruri is even more staring, and angered: "You are me People! What's the point of attacking my people and hitting me in the face...cough cough!"

It seems that what he said is not quite right, Ruri paused midway and continued: "You are my most important partner, so your Life and Death Trial cares about my vital interests. Wanting to kill you is harming my interests, understand?"

Wow, this Isn't it just saying what's in your heart?

When Ruri turned his head and looked angry and annoyed, Ryuto laughed secretly, and looked at Mai who was looking at him through the rearview mirror in front of him.

Sit too close, stay away from Eldest Miss!

At this time, Mai warned in the rearview mirror, after all, the distance between Ryuto and Ruri was almost knee-to-knee.

Originally, Kamiya's car was very spacious, but the two of them had to sit so close, which made Mai look particularly worried.

After feeling Mai's anger, Ryuto is also very acquainted and nodded.

Then he squeezed towards Ruri again, intentionally or unintentionally...putting his legs on the slender calves of people wearing black pantyhose.

Because Ruri's mind was at this major event at this time, she actually ignored Ryuto, who was sitting closer and closer.

Oh? so that's how it is, Ruri turned out to be in this state when she was thinking deeply, and she didn't respond to touching her... It's really good, the pantyhose is actually this kind of touch, silky and soft, it's a great invention what.

When he noticed this, Ryuto smiled happily, and by the way, Mai was half-dead.

Good guy, dare to take the opportunity to take advantage of Eldest Miss?

Looking at Ryuto's sitting posture with Eldest Miss's shoulders against his shoulders and legs against his legs, Mai almost didn't stare and bleed.

Fortunately, it’s only a short distance from "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" to "Dragon Group Headquarters", and Mai does not need to be tortured for too long.

After arriving at the destination, the two of them went to a basement of their home under Ryuto's leadership.

This basement was specially used by the "Dragon Group" to hold hostages. Kezhuo, who was caught early this morning, was naturally also held here.

And the one who takes care of Kezhuo is naturally Ryuto's capable man, Narumi Otani, the man who died once last night.

At this time, he was holding a cigar domineeringly, holding a "Playful Boar" magazine, and sitting leisurely on Kezhuo's head.

Yes, Narumi is sitting on the head of Kezhuo, who is bound by tortoiseshell, reading a book. His sturdy butt presses Kezhuo almost out of breath, and there are even signs of foaming at the mouth.

"Oh, second generation, you are here."

Seeing Ryuto take Ruri to the basement, Narumi quickly pressed the cigar head to Kezhuo’s handsome face. Standing up, he greeted this side.

"wú wú wú wú wú wú wú !"

Kezhuo, who was burned by a cigarette butt, tried to struggle weakly, but his tightly bound hands and feet and weak body could not tolerate it He makes any resistance.

Narumi is a professional in the care of prisoners. He is very good at getting people half dead and not hanging up on the spot to prevent prisoners from having a chance to escape.

It's just that Ryuto just waved to let Narumi push away, and then made a please gesture to Ruri.

After that, Ruri came to Kezhuo's side in twos or twos, and suddenly put the phone in front of him.

Ruri’s mobile phone shows three photos side by side, namely a youngster, an old man and a middle age person, among which the middle-aged man is her Uncle Kamiya Yoshiyuki.

Huh? This is...not good!

Just when he instinctively looked at the photo of his employer Kamiya Yoshiyuki for the first time, Kezhuo, who was dizzy, realized what stupid he had done.

When a creature like a human sees a photo, the first reaction is to look at what it has seen. Kezhuo instinctively looked towards Yoshiyuki, which actually confirmed the fact that he had seen this middle-aged man. .

If it is just a surveillance video, it does not fully prove that the killer had contact with Yoshiyuki. After all, the video can be faked, but the instinctive reaction of a person is difficult to fake.

Looking at the previous video and the information that Ruri has obtained, this is already conclusive evidence... it can be executed.

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