Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 119

The next second Ruri took back the phone, said with a sneer: "hmph, is that guy hired you... Mai, take him, Let’s go."

"Go? Eldest Miss, where are you going?"

"Go to the "Full Body Club" where the playboy often stays. I have an account with them. Two fathers and sons count."

When he looked down at Kezhuo, who was bound to the table and had been tortured human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost, Ruri's gaze seemed incomparable. Cold, as if this guy was already dead.

For Ryuto, he has never heard of the name "Full Body Club", but it is a pretty good place in the rich world of Tokyo.

As a top private club for the rich in Tokyo, its graceful, classical and atmospheric style is the first impression of "Full Body Club".

In Ryuto's cognition, such a rich club should be quite erosive, quite golden and brilliant, with low-grade local tyrants everywhere.

However, when Ryuto followed Ruri and Mai into the gate of this club, what was shown before him was the tasteful decoration and furnishings.

The wallpaper for all around is dark blue velvet, the window curtains are dark red hand-stitched peacock hair, and the oval mirror hung as a decoration exudes the classic charm of Victorian style.

The hand-made carpets on the ground are elegant but not redundant. Under the faint light, it makes people shine. The decently-dressed reception staff around them have raised the style and elegant atmosphere of this place to the extreme.

The staff greeted at the door seemed to know Ruri, and he hurried over to nodded and hung over to prepare for the reception, but Ruri just asked them to leave, so as not to get in the way.

Because the Kamiya family has several fixed suites in this club.

Ruri obviously knew where her cousin who was not on the road was at all, so she moved towards that direction.

After arriving at the entrance of the VIP entertainment room with the words "between chrysanthemums", Ruri took a deep breath, in an imposing manner, raising his slender right foot in black pantyhose and kicking it. It's on the door!

Puff! There was a slight noise from the thick door, and then Ruri clutched his numb feet and jumped back two steps embarrassingly...

Of course this is as it should be by rights. As a result, after all, it was strange that her poor "LV1 physique" could kick such a thick door.

pu! So that when he saw this funny scene, Ryuto who was next to him couldn't help but pu' sound and laughed.

"What a laugh! Come here and kick it fiercely."

Ruri blushed slightly after hearing that laughter, and it hurt her right when she stretched out her hand. The smelly door of the foot pointed to someone to do something.

"Yes, Her Highness the Princess who likes kicking the door."

Ryuto bowed to Ruri pretentiously, and then held back a smile to the thick one. In front of the gate, he kicked out hard!

bang! With this step down, the thick VIP room door flew backwards directly and fell on the carpet three meters away with a dull crash!

"Who! I dare to come here to play wild!"

Just as Ruri walked into the door arrogantly, a burst of unpleasant roars were already transmitted from inside. Came out.

This roar seems to want to show his imposing manner, but it makes people feel weak.

After entering the VIP room, what appeared in front of the two of them was a room that looked extremely spacious and luxuriously decorated.

Not only is there a complete set of common facilities such as home theaters, pool tables, small bars, but also some things that Ryuto can't recognize, such as leather whips, candles, Little Pi vests, etc. .

Of course, in addition to these entertainment appliances, the most in this room are of course various styles...beauties.

Black, white, yellow, the lovely sister’s innocence, the nurse’s uniform, the maid’s skirt, the professional attire, anyway, a room is crowded with less than ten beauties, what do you want? There are styles.

And in the grove of wine ponds composed of dozens of beauties and tables full of wine and food, the Kamiya Takayuki whom Ryuto had seen in the surveillance video before was wearing a white suit with a slapstick bag, surprised Looked at the door with his eyes.

Kamiya Takayuki, from the perspective of blood relationship, he is Ruri's cousin and one of the culprits who found someone to assassinate Ryuto.

Originally, after realizing that the door of his VIP room was kicked, the Kamiya Young Master immediately jumped up angrily, preparing to show the kicker a little bit of color.

Who knew he looked up there, but he happened to see the familiar and terrifying pretty face of Ruri, and immediately the whole person was as wilted as the eggplant that Shuang beat.

At this time, several women who were recruited to serve Takayuki looked at Ruri and asked, "I hate it, Kamiya Young Master, what is this woman..."


But before they could finish speaking, Ruri had already spit out such a word coldly, and then glanced at the group of women with eagle-like fierce and fierce eyes .

When Ruri’s gaze caught them, the group of women who were in a hilarious state quickly body trembled, and even though they hadn’t taken the money, they fled the VIP room as quickly as they did. That one closed the door smoothly., these guys are here to seek revenge.

When Ruri, Ryuto and Mai, who was holding a body bag, walked in, the little wine that Takayuki had just drunk suddenly woke up, and quickly stretched his hand to the inner bag. Phone.

After all, Takayuki only arranged manpower with his father yesterday to find someone to assassinate the yakuza Young Master who is said to have an affair with Ruri.

As a result, the cheating couple hit the door directly today. I am afraid that it is not a fool who knows what will happen next.

But when Takayuki took out his mobile phone to make a call to his father, a slightly rough palm grabbed his skinny wrist like lightning.

ka-cha! With the violent force of the palm, Takayuki's wrist was twisted like a popsicle, and it hung down at a strange angle. A sudden pain immediately rose in the mind.


"Don't make noise, I will slap you when I shout, and I will slap you again."

Seeing that Takayuki was so painful that he wanted to yell out, Ryuto slapped him quickly with eyes and hands, covering his face, and he could only roll around on the sofa like a worm.

No...not good! This guy is here for real! He you think you can kill me!

Although Kamiya Takayuki is a member of the "Kamiya family", he is nothing more than a hedonistic son of rich parents. Whenever he encounters such a top yakuza gangster who can do it without saying hello.

So Takayuki hurriedly crawled to the side of Ruri like a frightened chicken, and cried to the cold-faced Eldest Miss: "Liu...Cousin Ruri , We are also a family anyway, you wouldn’t just watch this outsider beat me up, would you?"

"Well, of course I wouldn’t just watch it like this."

Ruri Hearing this showed a dark smile, and smiled and said to Ryuto: "You are too much, how can you slap someone with your hand?"

"Yes! He slapped me in the face Crooked! Cousin Ruri, you can help me..."

"Does your palm hurt if you slap your hand? How good is it to use this stuff."

Before Takayuki could react, Ruri picked up a wine bottle from the table next to it and slammed it in the face of the former.

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