Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 120

In TV or movies, almost everyone has seen the kind of casually picking up a wine bottle and smashing it on a person's head, and then "clicking" the broken glass and spilling the drink on the floor. Spectacular.

It’s just that, in fact, the bottles used for filming are basically made of syrup, so the texture is very light and crisp, and it will rot at the first touch.

And real wine bottles, especially those that are more decent, don’t break into pieces so lightly and brittlely when hit on the head.

Puff! So when Ruri picked up the wine bottle and slammed it on Takayuki's head, the latter was hit dazed and fell to the ground, but there was nothing wrong with the wine bottle in Ruri's hand.

Suddenly, Ruri looked at the wine bottle in doubt, as if wondering why this thing was not broken?

"It should be that I smashed at the wrong angle...Can this break?"

Puff! Before he finished speaking, Ruri grabbed the mouth of the bottle with both hands and slammed Takayuki's knee on the ground!

"Ahhh! My knee!"

"It's not broken, I still don't believe it! Why is the quality of this wine bottle so good?"

Puff! Puff puff puff! Puff!

Under Ryuto's helpless gaze on the side, Ruri picked up the bottle and it was a series of smashing. This ping-pong posture thought she was playing drums.

When Takayuki was smashed to the ground, Ryuto finally couldn't stand it anymore, and hurriedly shouted: "ka! No, no, you are not good enough, you are not professional enough."

Then he came to Ruri and stretched out his hand to support the slender white jade palm, and said seriously: "You have a problem with your smashing action. First relax your wrist and hold it gently."

" This way?"

"Yes, leave a little space between the palm of your hand and the wine bottle. When you raise your head with one hand, you must use your shoulders when you swing it down. Imagine that your arm is a whip. The feeling of pulling the bottle."

As Ryuto said, he reached out from behind to help Ruri adjust his arm and elbow posture.

It's just that the bodies of the two are almost close together at this time, and this one after the other posture has several points of the posture of the "Jack Ruth" Titan and Nick standing on the bow .

Of course, compared to this romantic scene, what they will do next is not so romantic.

After Ruri put the bottle in the correct pose, Ryuto went over to help Takayuki, who was lying on the ground, and pulled him to Ruri's side.

"Stand well, bend your back and lower your head slightly."


"Ah what, hurry up and stand still. Don’t move when you smash it down."

"I...Is that so?"

"Yes, if you move, you will break your five finger bones. And it’s the kind that starts to break at each knuckle, which guarantees that you are so painful that you want to commit suicide on the spot."


With the kind help of Ryuto, Takayuki finally stood in front of Ruri trembling with fear, trembling all over, waiting for the attack of the bottle.

Why... why? Am I going to stand obediently and get a headshot with a bottle?

In an instant, a huge doubt arose in Takayuki's heart.

But after all, the situation is stronger than that of people. Takayuki has no room for resistance at this time, and can only wait silently for the arrival of reinforcements.

Looking at his horrified appearance, he was like an extra who was asked by the director to act as a Suicide Squad when he first entered the set. The most irritating thing was that the people who played with him didn’t use prop bottles. It's a real guy.

When the two of them were ready, Ryuto picked up a roll of newspaper from the side, rolled it up to his mouth, coughed and shouted to Ruri: "Cough cough, the whole world is ready, the countdown, Three, two, one...smash!"

Bah! Following Ruri's instructions, he slammed the wine bottle on Takayuki's forehead, and the crisp and popping sound like a gift finally came out.

When Takayuki fell on the ground with his head, Ryuto couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Ruri, said with a smile: “Yes, you have a lot of innate talent who learns bottle headshots, and thought about it. Will you be a yakuza in the future?"

"...Don't do it, huh."

After successfully completing an acting breakthrough, Ruri's face is also There was a hint of joy, but he turned his head proudly.

However, just after the series of farce just now, Mai, who was standing behind and watching all this, looked silly.

Origin... Can you bully people to this level? Is it okay to use someone else as a bottle headshot practice tool?

Although Ryuto and Ruri over there are having fun, for Takayuki, who was used as a toy, the few minutes just now were the ultimate torture.

I have to say that Ryuto still has an innate talent in torture, and of course Ruri is also.

Ryuto still remembers that she took an electric shock device and slammed on Yamamoto, electrocuting the person to the scene of a burning smell.

At this time, Ruri, who was relieved, said to Mai: "Very good, enough fun, bring that guy over."

Torture the little bastard Kamiya Takayuki. It's really depressurizing, but if you don't finish the matter quickly, the old bastard Kamiya Yoshiyuki will have to run over angrily.

a person knows his interests. Although Ruri can live with his cousin Takayuki of the same generation, he is unable to subdue Uncle Yoshiyuki, who is twice as high.

Therefore, if you want to completely solve the father and son pair of bastards, it is not enough to rely on fists and reason alone, you have to use some special methods.

Puff! Under Mai's throw, the big bag resembling a "body bag" that she had carried in before fell by Takayuki's side.

This...what is this?

Because of the performance of a bottle headshot just now, Takayuki's head is still a little dizzy.

But before he finished his doubts, Ryuto didn't know where to pull out a bright knife and stuffed it into Takayuki's hand.


"Come on, listen to me, hold this knife tightly now."

Listen After reaching Ryuto’s gentle and persuasive tone, Takayuki couldn’t help but squeezed the knife in his hand, and instinctively asked: "Well... and then?"

After the headshot teaching just now Later, Takayuki was almost terrified, and he dared not resist Ryuto and Ruri's orders, just like a dog that was quickly trained.

"Then I count three, two, one, and you just pierce the bag with your hand, areyouO**K?"

Ryuto points to the bag that has just been thrown Next to the big bag, he picked up the phone and pointed it at Takayuki and slowly backed away, just like a great director.

"Huh? My..."

"Three, two, one! Hands on!"

Takayuki If you think about it carefully , You can feel that this kind of thing must not be done indiscriminately.

But after being drunk by Ryuto, his body trembled instinctively, as if remembering the fear of being headshot by a bottle.

Huh! Driven by fear, Takayuki took the guy in his hand and drew it into the bag in a panic...

The moment he plunged in, the "things" in the bag seemed to struggle slightly. , But immediately stopped moving.

I...what the hell... did I do?

When Takayuki trembles about what he just did, Ryuto walks over and oh la la unzips the bag.

The zipper opened, and a handsome face that should have looked rather handsome at this time was revealed.

The moment Takayuki saw this face, everyone in Takayuki was stupid, this is not it! This is not the killer he met with his father yesterday! Kezhuo of "Executor"!

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