Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 121

Although the Kezhuo I saw yesterday was changed, Takayuki can probably recognize his identity from the dazzling blond hair and facial features.

Of course, a killer falling out of a big bag is nothing.

The real problem is that the killer seems to be dead, and Takayuki killed it himself.

At this moment, the knife that Takayuki inserted just now is still on Kezhuo's chest.

Although it did not penetrate the heart, this blade is enough to take this already very weak assassin away on the spot.

"Deng deng, congratulations, congratulations, Takayuki Young Master for completing the achievement of "Single Kill Executor Killer"!"

next moment, next moment, Ryuto uses his mouth to simulate There was a burst of congratulations in the game.

At the same time, he also put the video that he just shot on his phone in front of Takayuki.

In the video, Takayuki picked up a knife and stabbed the bag below with a strange smile.

Then the bag opened, revealing Kezhuo's easily recognizable face.

The whole process is very clear and smooth.

It can be said that it perfectly shows how he, the young Young Master of Kamiya's family, killed this "Executor" killer in one fell swoop.

What is meant by such a video, even if Takayuki is stupid, he can understand it all at once.

I...I killed the "Executor" person? No way?

Suddenly, Takayuki's body began to tremble violently.

After all, judging from his understanding of "Executor", if the video just fell into the hands of those people, I am afraid that it would not be enough to die a hundred times!

"Ahhhhhhh!" So the playboy jumped frantically! Blushing and rushing at the phone in Ryuto's hand!

Snatch it over! Delete the video! Must grab...puff!

But no matter how crazy it is, with the physical ability of his playboy who was hollowed out by alcohol, it is a pipe dream to grab a mobile phone from Ryuto.

Seeing Ryuto kick out casually, he kicked Takayuki to the ground again.

"Is this an idiot? I'm not reading a manga. Is it possible to burst out the small universe with a roar?"

After kicking Takayuki, Ryuto took it. The phone came to Ruri and smiled and said to her: "The mission is completed, please accept it."

"Good job, there is something to threaten old bastard this time."

When Ruri took the phone, his face finally showed a relaxed expression.

From at first, the person Ruri has to deal with is Kamiya Yoshiyuki, not Kamiya Takayuki.

After all, it is well known that the playboy is a pure 24K trash, the kind that can only play with women without his father, is not a threat to Ruri.

But Yoshiyuki is different. He is not young, he has experienced more things, and he has more bad water in his mind.

The point is that as far as Ruri knows, Yoshiyuki took the initiative to complain to her mother Kamiya Mizue and volunteered to take on the task of "teaching Ryuto".

Ruri's mother Mizue is the previous generation of "House Monarch". After the position of "House Monarch" was taken over by younger sister Jingyan, she retreated behind the scenes to give birth to Ruri and took over Kamiya's house. Be the master position.

From when Ruri was young, Mizue has been a very cold and strict woman.

Ruri has never seen her father, and she doesn’t even know what father is called or what she looks like. This seems to be a taboo in Kamiya’s family, as if her father never existed. .

Of course, even if Ruri's father exists, he should have no status at all.

After all, the Kamiya family is a "miko family". Naturally, women are strong and men are weak. Only the man is married, and no woman is married. The Kamiya family is born anyway.

Therefore, Mizue is in charge of all the affairs of the family, which makes her character particularly strong.

In this case, Uncle Yoshiyuki ran to complain that Ruri was not clear with men outside, and even encouraged the family to deal with Ryuto. It made Ruri feel very headache and angry because Ruri couldn’t Defy the mother who is stronger than her.

She also knows that Yoshiyuki's purpose for doing this is nothing more than to fear that something will happen to her. There will be a problem with the inheritance of this generation's "House Monarch", which leads to the decline of Kamiya's family.

After all, as long as the "House Monarch" is in one day, the "Kamiya family" will always be the link between the emperor and the gods. A banner of the gods that can be raised high will be given to Kamiya's house wherever they go. face.

To give the Kamiya family face is to give Yoshiyuki face, and he can continue to swindle outside and fill his pockets.

Therefore, any boy who may have a relationship with Ruri is Yoshiyuki's focus and elimination. He does not allow his "golden egg" to fly like this.

Not long afterwards, at the entrance of this "Full Body Club", a middle-aged man who looked about fifty years old and had some oily noodles finally rushed in with more than a dozen powerful martial servants. .

God, it's finally here.

When I saw this regular customer, the manager who had been waiting for a long time at the door came over and said: "Hello, Kamiya Young Master..."

"Stop talking, It’s none of your business, as long as you don’t see anything."

Seeing the ideals, come and explain, this uncle member of the Kamiya family, Kamiya Yoshiyuki glared at him fiercely and quickly moved someone. Towards "between chrysanthemums" ran over there.

In fact, when the group of girls were kicked out by Ruri, the people of "Full Body Club" knew that there seemed to be some accidents in "Between Chrysanthemums".

But after all, the person who entered was the Eldest Miss from Kamiya's house, which is the internal affairs of the "Kamiya family". The "Full Body Club" did not dare to be nosy, so I could only call Yoshiyuki quickly. Here.

Yoshiyuki was full of anger when he hurried over, and at the same time there was a trace of worry in his heart.

Damn it, that bastard named Kiryu Ryuto is not dead? And also found Takayuki with Ruri?

They are not here to retaliate, right?

No, impossible, it's just a trifling yakuza, how dare you do something with the Young Master of our Kamiya family.

Crunch! Before entering the door, Yoshiyuki was vaguely worried, but still bet Ryuto would not dare to do so.

Who knew that as the door "between the chrysanthemums" opened, Yoshiyuki rushed into the door with a team of elite warriors behind him, but saw an apple head hanging upside down from the ceiling.

This description is somewhat strange, after all, how could Apple be hung from the ceiling?

Of course, if you look closely, it’s not difficult to find that it is so red. At first glance, the big head that looks like a red apple is the head of Kamiya Takayuki.

The reason why his head was red was because he was hung upside down by his hands and feet, and the blood flowed back to his brain.

In this situation for a long time, people who are hanged upside down will even have a mortal danger.

"Oh, isn't this Yoshiyuki Uncle? It's a bit late."

Not far from Kamiya Takayuki who was hanging upside down, Ruri sat leisurely On the sofa, he raised his feet and looked at the silhouette of a group of people breaking in by pushing the door.

"Kamiya Ruri! How dare you!"

Seeing that his son was treated like this, Yoshiyuki was so angry that he burst blood vessels on the spot, so he hurriedly responded to the person behind him. Wu Shi yelled: "Come on! Put the Young Master down! Let them all..."

But before Yoshiyuki yelled his words arrogantly, his eyes closed. Suddenly stared wide.

Because next to Takayuki who was hung upside down, a black muzzle had been pointed at the forehead of the Eldest Young Master.

As long as the owner of the gun pulls the trigger, he can immediately enjoy the scene of "Red Apple" and "Apple Slag".

"All? All what? Say it louder, I can't hear it."

At this time, Ryuto smiled hehe and knocked Takayuki's head with the muzzle, turning his head to face Asked the big trash from that Tuo Kamiya's house.

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