Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 122

"Kiryu ......Ryuto!"

Yoshiyuki couldn't help letting out a low roar when realizing what had happened.

Of course he knew the Young Master of the "Dragon Group", and even the order to assassinate this guy was given by himself.

But Kamiya Yoshiyuki never thought that he would be threatened by this bastard Yakuza! And it was the 2nd day when the assassination order was issued!

as the saying goes The world report is coming soon, but it’s a bit too fast.

But no matter how angry you are, now Ryuto is pointing a gun at Takayuki's head. Naturally, all the martial servants behind him dare not take a step forward, for fear that Young Master will become a headless Knight like this.

"You are so embarrassed to call it, stinky old man? Why did I come here, you should know it well?"

It seems that you can’t bear it when you see Kamiya Yoshiyuki Ryuto said with a mocking expression when he was trying to twist someone's head off.

Of course, Yoshiyuki himself knows the most about this matter.

But he still whispered angrily: "Kiryu Ryuto, do you know what you are doing? You are threatening the great Kamiya family, so you are not afraid of die without a burial site?"

"pu! hahaha, it seems that I don’t threaten you to have a land of burial. You didn’t prepare a coffin for me when you sent a killer to get me yesterday."

You ! Seeing Ryuto impudent laugh, Kamiya Yoshiyuki didn't know what to do for a while.

After all, Ryuto is right. Anyway, you think you can kill me. What does it matter if you tear your skin a little more?

So Yoshiyuki had no choice but to cast his gaze to Ruri who was sitting on the sofa leisurely.

He said in the superior tone of his elders: "Ruri, you are the Eldest Miss of Kamiya's family. Since you are bringing outsiders to deal with your relatives? Now let this guy let Takayuki go, what can I do? Nothing happened."

"What can you do that didn't happen? It's so generous." Ruri heard this laughed, but his eyes were full of indifference.

But Yoshiyuki didn’t notice her indifference, and continued: “It’s good if you know, I’ve always been so magnanimous.”

“Really? But you can treat it as such. Nothing happened, but I can’t."

Looking at Kamiya Yoshiyuki’s scornful expression, Ruri sternly said: "What I hate the most is that someone makes irresponsible remarks behind me and makes small reports. , What do you think you are? It’s just a parasite that's all tyrannically abused power by the name of Kamiya."

When talking about this remark, Ruri’s killing intent almost permeated The whole room.

She knew that it was Kamiya Yoshiyuki who had learned of the fact that she had some friendship with Ryuto and told her mother Mizue about it.

She knew that it was Kamiya Yoshiyuki who quietly replaced Mizue’s instruction of "Teach Ryuto and stop him from interacting with Ruri" with "Kill Ryuto."

She also knows that this uncle has always regarded herself as a hen who can lay golden eggs, and she must ensure she sits in the House Monarch position by all means.

This one after another incident made Ruri feel extremely angry, and almost burst into blood vessels.

At this point, what do you want to do when nothing happens? Dreaming?

After being ruthlessly scolded by Ruri ruthless in front of outsiders, Yoshiyuki's face suddenly turned into pig liver color.

What he hates most is that others say that he is a parasite of Kamiya's family, because this is a fact.

Kamiya's family is an Aristocratic family of witches, and the natural traditional custom is Females Honored Males Inferior. Those who give birth to women who can take over as the "House Monarch" are qualified to hold power, otherwise they are just eating idle meals.

Therefore, although Yoshiyuki has a sibling relationship with Mizue, he still can't raise his head in front of the younger sister to be a human being.

However, what made Yoshiyuki absolutely didn't expect was that he couldn't hold his head up in front of Mizue, even if he couldn't behave, and Ruri would point his nose to curse.

Yoshiyuki can't hang on anymore now, he sternly said: "Very well, then you mean to completely cast aside all considerations for face with me, right?"

"You have to cast aside all considerations for face with me, and reflect on it before you talk."

"Okay, very good, then I will call Mizue now and let Mizue come over to solve this problem Alright!"

Speaking of this, Yoshiyuki quickly took out his mobile phone from his pocket and tried to call the head of Kamiya's house, Kamiya Mizue.

The son is in the hands of others. He really can’t do anything about Ruri and Ryuto, but Mizue is different.

Yoshiyuki knows that Kamiya Ruri is most afraid of his mother. He doesn't believe that Mizue will come over and the situation will be unbalanced.

But before he could dial the number, Ruri raised his mobile phone to Yoshiyuki and played the video.

This...this is!

Yoshiyuki's eyes widened when he saw Kezhuo's life killed in a single shot in his son's video.

"Although you are ready to call, let me remind you that the moment mother knew about this, it was the moment when this video spread across the Internet."

Ruri While talking, he dangled the cell phone he was holding, and its threatening meaning was self-evident.

This video? Spread all over the network?

The moment Yoshiyuki gritted his teeth abruptly when he heard these words, he seemed to realize how desperate he was.

If this video is not there, it will take a while for the head of the Kamiya family to arrive at the scene, and everything will end quickly.

Under Mizue's high pressure, Ruri can only let Ryuto release the hostages.

And because she took the initiative to bring Ryuto to find trouble with her family, she will inevitably be severely punished by her mother.

By that time, Ruri will be banned for several months, but will drop out of school and be placed under house arrest until he reaches adulthood.

However, with this video, Yoshiyuki had to consider the serious consequences that might be caused by calling Mizue over.

If Takayuki only killed the ordinary person, there is no problem with the power of the Kamiya family that cannot be suppressed, but what he killed in the video was the "Executor" assassin.

If this video is posted online, it will definitely be considered a serious provocation to "Executor".

At that time, even if Takayuki’s Young Master is Kamiya, he will inevitably be hunted down by the world's top Assassin Organization, and it is irreconcilable.

It is easy to be a thief in a thousand days, but it is difficult to guard against a thief in a thousand days.

If Takayuki is targeted by "Executor", he can only stay at home obediently and honestly for the rest of his life, living a life similar to prisoners, after all, he may be assassinated as soon as he leaves the house. Well.

Isn't this kind of life worse than Ruri? I have to live in fear and fear for my whole life.

After weighing the pros and cons, Yoshiyuki did not dare to gamble on his son's next life.

So he had to take a deep breath, and after all the military servants who had brought him out of the room, he said to Ruri: "...What do you want? Just say it."

pu! hahahaha! Does this guy actually admit counsel so quickly? He is really a brave gangster.

When he heard Kamiya Yoshiyuki's words, Ryuto on the side couldn't help laughing on the spot, as if he was delighted by Yoshiyuki's timidity.

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