Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 124

As the mother of top-level beauty Kamiya Ruri, Kamiya Mizue looks like Ruri seven to eight, and is also a great beauty with great classical beauty.

Compared with Ruri, who is only sixteen years old, Mizue not only has sharper facial features and a plumper body, but also exudes the unique charm of mature women.

Even now Mizue is over fifty years old, but her skin is still tight and delicate, and there are no wrinkles on her face.

If you stand with Ruri, even if you say that they are sisters, you won’t have any sense of disobedience.

Years did not seem to leave too many traces on her body, but instead brought to her a precipitated beauty, a feminine beauty that fascinated men more than the watery flat little girl.

At this moment, Mizue is writing at the desk, her slender white palm holding a flowing crane brush, leaving a beautiful handwriting on a file.

Ding! Suddenly, the bell-shaped phone next to Mizue's desk made a light sound, and she immediately reached out and pressed the button on the phone.

A calm voice came from the intercom. The voice said, "Master Mizue, Master Yoshiyuki, please."

"...Let him come in. ."


At this time, the big brother came to me unexpectedly. Was it because of the incident with Ruri yesterday?

The beautiful woman put down the pen in her hand and glanced at the picture frame on the table with a visibly vicissitudes of life. The girl in the picture frame with a look similar to her is showing an impatient look. expression.

But even though the two sides have always had no good faces with each other, in Mizue's view, the girl in the photo is still her own treasure.

After a while, Kamiya Yoshiyuki, who returned from the "Full Body Club", slowly pushed the door and walked in.

Different from the high-spirited and vigorous when he went out before, Yoshiyuki now feels a bit embarrassing, but it is not difficult for anyone who knows the inside to understand his current mood.

After taking a look at the big brother connected to the bloodline, Mizue continued to lower his head and started working, and at the same time asked: "Why, is there something to do with me?"

"This... ...About yesterday’s matter, I have already taken care of it."

Facing the head of Kamiya’s family, Yoshiyuki couldn’t help but put his heels together, keeping his waist slightly bent, and put out a pair The rigorous appearance when meeting the boss.

If you don't know their identities, it's hard to imagine that this is actually a pair of siblings in a conversation. It looks like a strong female boss and an incompetent subordinate.

"It's done, that is to say, the bastard named Kiryu Ryuto, have you warned me well?"

"Yes, he... He will never approach Ruri casually anymore. You can rest assured about that."

After hearing these words, the pen in Mizue's hand stopped slightly, and the pair of pupils that seemed to contain magical power swept towards Yoshiyuki.

Yoshiyuki only felt that his scalp was numb when he glanced at it, and he couldn't help but have the idea of ​​wanting to run in place.

From a very young age, he couldn't understand what kind of creature the younger sister Mizue was.

Especially when Mizue took over the position of "House Monarch" and spent 20 years in the "Divine Palace", she left Divine Palace and made people feel fear.

monster... She is simply a monster... She must be possessed by something.

More than once, Yoshiyuki once thought that Mizue was a monster, or a similar existence, because normal humans are basically impossible to have this degree of aura.

After staring at Yoshiyuki with that fearsome gaze for a few seconds, Mizue lightly said: "Thanks for your hard work, let's go and rest."

"... Yes."

Suddenly, Yoshiyuki was approaching an amnesty. When he left the office, he felt his steps lightened up, as if not having to deal with Mizue was the most pleasant thing in the world.

When Yoshiyuki reported to the Kamiya master, the whole thing looked like it had come to an end, but it was not.

As soon as the silhouette of the middle-aged man disappeared, Mizue pressed another button on the desktop.

sou! With a gust of wind and a black shadow flashing by, an old steward with a silver head was already half kneeling in front of the desk.

"Mizue-sama, what's your order?"

In front of the head of the Kamiya clan, Nekoyashiki Tunomaru, the "guardian ninja," who had had a quarrel with Ryuto before He bowed his head respectfully.

Mizue was lightly sighed, and asked Tunomaru nonchalantly: "Have you seen that boy named Kiryu Ryuto, right, what kind of person is he?"

" A courageous and daring person."

"Oh, so that's how it is, then do you think my ineffective big brother can deal with that young man?"


"I can't deal with it. Judging from the feedback from the military servant I arranged with Master Yoshiyuki, Master Yoshiyuki seems to have suffered a lot from Master Ryuto and Miss Ruri."

Just follow Like Mizue, although Steward Tunomaru's tone was very plain, he lightly said something surprising.

If Yoshiyuki listened here at this time, he would surely be scared that his entire body would stand up.

After all, that idiot had always thought that the dozen or so martial attendants who had been trained as confidants were really wholeheartedly loyal to him, and would not leak out the secretive intelligence that he ordered.

But in fact, all "Kamiya Samurai" and "Guardian ninja" were cultivated by Nekoyashiki Tunomaru, and there is only Mizue who is loyal from beginning to end.

From this point of view, Yoshiyuki is a bit like a monkey dancing on the palm of a Buddha. He can't get out of Mizue's palm. The worst thing is that I don't even know about it.

"...Ruri is really grown up, and can actually be cruel to her family. It seems that she can become a better master than me in the future."

After listening to Tunomaru's report, Mizue was nodded appreciatively, seemingly satisfied with Ruri's approach.

In the "Kamiya family", there is a difference between "patriarch" and "being the lord".

The position of patriarch must be held by the facade of the family, that is, the contemporary "House Monarch", which is the real Kamiya signature.

But because House Monarch usually has to stay in the Divine Palace to pray for the people, it is not easy to leave if there is no important thing, so the person who actually holds the power of the family is actually the "master", the person who is the master of the family.

Some patriarch can be the master after abdicating, and some are not. To put it bluntly, it depends on the individual's ability.

Kamiya Mizue obviously belongs to the kind of capable person, and she thinks that her daughter Ruri should be the same as herself.

Those who become a major event should not be coerced by the private relationship between men and women. Mizue believes that Ruri can understand and must understand this truth.

So, Mizue instructed Tunomaru: "Don't pay attention to the boy named Ryuto for the time being. Recently, we have to strengthen the protection around Ruri. We must not let the previous thing happen again, understand?"

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